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Shamian Island Tips (6)

sha mian under construction renovation

Favorite thing I visited Sha mian island. It is a nice place. It will be much nicer in one year I think because they are rebuilding everything. All the houses, and the gardens, the streets, everywhere it is "construction". It is funny to see all the young couples to still come there to take photos of their future wedding. They are walking in the dust, mud... You wonder how they do to still make nice photos.
So, soon Sha mian will look like Disney world, nice, clean, and look like brand new...I will return with pleasure.

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Jul 24, 2010

Communist Church

Favorite thing Communist Church at Shamien, probably they pray for Karl Marx, Lenin & Jesus Christ, or probably they display the sculptor of Karl Marx inside with joss sticks and Chairman Mao's poster and they burn hell money...

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Nov 11, 2006

Adopt a child

Favorite thing Adopt a child, is a culture where you can come to Guangzhou to adopt a Chinese boy/girl and you can bring them back to your country. At Shamien, Paul told me there were many foreigners from US Europe adopted Children children. Photo is a foreigner holding hand with a Chinese girl at Shamien.

So please remember, adopt a child at Shamien, Guangzhou.

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Nov 11, 2006

A surprising and delightful trip

Favorite thing I don't know what my preconcieved notions were about China before my trip there last week,but I do know that I was delighted and surprised by what I discovered. Firstly, the ball room dancing in the park at night, the fan dancing and Tai chi, and the bustling, yet strangely invigorating pulse of the city streets, were an absolute eye opener. I was struck by the sense of community that the open green spaces and parks appeared to reflect. On boat tip up the Pearl River, I made friends which several wonderful Chinese children who wanted to say "hi" a thousand times to this rather strange looking white woman before them!
North to Beijing, I thoroughly enjoyed the Silk market which borders the American Embassy. According to local gossip, while the Embassy staff "pooh pooh" the corporate rip offs the silk alley merchants conduct, the staff continues to shop there. Ah - capitalism at its best.
The Great Wall was another delight - although the vendors are a little aggressive, they will deal and are polite none the less...
a wonderful trip and a desire to return soon!

Fondest memory A trip to Shamian Island is an absolute "do no miss" with a wonderful Vietnamese coffee house where Vietnamese coffee, a sweet and delightful blend of flavours, awaits you. The European ambience as well as the colonial buildings (many of which are in sad need of repair) harken back to a past best remembered for its historical import rather than its symbolism.

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Apr 17, 2004
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A Paradise in such a busy city

Favorite thing Guangzhou is a busy and polluted city. But not far from central Guangzhou, there's a small Island which is just like paradise. Shamian Island is so peaceful. You won't see heavy traffic there. Houses there are from late 19th century and early 20th century. I think I love those old houses the most.

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Oct 09, 2003

Fondest memory Shamian island is an oasis in the chaos of Guangzhou. The buildings are from the colonial period, all french or british style. There's even a catholic church here.
The central street is a boulevard adorned with gardens and fountains, and in the morning the local people come to do taichi or play badminton.

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Aug 24, 2002

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Things To Do in Guangzhou

Things to do

Shamian Island

Shamian Island is 900m/1000yd long and 300m/900ft wide and lies in the southwest of the city, linked with the north bank of the Zhujiang by several bridges. Under Ming rule (1368-1644) the island was...
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Pearl River

There is no better way to see Guangzhou by night than to take a cruise on the Pearl River. Most of the buildings along the Pearl River are brightly lighted up at night with dazzling neon lights that...
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Six Banyan Temple

Liu Rong Si is a cool little temple that is definitely visit-worthy. The immediate block surrounding the temple is full of stores selling Buddhist regalia and incense, and has a laid-back vibe to...
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Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King

I have visited 5 times for this museum. It is pleased to go inside the museum to see the original tomb where the king was buried with his wife and concubines 2000 years ago. Then you can visit the...
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Peasant Movement Institute

The Peasant Movement Institute occupies the former Confucian Temple that was originally built in 1370 but none of the temples statues or other relics remain. The Institute organised six training...
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Museum of Art

Plenty of places to eat in GuangZhou. I had a wonderfull time. Great people they are. I had no problems at all. Had pick pockets try one day. I was ready for them. I carried my wallet in the front...
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