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Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market) Tips (27)

Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market): the best of the three.... or the least over priced

I thought of the three main market this one had the most shop keepers starting out with a reasonable price...... not like the silk market where they start of with some crazy price that no one would pay and you have to fight to get it anywhere near a real price... here I had shopkeepers say..... 30 rmb for a shirt... of course I still went down some ... but way better than the first price in other places..... sure they are still making a hefty profit but for me it was a whole lot better than the first high bs price , the walk away, the yelling etc...
I didnt ever try to buy actual pearls though just the t shirts and i phone covers etc
Even the toy shop behind the place seemed very reasonable.

Aug 11, 2012

Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market): A bit pricer but less crowded !!!!

Ok, this market is good and large, but it's bit, not by much but a bit more expensive than the silk market, and less crowded, and the quality here is a bit better. but no matter what don't pay the first price they offer you, keep a price in your mind that you want to pay and stick to it..... the vendor's aren't as aggressive as in the silk market so it makes it for a bit less stressful environment !!!!!

jlanza29's Profile Photo
Mar 26, 2011

Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market): Market stall where you can buy without fear at all

Market stall where you can buy without all the worries
A corner stall without too much merchandise, but with an amazing saleswoman named ACHO.
The first floor entrance from the eastern front.

What to buy Can obtaine all electrical appliances in the shop without all the pressure
Even if the desired product is not at the stand ACHO wiil detect it for you.

What to pay Always the most fair price, you can get at the stalls in the store after hours of bargaining

j_haimovich's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2010

Mingya Epoch Jewelry: Pearl shop that I liked at Hongqiao Market

The shop assistants may not speak English well but the owner, Ms. Hong Fei, speaks English very well. They will not even try to sell you everything like in some shops. You can take your time and they will even "personalize" your pieces. The owner knows what to do with the pearls and is very efficient in mounting them or putting them together. You need not bargain hard because the shop owner does not overprice. Free bottled water while waiting.

What to buy Fresh water pearls, seawater pearls, Southsea pearls, Tahiti pearls, Mabe pearls

What to pay Check around first. I recommend you visit the shops on the 2nd floor and then you go to the 3rd floor to compare prices and consider buying.

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Jul 05, 2009
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Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market): Pearl Paradise

I had to select 'other' on the 'type of shop' list because it has EVERYTHING you could possibly yearn for...truly! From the outside it is a very plain looking building but when you enter, oh goodness, you can just TELL that you're not going to be able to leave for another three hours at least! I was in there last week with two friends new to Beijing and we literally spent HOURS walking round this place! It has three levels all full of heavenly goodies waiting to be snapped up! Unfortunately you have to bargain here and when I say bargain, I don't mean just go down a couple of ten kuai, I'm talking about going down over a third of the price that they originally asked for! Its tough work sometimes, but its well worth it in the end when you part with just 20kuai for a bag instead of the 85 they were asking for!

What to buy The ground level floor is all electronic gadgets....a wonderful place for all you hi-tech geeks out here! From dvd players, to speakers, mini disc players, mp3 players cameras, camcorders, batteries, portable tvs, headphones to mobile phone covers and I'm sure there's still lots I missed out on! And that's just the first section of the ground floor. The second part is girly things like hair accessories, wigs, jewellery and then moving onto lighters in all shapes and sizes, and then onto the best part which all stuff Chinese! By this I mean cushion covers, bags, wallets, phone covers, boxes, runners for tables, table cloths, place mats, chopsticks sets, coasters ALL in beautiful colours with Chinese details and designs. Seriously every colour under the sun! Something for everyone. Its a great place to get Christmas and birthday presents for! The only problem is I think I've sent everything like that to my friends what?!
Moving onto the next floor you'll be surrounded by fake Gucci, Prada, Fendi and Louis Vuitton bags, purses and shoes....again..a good few hours could be spent here! And then the top floor is where you'll find the pearl paradise.All different shapes, sizes and colours! Things can be made for you on the spot, but again, remember to bargain! On this floor you will also find lots of arts and crafts. Perfect presents!

What to pay As I said HAVE to bargain here and don't be fooled by the 'we are good friends' rubbish or the 'you speak good Chinese' because its just a ploy for you to like them and then you feeling bad about haggling the price down so much! Once you've been here long enough you know all the prices and they hate you coming back tot their shop with your friends as they know they wont be able to rip them off! Ha ha!

sugarpuff's Profile Photo
May 21, 2009

Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market): Budget travelers' shopping paradise

Entering Hongqiao market is perhaps one of the wisest decisions you can make in Beijing. I went there 3 times during my stay in Beijing and did not regret a single time.

For a foreigner, perhaps the biggest impediment in China is language, but in Hongqiao, just about every salesperson is fluent in English. According to my observation, shoppers from the western world are not so lucky in bargaining, as Asians are.

I especially loved the numerous shops in the basement and on the ground floor. It's real fun to be dragged inside a shop by cute girls.. :) ... and it becomes virtually impossible to leave without buying anything.

The price quoted initially by the salesgirls is totally meaningless. In most cases, you should target at 10% of the quoted price. Trust me ... it is not difficult at all.

What to buy There are shops of all kinds in that building. Except for the mobile phones, I found other shops attractive.

Although, this building is not a specialty market for electronics, yet you can buy small electronic gadgets ...

Sports shoes are a special item that you should focus on. Fake brands are everywhere, and it is upto you to make a decision whether to buy a real chinese brand or a fake brand.

What to pay Focus on 10% rule.. you wont regret it.

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Mar 22, 2009

Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market): Behind Hongqiao Market Toy Store

Behind Hongqiao market (to the right hand side) you go down a small road and there is a diagonal large door (people will be walking in and out) this is another market in which you can buy stationary, toys, PSP, play-stations etc...

What to pay For cheap toys pay approx less than 50RMB

Jan 08, 2009

Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market): buy a new suitcase!

Here you can buy anything and everything you need. Just remember to bargain a LOT. they will start at 500 and close at 20 .But smile all the time and remember,for you it may be only a few yuan, but for them it is a livelihood.
shop till you drop.

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May 18, 2008


"The Northern Capital"
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"Beijing - Imperial Peking"
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"My wonderful Beijing"
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"Beijing: from the Forbidden City to the Great Wall"
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Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market): It aint THAT easy

The Hongqiao Market can be a trouble. I was looking to buy a Pair of Nike Dunks for my friend in Australia but I knew they wouldnt fit in my luggage RIGHT AFTER I told the clerk i was leaving to get money. Any who i went back on that floor and she eyed me, ACTUALLY eyed from one side of the floor to the other grabbed the shoes, and started sprinting her heart out at me, I quickly jumped back down the elevator and looked at the electronics.
This place is great!
It actually is, besides the tacky ipods and belt buckles it was heaven.
Any Pearls, Shoes and Bags you wanted you could get!!!

What to buy Pearls are a must but people told they can reach a certain price.
Video Games, Cameras, Phones and Ipods are all here, but if you want an Ipod, buy a REAL Ipod i bought one and it Broke the second i landed in Sydney Airport.
Watches are everywhere in China and you will get any watch you want; even though if some have IIIII as V in roman numerals!!
Belts and Beltbuckles where a surprise to me, with many stores selling them (Floor 2)
Bags: Just like watches, everywhere. From Louis Vitton to Chanel to Nike you want it you get it.

What to pay Video Games: Ranges from 1 - 20 dollars.
Cameras: Depends on Quality usually around 100 - 200
Phones: Extremely Cheap, getting an Iphone (you can check if quality) will set you back 120 aus
Ipods: Well 4gbs are around 60 - 100 AU and Real 100 - 150 for 8gb
Bags: Hardest to Bargain Down; 20aus
Watches: Also Hard; 10-30aus
Shoes: The best and easiest. A clerk on Level Two offered 950Y for a pair of nike dunks,
with some mild haggling got two pairs of different dunks for 130Y
For Shoes, this is defiantly the place to go!

Apr 05, 2008

Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market): Mercado de las Perlas / Pearl Market

En el mercado de hongkiao puedes encontrar "de todo" , en las primeras plantas tienes relojes ,maletas , bolsos, recuerdos de la revolución cultural , teteras... y en las siguientes tienes , de una forma más elegante , todo tipo de joyerías , sobre todo en las que venden perlas , que son las que dan nombre a este mercado
En las plantas inferiores hay un gran barullo , los vendedores te agarran y te llevan a sus puestos donde tienes que regatear sin ningún pudor , ya que del precio final al inicial puede haber una diferencia de 3 o 4 X
En el tema de las compras cada persona tiene sus gustos , yo desde luego aconsejo no dedicarle demasiado tiempo a las compras , pues hay mucha gente que las convierte el tema principal de su viaje y cuando ven sus compras en casa pueden sentir algo de insatisfacción , aparte de pensar que han dedicado un montón del tiempo de su viaje irrepetible a comprar cosas que por poco más las pueden comprar en sus casas
No cabe duda que el regatear es un reto muy tentador y que hay algunas cosas que vale la pena comprar

In the hongkiao market you may find "everything" , in the lower levels you have watches, suitcases, bags, souvenirs of the Cultural Revolution, teapots ... and in the upper ones , that are more elegant , you may find all types of jewelry, especially pearls, which are those that give name to this market
In the lower floors there is a great chaos , the sellers grab you and take you to their stalls where you have to bargain without any shame, since the end of the initial price may be a difference of 3 or 4 X . In the jewelry are , you must bargain also , but there you will have an attendant that will show you every thing very politely
On respect to "shopping" each person has their own ideas , I certainly advise not to spend too much time shopping, because there are many people who makes the main theme of his trip, and when they see their purchases at home they may feel some dissatisfaction, and also they can think that they have put a lot of time of his unique trip to buy things that can be purchased at home by a little more money
There is no doubt that bargaining is a very tempting challenge, and that there are some things worth buying

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Mar 23, 2008


Hongqiao Market also known as the Pearl Market. This market is located in the south central area of Beijing, just to the east of the Temple of Heaven. It is an indoor mall with a seafood market in the basement and about 3 floors up.

The items for sale are less brand conscious and tend to be from real "no-name" Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Thai companies. The quality does not look good but at the prices they're going for, does it matter if it lasts just 6 months ? You could often buy 10 of the items in question for the price of one real name brand in a department store.

What to buy consumer electronics, binoculars, watches, telescopes and mobile phones on the ground floor, to men's and women's clothes, handbags, fans, silks and shoes on the first floor to freshwater pearls and handicrafts of varying degrees of quality on the top floor.

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Mar 11, 2008

Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market): Shopping for pearls

We were met at the door by an enthusiastic pearl specialist who explained all about pearl farming ( in 10 minutes or less). Even though this is a tourist grab , it is interesting if you haven't seen freshwater pearl shucking. I was surprised to see so many pearls in one shell and so many colours. This demo is all about ssales though so you need to be ready from high pitched sales efforts!

What to buy The rule here is to bargain hard. The ,arkup is high and anyones guess. We were able to get 35% off and I feel we could have done better.I bought gorgeous purple pearls ( kind of a mauve colour really) . I bought the necklace with the detachable braclet and earrings too. They string the pearls while you wait!!

easterntrekker's Profile Photo
Oct 31, 2007

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