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  • Things to Do
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Nanchang Things to Do

  • Signs to know your way in Shengjin...

    It is very useful because in case that you do not understand chinese, there is a translation in english of the main places to visit.

  • The Gan River

    The Gan River travels 885 km north through the western part of Jiangxi before flowing into Lake Poyang and thence into the Yangtze River.

  • The Garden of the Pavilion of Prince...

    This is an exquisite garden inside the Pavilion of Prince Teng. Some visitors miss it, but it is most interesting.

  • Nanchang Folk Custom Museum

    Stumbled across Nanchang Folk Custom Museum [南昌市民俗博物馆] (Nanchang Shi Minsu Bowuguan) at 165 Zigu Lu by accident, walking from Rongmen Lu back towards Bay Lake looking for a bus. But this is a must see in my opinion. Set in a beautiful old courtyard style house there is even less English in...

  • People's Square & the Bayi Monument

    This people's square is wide and expansive as some I have visited. Juxtaposed against it's harshy imminent Soviet aesthetic is the Wanda Plaza and one of Nanchang's several Walmart department stores. Flying kites in summer, no doubt dancing and exercising by night, rollerskating and countless other activities that make the public spaces so vibrant...

  • Jiangxi Provincial Museum

    Jiangxi Provincial Museum [江西省博物馆]: A smaller provincial museum than some, free entry and certainly worth a visit in a two or more day trip to Nanchang but very dated and perhaps in need of relocation and modernisation from it's unremarkable geometric design and dark interiors. The museum is primarily split...

  • Téngwáng Gé [滕王阁]

    The Pavilion of Prince Teng (滕王阁) is featured in the Tang Dynasty poem Téngwáng Gé Xùjì (Chinese: 滕王阁序记) by Wang Bo. Most tourists visit here although I confess I did not pay the entry fee, but enjoyed the attractive building from several other vistas around the city after hearing that there...

  • Climb the Temple Stairs

    It seems like there is always a temple to visit in China. Nanchang was no different. This particular temple has a long history of being built, conquered, destroyed, and rebuilt. A major fire erupted here and the temple burnt to the ground. It was rebuilt and parts of it were still being finished when I was there in 2006. On one floor, there was a...

  • Three Options

    1. Adopt a Kid through the Chinese child for sale program.2. See all the wonderful sites like the Hall of the Martyrs and Bayi Square where Mao got his ass kicked and fled on the long March. The CPC members gives their patriotic bull version,but basically Mao and the boys were on the run in 1927 with the KMT army chasing them.3.Bars and Babes. Just...

  • Tengwang Pavilion

    On the banks of the oozing cesspit that is the Ganjiang river, sits the Tengwang Pavilion, one of the most modern buildings in Nanchang. It was constructed in 1989 to llok like the version that sat here during the Song Dynasty.Inside the pavilion, at the lower level, is a hall showing the models of the Tengwang Pavilion trhough its many different...

  • Walking by the Ganjiang

    The Ganjiang river flows through Jiangxi slowly winding its way to the Yangtze to the north.Much of Nanchang city lies on the far, western bank, but this was barely visible through the smog when I was there.The river can be seen from the Tengwang Pavilion - it's the huge grey flat thing with boats on under the huge grey flat sky above. As the two...

  • Provincial Museum

    I have no idea if the Jiangxi Provincial Museum is worth visiting. When I turned up mid-afternoon, it had closed for the day.It opens from 9.30am to 2.30pm only. I am not sure what the poor, overworked museum staff do for the rest of the day. It's a hard life.There is a lot of information about the museum at the China Culture website, so see if you...


Nanchang Hotels

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Nanchang Restaurants

  • Modern Chinese cuisine

    Modern Chinese food presented in a Western way. A little more expensive than your average Chinese meal but good to suit tastes which are both Asian and non-Asian, a meeting place of friends. A delicious and fun-filled meal for four came in beneath a meal for two at some Western restaurants so good value for money here. An open kitchen allows you a...

  • More Western cuisine

    Seemingly, some partnership with Cafe Roma here. Shared menus and corporate identity. Take time between visits. In Nanchang for the weekend, I visited both establishments within 24 hours of each other. Had a great time in both but Cafe Roma just edged it with the food, however after a long day of walking around sight seeing a really really late...

  • A taste of Europe

    I think this would rank among the better Western restaurants I’ve experienced in China, especially outside of the big chains. In Jiangxi Province it certainly ranks particularly highly, almost forcefully dumming itself down by printing pictures in the menu. The décor’s classy, the service efficient and food and presentation also worth the money....


Nanchang Nightlife

  • NanHu Lu [南湖路]

    Opted to sample a beer in JD's Bar on Nan Hu Lu from the reference on wikitravel's Nanchang page. A free plate of snacks arrived with our Gin and Tonic and bottle of Guinness export (totaling about RMB45-50). The bar has a good beer light, an old fashioned sort of red interior and several small rooms good for lively banter no doubt. At 7 or 8...

  • Bayi Lake area

    A pretty walk along the lake and down the interesting Minde Lu which seemed to come alive at night. Found this great little boutique shop (pictured) selling interesting souvenirs and gifts all shapes and sizes from parasols to pictures to flower pots. The shop owner humourously sat in front of one of the largest collections of CDs that I have ever...

  • Rongmen Lu [榕门路]

    One of the easiest places to find looking up Nanchang online is Le Bistro 100. Prior to my trip I found only a few reviews so I was surprised that up this street there are a lot of bars and interesting looking places. Also of note are lots of small art galleries trading in paintings, calligraphy and other kinds of antiques. Well worth a slow walk...


Nanchang Transportation

  • Airport taxis

    After five years in China, I would say that the taxis at nanchang Airprt are the worst in the country and even beat Beijing's miserable, aggressive lot.Despite there being an official queue of taxis outside the door, none of them want to use the meter. ("Broken". Answer: "So's my wallet") I was aggressively surrounded by taxi-drivers (I counted...

  • Nanchang Aiport

    Nanchang hasn't (presumably "yet") got its new airport so it will have to make do with it's small but perfectly acceptable airport terminal with its "hint of Stalin" architecture and "arrival hall grimness" (characteristic of all these older airports built in the 1990s).The baggage carousels are poorly signposted (there's a tiny LED screen above...

  • fantastic trip to come my home-town

    Departure flights(Local):Nanchang to beijing/shanghai/guangzhou/shengzheng/kunming/hefei/ulumuqi/kunming/guiyang/.....(international):bangkok..hongkong.....


Nanchang Shopping

  • Coffee

    A chain of bakeries and cafes pretty widespread throughout town. Easy to pick up a decent tea/coffee here from RMB10 and upwards. Pastries, bread, snacks, edible gifts and beverages RMB4 and upwards

  • Crazy Shopping...........

    U could buy everything in this center,& the price is pretty low...--it's a wonderful placel! Everything what u wnat... Not too much.........

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Nanchang Local Customs

  • Travler409's Profile Photo

    Pineapple Beer

    by Travler409 Written Apr 8, 2008

    At the grocer next door to the Jinfeng Hotel I discovered the popular beer was good old PBR- Pabst Blue Ribbon. I also discovered there was a variety of flavors, including pineapple beer. It tasted pretty much like one would expect: beer with a twist of pineapple.

    Mmmmmm tasty!

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Nanchang Warnings and Dangers

  • nepalgoods's Profile Photo


    by nepalgoods Updated Jul 30, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Walking towards a pagoda, that I had seen from far, I passed streets, where the children and the adults had no shoes, the houses were dark and black from the coaldust. It was very depressing.

    I would say, it is safe to walk there. But the pverty gets to your heart.

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Nanchang Off The Beaten Path

  • view.finder's Profile Photo

    Explore the lake area

    by view.finder Written Jun 5, 2012

    In between Minde Lu, Nanhu Lu and the busier more commercialised streets are some great little independent shops that if I was to visit Nanchang I would love to explore. These include gift shops, bars, many clean and attractive looking restaurants and wifi coffee outlets, ideal for blogging or pretending your in Amsterdam.

    When the shopping gets too much and your feet are tired just go and sit by the river. I'll bet you can even get your coffee to take away

    Bayi Lake area Bayi Lake area Bayi Lake by night (obviously)
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Nanchang General

  • Market

    Markets are always worth a look. Even though I was not very impressed by Nanchang, I liked the markets. Specially in this "Off the Beaten Path" cities you can see everyday's liufe in the street.

  • October 1st

    On National Day the city is full of people enjoying the festive surrounding. Then this grey city turns into a colorful fun-city.

  • 10 years ago

    Even though Nanchang is a province's capital, Nanchang seemed very backward to me 10 years ago. No highrise buildings, not many cars. And the amusement of the holiday was very basic. Like this monkey-show.


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