Xi'an Local Customs

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  • umbrella repair man!
    umbrella repair man!
    by angiebabe
  • doing a brilliant job!
    doing a brilliant job!
    by angiebabe
  • living in a city of high rise apartment buildings
    living in a city of high rise apartment...
    by angiebabe

Most Viewed Local Customs in Xi'an

  • 1. Board Games

    I don´t know if I should call it as a 'cultural tip' because you won´t go Xi´An to play chess. No, I don´t mean the game what the Westerner play but Chinese Chess. Once I saw a group of men standing...

  • 2. Medicine

    I've been sick in China once and went to a Chinese medicine shop. They doctor told me to open my mouth and asked the nurse what it looked like- he was pretty much blind. Then he prescribed some herbs...

  • 3. Monks

    Be aware that, like everywhere else, temples are praying sites, and, despite their old and exotic look, they may keep being used for their religious purposes....

  • 4. Birds

    Maybe because of the excess of population (maybe because they eat them…) dogs and cats are not very visible in China, where pets seem to be mainly fishes and...

  • 5. Flowers

    “No need to pay!”Where did this small girl learn this English, how does she know that, of course, accepting the flower that she gently offered me I had to offer...

  • 6. Discipline

    One thing that I noticed is the rigour used by the workers in their jobs: In shops, restaurants, everywhere (except in the underground market), the staff lines...

  • 7. Getting a coffee fix in Xi'an

    Even though its said coffee is grown in Yunnan and that coffee from there is great stuff ,coffee is a fairly expensive commodity wherever Ive been in...

  • 8. What is this complex character?

    If you are visiting Xi'an, chances are that you will notice this very complex Chinese character. Made up of 58 strokes, it is pronounced "biang". What is it? It...

  • 9. They like it spicey here...food with firepower!

    a local noodle restaurant which is the first local restaurant eaten at since arriving in Xi'an - really yum noodles....and told this is beef noodles even though...

  • 10. Markets in your area

    About 5-10 minutes from where we are living in a southern part of the city of Xian is a large vege market tucked in behind the main road - with a good range of...

  • 11. Getting your umbrella fixed!

    Today, after being here one month, when arriving almost at the gate to our apartment complex noticed a man fixing umbrellas on the footpath - this is the first...

  • 12. High rise apartment living in a Chinese city

    highrises everywhere - but just as seen in Hong Kong, when there for a few weeks 15 years ago, consideration is made for incorporating day to day needs of those...

  • 13. Celebrating Christmas in Xi'an

    Mainland China may not be your typical yuletide holiday getaway but just as I thought I will have another dry Christmas in 2011, I was surprised to see the...

  • 14. Eating Baozi

    If you are in Xi'An you have to eat Baozi. (actualy not only if you are in Xi'An)That´s definitive a cultural tip.I like those dumplings very much but if you...

  • 15. called Chang'an in ancient...

    called Chang'an in ancient times, more than 1 million years of condensation of history. During Xi'an's 3,100 years of development, 12 dynasties such as Zhou,...

  • 16. This is the entrance ticket to...

    This is the entrance ticket to see The Terracotta Warriors cost RMB65.00, if you need a translator they charge extra RMB40.00. So what the hell is Terracotta...

  • 17. INCENSEIn the chinese temples...

    INCENSEIn the chinese temples you can always smell the scent of the incense floating in the air. They offer incense sticks to their gods, placing them in places...

  • 18. SMALL FEETThe old days when...

    SMALL FEETThe old days when women were obblied to have small feet and suffered a lot to get it are over, but you can still see old women with such traces of the...

  • 19. NICE PEOPLE (2)...All the...

    NICE PEOPLE (2)...All the family (and some neighbours too!) came to see me: they invited me to tea, and even offered me some noodles. They didn't know any...

  • 20. NICE PEOPLEThe people I found...

    NICE PEOPLEThe people I found in this part of the country is very open to foreigners. Once I was wandering around a little village when I saw an old woman doing...

  • 21. Another master piece by the...

    Another master piece by the Xi'an construction wrokers.its just a archaize building.

  • 22. Bins with attitude

    These were the bins on top of the City Wall- rather ornate and quite appropriate!!There wasn't any rubbish at all on the wall.

  • 23. Tea shops

    Tea shops are all over China... they are specially nice because of its colorful combination of scented tea leaves...Stop by just for curiosity.

  • 24. Buy a stuffed dog?

    It didn't register until later that this could be real stuffed dog. I thought at the time it was maybe made from another animal. Strange, nevertheless.The other...

  • 25. Chinese culture

    There is a lot to learn about chinese culture. Please vistit my China-page for cultural tips, like how to eat!

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