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Jia San Tips (6)

Jia San: Jasmine's favourite food

Of all numerous snacks of Xi'an, my favourite is steamed soup stuffed bun. It's soooo delicious, and, it's so cheap. The waiters are skilled. They can carry heaps of steamed buns which are piled like a hill, from table to table and come to your face. They are busy, so the excellent service is just a hope. But when you see the crowded diners, you'll be curious about why so many people want to eat steamed buns. After you eat your first bun, you'll understand why they are so popular.

Favorite Dish 1. Steamed soup stuffed bun
It's a little bit dangerous for a person who has never tried them, because they are filled with not only filling but also soup. If you are not cautious, your tongue will be burned by the hot soup. However, the adventure is worthwhile after you have eaten a dozen of them.
Price: 6 RMB/10 Buns

2. Sticky rice congee with 8 ingredients
Like the dumpling it is eaten with vinegar; Sticky rice congee with 8 ingredients is the partner of steamed soup stuffed bun. Look at the people around you in the restaurant, 8 out of 10 order it.
Price: 5RMB/Bowl

jasmine_ding's Profile Photo
Sep 23, 2007

Jia San: Big Restaurant

We ate at this huge restaurant. We were elevated to the third floor, which was also crowded. Menu with pictures and in English. Some of the waitresses understood a basic English. Good food.

Favorite Dish The dumplings were fine. We had the lamb roast and it was too big for the four of us (perhaps also because it was spicy; better order wei la). We also had the Chinese cabbage, which is a good match for the spicy lamb.

dutchboycalledjan's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2007

In the quarter of the Hui we...

In the quarter of the Hui we visited a restaurant where they have delicious Jiaozi. But it´s not easy to find a seat because many local people eat there as well.
I don´t know the name of that place but I will try to find it out....

Finally I know the name of the restaurant. The VT member Chiangty was so nice to give me the following informations:

The name of the restaurant is Jia San Guan Tang Bao.
Guan Tang Bao means dumpling in Chinese and Jia San is the restaurant name. It was named after the owner. Thanks, Chiangty!!

Favorite Dish Jiaozi, Jiaozi, Jiaozi, Jiaozi, Jiaozi, ....

socrates_07's Profile Photo
Jun 25, 2003

Jia San Soup Pau: Jia San Soup Dumplings

A famous local type of soup dumpling (baozi), the Jia San bao, can be eaten here at this restaurant in the Muslim Quarters. The filling is made of lamb and contains soup. Very delicious and a must-eat while you are in Xi'an.

Favorite Dish Lamb soup dumplings

meteorologist1's Profile Photo
Dec 27, 2013
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Xi'an Jia-San-Bao-Zi-Guan(Jia-San Restaurant): Don't Miss The Steamed Damplings

Steamed damplings filled with minced meat and gravy. The surface is very thin and dainty gravy in it. Strangeness!

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Nov 08, 2012

Lao Sun Jia: Rather salty but a good experience..

very casual and 'family' kind of place

Favorite Dish the beef and mutton soups...oh, and the wide variety of cold dishes, especially the bean sprouts..

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Sep 24, 2008
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"The echo of ancient"
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"Xian "Peaceful western part of China""
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"Shifting cities"
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"Beautiful Xi'an"
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