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Dengfeng Things to Do

  • The statue of the mythic Indian monk...

    This statue is devoted to the founder of the Shaolin temple: the mythic Indian monk Bodhidharma, known in China as De Mo, who travelled from India to China to spread Buddhism. He is always represented with dark skin and black beard.

  • Zhongyue Taoist Temple

    This temple gave me much satisfaction and was not so commercialized. I spent about three hours and made freindship with a couple of monks. I was allowed to touch and take a picture of the Lao Tse statue.

  • Your son want to learn Shaolin KungFu

    Bring your sons daughters to Shaolin Temple, I saw many Kungfu students age around 8-10 only, worldwide tourists taking photos like mad especially at these young students. Hundreds maybe thousands of young Kungfu students practising together in group on a vastly outdoor area, forming a landscape of actions, with the blurry background covered by...

  • Fake Monks No More

    The last time I read, up here in the Shaolin Temple and its surroundings, countless fake monks can be seen and they went around begging and disturbing tourists for money causing big messes.I read a news that UNESCO World Heritage changed the look of Shaolin Temple entriely, now that all fake monks has gone. Monks that I saw are those standing...

  • Bring your own foods

    Shaolin Temple is located 60km+ away from city, is actually in the hills, neighboring the SongShan Mountain. Your bus can only send you to the main entrance, the rest fully rely on your own legs, therefore be ready to walk a full day, 5-7 hours at least, no food sellers and no 7-Eleven, McDonald's or KFC, the only few restaurants are located at...

  • >> Ti-Guan at Shaolin Temple

    I know you feel boring sometimes, that's why I prepare this special tips for you. Other than visiting the famous places listed below from 1-6, what else can you do in Shaolin Temple?1. Shaolin Temple2. Pagoda (monk graveyard)3. Students practising kungfu4. Kungfu show for tourists5. Hiking to visit Damo's cave (3 hours of hike)6. Hiking to the top...

  • Shaolin Si Kung Fu School

    Shaolin Si is most well known for having turned out stars like Bruce Lee and Jacky Chan. It's an active buddhist temple, and its also one of the hottest tourist sites in China (for the Chinese at least).The monks here don't get much tme for quiet contemplation as the place is absolutely HEAVING with tourists.Shaolin Si wins the prize for the...

  • Shao Lin Convent

    Before you get to the Shao Lin Buddhist monastry you will probably visit the Shao Lin Convent. Buddhist nuns can be spotted at the various altars, and you can buy incense and candle should you want to make an offering.It's just another buddhist temple, but is built in a fantastic area - the view is magnificent.

  • Song Shan Academy

    Song Shan Academy was a Taoist school and is considered to be one of the oldest in China.If you go to Shaolin this will almost definately be included in the tour.The Academy is no longer active and is now a museum. Amongst other things it contains some interestin carved stone pillars, and some fine calligraphy. There are also some fossils,...


Dengfeng Hotels

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  • Shanwu Hotel

    One of the biggest and major hotels in the DengFeng area. Arrived on the February 29th and was told...

  • Wudu Hotel

    No.91 Shaolin Avenue, Dengfeng, Henan, 452400, China

  • Dengfeng Tianzhong Hotel

    No.22 Zhongyue Street,East Section, Dengfeng, Henan, 452470, China

Dengfeng Transportation

  • l_joo's Profile Photo

    Bus to Shaolin Temple

    by l_joo Written Apr 21, 2012

    Total cost is only RMB200.00, inclusive everything, except meals, beer & extra services.

    You need only 3 steps. First step is to fly/train/bus to Zhengzhou. Second step is to look for a hotel to stay in Zhengzhou, any hotels will do. Third step is to inform your hotel that you want to visit Shaolin Temple, and then you wait at your hotel in the early morning at 6.30am, car will come to pick you up, to a gathering point, you will sit inside a big 5-star bus, with a tour guide speaking Chinese (you need to special arrange an English speaking tourguide), you will be arranged everything, including meals, cable car ticket, etc. The bus will send you back to your hotel the same day at around 6pm.

    Self-arrange to Shaolin Temple will end up more expensive than the 1-Day-Trip of RMB200 inclusive of the all-in-one-ticket. Senior citizen pay just only RMB100.

    The type of buses to Shaolin Temple
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Dengfeng Tourist Traps

  • Shaolin Temple

    by joelaldo Written Mar 5, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The price (100rmb) is most definitely NOT worth it.

    The location of the shaolin temple, and a couple of trees are the few original things left...most other things were destroyed during a particular war...guess which one.

    It's a huge tourist trap. The temple itself is just a place to take pictures and be 'marvelled' by easternn mysticism, but there are plenty of vendors, signs in multiple languages, and tour guide to remind u that Shaolin is about making money...not what buddhist temples are usually designed to do.

    DO NOT PAY for the kung fu's not worth it. It was mildly acceptable if you've never seen kung fu, but 100% unauthentic. The guys doing the show will charge you 15 yuan to be able to take a picture w/ them in their uniforms who want to study at the shaolin pay big when u see these kids lined up practicing kung fu...they paid beacoup yuan to be able to say they studied at shaolini.

    Unique Suggestions: Pagoda Forest. It's a monk graveyard, and has many ancient 'pagodaS'. Pretty much, when a revered monk dies, they bury his ashes in the ground and build a pagoda over it. Some of these are nearly 2,500 yrs old!!! It's actually pretty neat,...spend more time here rather than at the temple, and ask your tour guide a lot of questions.

    Fun Alternatives: daoist temple on the outskirts of the city, and other attractions in dengfeng...just not shaolin. DengFeng has other great sites

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