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Taipei Morning Walking Tour to Old Town Wanhua
"Your tour guide will meet and greet with you at MRT Longshan Temple Station at 9 o'clock in the morning. Your first stop is Starbucks Coffee Store Mankah branch. The uniqueness of this branch is that the building itself is used to be Wanhua Lin House. you will visit Longshan Temple. Longshan Temple was founded in 1738 by Han immigrants. It is dedicated to the Bodhisattva of mercy Guanyin. The temple becomes one of the city's top religious sites and a prime venue for exploring both Taiwan's vibrant folk faith and its unique temple arts and architecture. Continue your tour to the last stop you will first enroute to Grass Lane. It was a short and narrow lane that people used to buying herbs to heal the illness and disease. Pass the Grass Lane you will at the Bopiliao. Bopiliao Ancient Street was developed in the early Qing Dynasty. The street retains the looks from two hundred years ago because it had been set as the location for a new school in 1945. During 1999 to 2009 the Taiwan Government has repaired the buildings
From $26.00
Taipei Old Town Dadoucheng Neighborhood Walking Tour
"Your tour guide will meet and greet you at the meeting point at 2:00pm. The first stop will be the North Gate a quadrilateral wall built by the Qing Dynasty. There are a total of 5 gates and only the North Gate remains unchanged since the dynasty. This is a good start to discover the old town of Dadaocheng. Walk to the Yongle Market the largest wholesale and retail center of fabric in Taiwan. After a short visit at the market you will continue your tour to Xiahai Chenghuang Temple. Many unmarried people come to Xiahai Chenghuang Temple to worship Yue Lao the matchmaker deity. It is said that Yue Lao can help the single woman or man find their significant other.  Walking around Dadaocheng you can see the old buildings still remain. First visit Chuang Hsieh-Fa Historical Lecture Pavilion which is used to be the first grocery store in Dadaocheng. Then
From $30.00
One-Day Private Tour: Exploring Dalian
"Your driver and tour guide will meet you in your hotel lobby at your agreed upon time. The first stop of the tour will be at the Dalian Modern History Museum which is located to the side of Xin Hai park. The exhibits are beautifully designed to reflect historical and modern pieces of the city of Dalian. Your private guide will escort you through the museum providing historical facts along the way. Next visit Xin Hai Square which is ranked as the biggest city square in Asia. At your request your guide can lead you on a stroll through the park or the chauffeur can simply drive through as you relax in the back. Break for lunch at a local restaurant suggested by your guide. Once you are finished visit the most historical part of Dalian
From $110.00

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