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  • Bridge to nowhere
    Bridge to nowhere
    by DSwede
  • Central plaza, by train station
    Central plaza, by train station
    by DSwede
  • The Broken Bridge
    The Broken Bridge
    by DSwede

Dandong Things to Do

  • Small boat along the back of Tiger Hill...

    If you venture outside of Dandong to the Tiger Hill section of the Great Wall and to the "One Step" section of the river, you may notice that there are a few small boats tied off.You may barter with the drivers down to ~20RMB depending on the size of your group or your negotiation skills. The waters are neutral between China and North Korea, but...

  • Monumental Assistance

    The Museum In Aid of North Korea Against American Aggression costs 10 RMB (not sure if that's student price) for the side museum. That houses a weird assortment of terracotta warriors, some stuff about the Chinese side of the Korean war and the history of unequal peace treaties, all in Chinese; and you can go up the 53-metre-high tower.Personally I...

  • Visit the short bridge

    The "short bridge", built by the Japanese in the 1920s, used to connect China and North Korea, but was bombed out during the Korean War. Nowadays the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge connects the two, but you can still walk along the (reconstructed) Chinese side and take a look across the river to North Korea.

  • Take a speedboat ride

    We paid around 35RMB for two of us to take a speedboat ride across the river to the North Korean side. The driver took us right up to the other side for about 5 minutes, letting us see a North Korean school, some cranes, and boats up close. There were plenty of North Koreans hanging out along the riverside, and the schoolkids with their red scarves...

  • Look at North Korea from the riverfront

    Across the Yalu River is North Korea - as you near the riverfront you'll see a large smokestack in the distance, which is actually in North Korea! It's close enough to make out people walking around on the other side. Walk to the end of the "short bridge", bombed by the Americans during the Korean war, and use the binoculars there for a closer...

  • How to get North Korean Television...

    You are in Dandong. In your hotel, you have probably already clicked through all of the TV channels at least twice to see if you can get the TV station from Sinuiju, North Korea.Well you can't, at least not without making a few "ahem" minor easy-to-make modifications to your TV set. Here is what to. Speaking from personal experience, it worked...

  • Korean War Memorial Museum

    It was officially called "The War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid North Korea" and this museum offers the Chinese point of view regarding the Korean War.Located atop Yinghua Mountain, the museum has exhibits outdoors as well as inside.The outdoor exhibition has planes, artillery, and tanks used in the war as well as those seized from the enemies...

  • A quick trip across the Yalu on Chinese...

    You've seen North Korea from Yalu River Park. You walked out on the Short Bridge and got a closer look. Now it's time for one of the best highlights of any Dandong trip; a quick speed boat jaunt to North Korea's side of the river for the closest view of the hermit kingdom.For around 20 RMB (less than US $3) you will have your own private tour of...

  • the beginning of great wall

    hushan mountain, at the yalu river, is a lonely hill. the wall on it is the beginning of the great wall. on the top castle, you can see the korean town cross the river.

  • one step border

    it's the border of china and korea under hushan montain. it's just a small stream, you can easily step across it and enter the other country. but it is forbiden. we call it yi bu kua.

  • hekou short bridge

    it the second short bridge in dandong. same as inside dandong downtown, the bridge was also bombed by us military.

  • The final step; setting foot on North...

    The Yalu River speedboat ride was quite exciting, and you got SO CLOSE to the North Korean shore. Now you only wish there was some way you could actually set foot onto North Korean soil.In Dandong, your wish comes true at nearby Tiger Mountain (Hushan). Please visit my Hushan page later to learn more about the place where it's possible to leap...


Dandong Hotels

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  • Crowne Plaza Hotel

    No.158 Binjiang Middle Road, Zhenxing District, Dandong, Liaoning, 118002, China

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Rising International Zhonglian Hotel

    Zhong Lian hotel is as well located as a tourist could hope for. Dandong is not such large city that...

  • YALU River Hotel

    87 Jiu Wei Road, Zhenxing District, Dandong, 11800

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

Dandong Restaurants

  • Don't Miss the North Korean Dancers!

    There are several North Korean-operated restaurants in China, and quite a few in Dandong itself! You can recognize them by the North Korean and Chinese flags over the entrance. They are staffed by waitresses from North Korea who put on karaoke dance shows, and offer a variety of Korean and North Korean specialties. A great North Korean...

  • Yalu River Beer!

    There is a brewery in town, if you're the type that likes to sample local beers around the world. The name of the local beer in Dandong is "Yalu River Beer" and I can not confirm if the ingredients actually include any drops of North Korea's territorial waters.The Chinese toast with the words "gan bei" which in English would sound exactly like...

  • Dandong Hotels

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Dandong Nightlife

  • Romantic Dandong

    In the evenings plenty of the locals hang out around the riverfront and play hackey sack with shuttlecocks. You can also sit down and watch a movie on a public flatscreen TV. Or take a romantic stroll along the riverfront.

  • Singing songs at the karaoke box

    You must go to karaoke in Dandong! We went to a karaoke box in midnight. Karaoke boxes is different from karaoke bars. You can enjoy singing karaoke with only your friends in the room, so you don't care about other people.The karaoke box normally serve one room each a group with various chinese dishes and alcohol, but we went there after eating...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Dandong Transportation

  • Bus 11... Walking!

    Everything can be walked from the train station. At least that's what I did! The location of the Museum is marked wrongly in Lonely Planet (was using the 2002 edition), so buy a map at the train station and figure out the correct spot yourself.

  • Flights to Dandong

    Did you know it is possible to fly to Dandong from Sanya on Hainan Island? Yes, but only on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The morning flight on China Southern airlines also has two stops, first in Shenzhen and then at Shanghai's Pudong airport before reaching Dandong in the afternoon. Of course, you can also fly the other way from Dandong...

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Dandong Shopping

  • Outdoor pedestrian market

    There is a ~4 block section near the central area called "Walking Street", or at least that's what the translation of the Chinese name is. Ask a local or your hotel what the true Chinese name is, so that you can get a taxi to the area.There are countless shops, ranging from street vendors to trendy brand name stores. There are foods readily...

  • The Dandong Antique Market

    The shops on this street sell Chinese and North Korean stamps, coins, old currency, military medals, as well as many Chinese items of sentimental or nostalgic value relating to the Cultural Revolution or other important eras of modern Chinese history.There are usually sidewalk vendors set up on the street in front of the shops and these touts sell...

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Dandong Warnings and Dangers

  • Confucius's Profile Photo

    Taunting or taking photos of North...

    by Confucius Updated May 25, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When you take a ride across the Yalu River on one of the Chinese speedboats you will be warned not to take photos of the dock workers along the North Korean shore.
    They do not appreciate the constant traffic of tourist boats which bring curious spectators within a stone's throw of their vessels.
    ("Click to enlarge" and you'll see the other comrade reaching for another projectile to hurl at the enemy speedboat from China with a camera toting taunting tourist aboard)

    North Koreans throwing rocks at another tourist
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Dandong Off The Beaten Path

  • Cross the North Korean border

    by pravit726 Updated Jan 9, 2007

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I'm sure there are plenty of areas where you could do this, but the most famous one is "Yibukua"(one step cross), accessible from Hushan Great Wall. I read lots about this place before I went, but my own North Korean border crossing experience proved far more difficult than I had expected. Visit my Hushan page for the whole story and more details on how to get here!

    Hushan page

    On Hushan great wall

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Dandong General

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  • China - the unacknowledged

    In my tours of North Korea, China and more specifically Dandong, it was expressed by several Chinese people that the Chinese sided with North Korea in the Korean War because they were Communist brothers and they were geographical neighbors. However, all the people I spoke to stated that even though they fought with the North, Chinese opinion and...

  • Disparity between China and DPRK

    Having visited both China and DPRK, the photo on my Dandong page and this photo I believe give the best visual impression of the disparities between the two countries.I've commented within my North Korean pages how dissimilar the two Korean countries are, but the comparison between the bustling Chinese cities and the quiet expanses of North Korea...

  • Yalu River Bridges

    This photo was also taken from aboard a Chinese speedboat in North Korea's territorial waters on the Yalu River. You can see the "Short Bridge" in the foreground. The "Friendship Bridge" can support both trucks and trains but pedestrian traffic is not allowed. The Yalu River Bridge Park is on either side of the Friendship Bridge. There are a...


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  • SuneNielsen's Profile Photo
    Sep 13, 2013 at 8:48 AM

    There are actually many more interesting things to see. Go eg to Jiuliancheng a few kilometers north of Dandong. Here was a decisive battle between Russian and Japanese troops in the war 1904 -1905. I one of the biggest battles on record, many thousand soldiers died, and the Russians lost their control over Southern Manchuria. Bot armies set up monuments for their lost soldiers, and, amazingly, both of these monuments still stand, which is extraordinary thinking about the Cultural Revolution etc.. But one of the reasons that they still stand is that they are hidden away on small mountains, and there are no signs telling you how to find them, you have to be together with someone speaking Chinese and ask...

    To the south of Dandong is an old English customs building now made in to a museum about the local history financed by private persons in Dandong. You have to know someone to get in, but if nothing better, you may try to ask at the gate. It is an very interesting exhibition, though all in Chinese. It is worth a visit.

    I the 8th Valley, in Jinshanzhen, you find and renovated school building built by the Danish Missionary Society back in 1920. The building has a historic exhibition in its cellar. This building belongs to Liaodong University (Liaodong Xueyuan) and is worth a visit. The best thing would be to contact Liaodong University and they would be happy to show you their exhibition both in this building and on their main campus near Yalu River. They trace their history back to 1912 when a Danish missionary started a school in the area with a unique combination of theoretical an practical studies based on horticulture and horticulture.

    Best regards
    Sune Nielsen (Mr)

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