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Private Beijing City Highlights Discovery including Two Decker Bus Tour and Lunch
"Meet your guide at 9:00am and start the tour from Tian’anmen Square which has witnessed some of the most dramatic chapters of China history. From here you enter the Forbidden City commonly called Palace Museum or Gugong (former palace). It was built from 1406 and served as the imperial residence for 24 emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties. Your tour also includes the very interesting treasures museums as well as going up the newly opened wall of the Forbidden City. After that you will take a fancy Two Decker tour bus all the way to the north gate of the Summer Palace. The electrical bus will drive for 100 minutes and pass by many iconic places in Beijing including the old part of Beijing Hutong area; and Olympic Village where you could see the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. After that
From $115.00
Private Beijing Bike Tour at Night
"Avoid the crowds on this relaxing guided bike ride through beautiful Beijing at night! After meeting your tour guide in front of the Drum Tower hop on a bike and start your three-hour evening adventure in Beijing where you can stop take pictures and learn about the various sites you visit.Follow your guide on a moderate ride along a hutong (an ancient alleyway lined with traditional courtyard residences) near Drum Tower and make your way to the scenic Shichahai Lake. See bars and shops.After a few minutes of cycling find yourself in beautiful Jingshan Park where you can admire traditional Chinese temples and pavilions peeking behind the park's lush greeneries. Head toward the Forbidden City and ride alongside the moat as the imperial city looms in the background. Then
From $70.00
Small Group Beijing City Tour
"Beijing is more than just a capital city rich in history and impressive in scale. It also offers you a fascinating insight to the whole country of China embracing both its historical past and emerging future. On this full day small group tour of Beijing you’ll see some of its top sights and get a feel for the city’s personality. Join in the fun at Temple of Heaven Park where locals go to meet friends enjoy their hobbies or relax and take in the natural beauty of the park. If time permits take a tour of the Temple of Heaven (at additional expense)
From $77.00

Tiananmen Square Tips (160)

Wear a RED SHIRT when in Tiananmen Square!

I still remember the images of years ago when demonstrators and tanks were in confrontation at the Tiananmen Square (1989)…I did not think then that I would visit the same Square years later, wearing a red shirt in a sunny April morning…

Tiananmen, translated in Chinese, as the Gate of Heavenly Peace is ironically the site of the brutal repression of massive demonstration for democratic reform on June 3-4, 1989. It did serve as a suburban residence for emperors, a place in the countryside yet near the capital.

This is considered the largest public square in the world and is located at the center of Beijing. Tiananmen Square is composed of Tiananmen Tower, Monument to the People's Heroes, Great Hall of the People and Mao Zedong Memorial Hall.

When I visited, there was some sort of Chinese Holiday and it was nice seeing the throngs of citizens enjoying this humongous complex. I was also wearing RED to go with walls and the Chinese flag, and also for good luck

jumpingnorman's Profile Photo
Jan 31, 2009

the largest square in the world

Tiananmen Square is part of China's and Beijing's past and present. It has been a silent witness to protests, a massacre and the birth of today's People's Republic of China and in present day, it's the silent witness to China's national day on October 1, kite flying and the occasional jumper =)

The Square as we know it today was renovated in the late 90's, but the site itself was designed and built in the 17th century (although Tiananmen Gate was built in the 15th century).

We visited the Square in late October and there was a big flat screen showing images of China's 60th anniversary.

marielexoteria's Profile Photo
Dec 01, 2009

Tian'an men Square

Tian'an men Square is located at the heart of the city of Beijing. It is a vast open area that is surrounded by Communist style buildings. Tian'an men is where Mao proclaimed the founding of the People's Republic of China on October 1, 1949. A huge portrait of him remains on the Ming dynasty gate where he made the famed proclomation. Mao's mausoleum, Monument to the People's Heroes, and China's National Museum are best known and can be seen in this square. The national flag is raised at dawn and lowered at dusk on a daily basis. There is some sort of procession that takes place during those times.

Mairo21's Profile Photo
Oct 25, 2005

Very Crowded

Oh yes, the Tiananmen Square was very crowded.

It looks as this big Square is not only a highlight for us, Westerner tourists.

This Tiananmen Square was very full with . . . Chinese tourists. Herds of young tourists passed by all dressed with the same shirts and base-ball caps, in order to recognise them and to keep the group together. And of course accompanied by a guide with the typical guide-flag.

Follow the guide please . . . .

filipdebont's Profile Photo
Dec 28, 2004
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Crowds of humanity keep history down to earth

Now I go back to placing my tips in chronological order.

Tiananmen Square was our first stop on the first day of our 4 days of organised tours. So I wasn't here by a matter of choice (apart of course from booking the package tour. lol!). However, I would suggest that you begin your tour of Beijing from this spot for a number of reasons.

Firstly & most obviously are the historical reasons. For me, I'll work backwards from the most recent memorable event (unfortunately for the wrong reasons) & that of course is that unforgettable image of the lone protestor against that tank in 1989. I don't think I will ever have that image erased from my consciousness. But as you've already seen in my Beijing intro I'm so pleased that I've seen it the way I did with the ordinary humanity & hence the reason for the above title. We could go back further to 1919 when it was also a scene of protest for thousands of university students who were apparently protesting against the corruption & other issues of China's Republican Government of that time.

Another important reason for beginning your Beijing siteseeing here is that there isso much else around it & straight across the road. Mao's mausoleum (which I unfortunately did not get to visit - hopefully next time) is an integral part of the square which was once the Imperial Way there's an excellent example of the transition of China from Imperial to Republican to Communist government. And standing there I wondered what type of Government China will have in another 10 - 20 years as Capitalism seems to be taking such a firm grip of the economy.

Where else to ponder these things, but Tiananmen Square. Quite frankly there really isn't a lot to do in the square itself apart from people watch & watch the kite flying while perhaps also buying one as I did for my girls.

aussiedoug's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2004

Tiananmen Square

During cultural revolution Mao Zedong observed in Tiananmen Square parades in which even one million people took part. In 1976 the Chinese paid him here their last homage. But the Leader hasn't left the place for good. We can still feel his presence on the Square as he looks at it from an enormous portrait on Tiananmen Gate. Although the Square was the witness of tragic events in 1989 crowds of people seem not to remember. They come here to fly kites, to take pictures or even have a picnic. The inhabitants of Beijing are used to 'white people' but we were the attraction to some tourists from smaller places so we willingly posed for a couple of photographs. Every day the ceremony of raising and lowereing the flag is attended by such crowds that it is hardly possible to see anything, so I wouldn't recommend it.

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Jul 15, 2004

Teananmen Square (History)

38 meter Monument to national heroes - square monument with sayings Mao and Jou, decorated by reliefs on themes of the Chinese revolution is established in the center of the square. The Mausoleum of Mao is located directly opposite to ancient palace ensemble of "Forbidden city". From the western side - the House of National assemblies, with east - the Museum of history and the revolution, reminding monumental constructions of a Stalin epoch.

Every morning soldiers of military sentry lift a red banner of the Peoples Republic of China, and every evening with approach of darkness lower a national flag. During an epoch of empire simple citizens were not supposed to the square, and mass demonstrations here began to be spent in days of Mao.

Kuznetsov_Sergey's Profile Photo
Oct 09, 2006

Tiananmen Square

According to history, this very large square was created after the Boxer Rebellion.

Today it is a major landmark of Beijing. It is named after Tiananmen "Heavenly Peace Gate" which is the main south gate of the Imperial Palace of the Forbidden City.

Around the Square are important administrative buildings and museums.

Also located at the Square is the Maosoleum of Chairman Mao. We stood in line, no bags or cameras allowed and saw the preserved body of the man who led the Communist Party to victory in 1949 to rule mainland China.

Any visit to Beijing will not be complete without dropping by the Square which is heavily guarded by the PLA, People's Liberation Army.

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Nov 07, 2006


"The Northern Capital"
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"Beijing - Imperial Peking"
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"My wonderful Beijing"
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"Beijing: from the Forbidden City to the Great Wall"
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Take a walk around the square

A must see if visiting Beijing.

At the north end of the Square is Tiananmen Tower. Initially built in 1417 during the Ming Dynasty, the Square was the front door of the Forbidden City.

At the south side of the Square is the Mao Zedong mausoleum. Mao's body lies in a crystal coffin inside, against his stated wishes.

In the center of the square is a granite monument, dedicated to the People's Heroes. Built in 1952, it is the largest monument in China's history.

To the west lies the Great Hall of the People. This building, built in 1959, is the site of the China National People's Congress meetings and other political activities.

On the eastern side of the square is the China National Museum. It was built recently, in 2003, and houses both the Chinese history museum and Chinese revolutionary museum.

The scene of many political demonstrations in recent memory, the square is packed full of parked and undercover police to quell any sort of disturbance before it can escallate.
If you are carrying a bag, expect it to be searched upon entrance to the square.

schwein's Profile Photo
Feb 11, 2008

Tiananmen Square

After I had walked around the Mao Zedong Mausoleum, I finally arrived at the Tiananmen Square.

Wow, so big, this is certainly the biggest square I have ever seen.

Of course every one knows the terrible history of this Tiananmen Square and the images of the young student who tries to stop the Chinese tanks.

But now it is very busy and filled with photographing tourists (mostly Chinese).

In the middle of the square there is the monument to the People's Heroes.

And on the Northern side you can visit the Forbidden City.

filipdebont's Profile Photo
Dec 28, 2004

Teananmen Square

Long years ago emperors disclosed decrees from the Gate of Forbidden city, and in 1949 Chairman Mao proclaimed the declaration on education of the Peoples Republic of China from the Gate. That is why the huge portrait of Chairman Mao and a header "Long live the Chinese People Republic!" hangs at the Gate.

Once this Gate were main in an ancient city which had been enclosed by fortifications. After re-planning Pekin in 50th years of XX century this Gate remained the unique construction which escaped and kept after destruction of fortifications.

Kuznetsov_Sergey's Profile Photo
Oct 09, 2006

Tiananmen Square

This was one of our first ports of call in Beijing, and, it was a bit of a let down actually. I mean, to me it was just a HUGE open space with a few buildings, all of which were closed on the day we were there. Honestly, we probably spent about an hour here tops, probably actually about half an hour.

What I did find quite fascinating about this place was the many young army men, just standing to attention the whole time, not moving a muscle. I guess they were there for security and protection, but I really have to wonder that their job must be very uninteresting and boring. I did ask one of them if I could take his photo, and I think he actually smiled!

Another odd occurrence started here at Tiananmen Square ... we had so many randoms wanting to have their picture taken with us, it was weird! They were always women, they would hand us their camera and we would think they wanted us to take a photo of their group, but in fact they wanted their photo taken with US!!! Dont really know why, maybe they dont see "white" foreigners very often, or maybe they just thought we were special, celebrity status!!!

lindyz's Profile Photo
Oct 01, 2009

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Great Hall of the People - Renmin Dahuitang

Tiananmen square is so big that all the surrounding elements seem... small! However, that is not exactly the case of this palace, used by the Chinese congress. Built by volunteers in 1959, it is a...
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Monument of the People's Heroes

Located in the center of Tiananmen Square, this monument was built between 1949 and 1952, being completed on April 22, 1952. The monument is north of the Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao. Four hundred...
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Working People's Cultural Palace

On 4/10/2011, there were too many tourists to the Forbidden City. Due to crowd, I decided to visit some other attractions which have less crowd. So, Workers Cultural Palace was one of the places that...
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Tiananmen Gate - Gate of Heavenly Peace

In your excitement about being in the world’s largest public square and making your way through Tiananmen (the gate) to enter the Forbidden City, you could be forgiven for missing these white marble...
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National Museum of China

We had a day to fill in Beijing and as the weather was very cold and smoggy, not at all good for outdoor sightseeing, the National Museum of China seemed a good choice. It was a bit difficult to find...
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Donghuamen Night Market

I love street vendors. I did not know about this area until I took a taxi to my hotel one night and drove past this line of vendors. To focus on the exotic or should I say the nightmarish, these...
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