Xi'an Warnings and Dangers

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  • a clear pink sky -doesnt happen so often so enjoy!
    a clear pink sky -doesnt happen so often...
    by angiebabe
  • zooming into the horizon from my apartment
    zooming into the horizon from my...
    by angiebabe
  • heavy smog - horizon is hardly visible
    heavy smog - horizon is hardly visible
    by angiebabe

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Xi'an

  • 1. Photos/Video

    What a challenge for the photo maniacs! The poor illumination, the reflexes in the glass, the impossibility to use flash, the uncomfortable position, everything contributes to the poor quality of...

  • 2. Provincial History Museum

    The terracotta warriors have the expected evidence in Xi'an’s Provincial museum, but they are simple details that will not replace the visit of the excavations...

  • 3. A Small Collection in Hanyangling Museum

    There is not a large collection in this museum, but the wide space, under dimmed light, is very well planned and presented, so, you must be aware that the real...

  • 4. Colors

    When the terracotta figures are dug, they show almost the original colors, but, in contact with the air, the colors rapidly fade and disappear. That's why they...

  • 5. Chinese Food

    Most visitors are afraid of Chinese food, for the risk of being presented with insects, lizards, snakes, or... who knows!In the touristy circuits they are aware...

  • 6. Air quality - or lack of it - be aware & take care

    http://aqicn.org/map/china/People talk about air index figures here but ive never really noticed any air quality, or lack of it, that has noticeably been an...

  • 7. Powerpoints in Hotels

    I was unclear as to what adaptor to take from Australia, so I took two. The one with 2 round prongs and one with 2 flat prongs. All Hotels we stayed at took the...

  • 8. No "Facebook" in China!

    I was quite devastated the first time I got on a pc in China to learn that they have banned Facebook!!! I dont really know why, but a quick warning - that if...

  • 9. Taxis in Xian

    Our worst taxi ride by far was on our way to Guilin airport bound for Shanghai. Tracy was sitting in the front seat, which is not such an intelligent thing to...

  • 10. Hairdryers at the Canaan Hotel

    DO NOT USE THE (SUPPOSED) HAIRDRYERS AT THE CANAAN HOTEL!!!!!Upon looking at the hairdryer, it looked like a normal hairdryer. But ... looks can be deceiving,...

  • 11. Scarcities in China

    Even at Hotels, they were stingy in providing toilet paper, mostly only giving us half a roll per day! And most if not all toilets provided toilet paper, so you...

  • 12. Traffic in Xi'an, China

    If the traffic light goes red, you stop right? WRONG! In Xi'an, RED LIGHT = GREEN LIGHT = GO!!!. If there are pedestrians crossing, GO FASTER!!! If pedestrians...

  • 13. Guerreros de terracota/Terracota army 3,2,1vs1,2,3

    Aquí no hay ningún peligro , pero es una recomendación para que disfrutes más la visita a los Guerreros . Están en tres pabellones , numerados del 1 al 3 y es...

  • 14. Smog

    When I arrived to Xi'an I thought it was foggy but then I realised it was actually smog! It was also very, very hot. If you're going during the summer as I did,...

  • 15. Do not ask for pork in the Muslim Quarters

    We were walking around the Muslim Quarters and came upon a small eatery where two girls were hovering over a big pot. I asked her what was available, to which...

  • 16. Pick pockets in the underground tunnels

    We as well as our children noticed people tried to rob our wallets from our pockets on the stairs to and from the underground tunnels at the Bell Tower. When we...

  • 17. Aggressive recycling!

    As you come out of the Terracotta Warriors museum, you walk through what I can only describe as a large shopping mall.Here there are people who collect empty...

  • 18. Food when you outside city

    Strictly, what I'll mention is not dangerous thing. It's about a good meal.Visiting Terracotta Army (and Huaqing Hot Spring) or Qianling Tomb (and Famen Temple)...

  • 19. thieves wonder in these places

    1.crossrodes and overbridges of Xiaozhai( south of Xi'an, near the Shaaxi History Museum) 2.overcrowded pavements in Dong Da Jie(the center of Xi'an, the most...

  • 20. Long way to the site

    Not really a warning as such more to be prepared to walk a long way to get to where you want to get!!It seemed to us that we walking for about 15 minutes before...

  • 21. In the Matter of Money.

    First of all, if you are planning to exchange your local currency for Chinese RMB, please do so at a bank or at your hotel's front desk. Also, do not exchange...

  • 22. Pickpockets

    Plenty of pickpockets in Xi'an. Particularly in Beiyuanmen which is the market street near the Drum Tower. But the book market near South Gate also has its...

  • 23. Internet Intrusion & Virus Planting

    In China, I get more internet intrusion in 1 day as compare to my whole year web browsing back in Kuala Lumpur.Make sure you have an updated antivirus &...

  • 24. water

    If you go to see the Terracotta Warriors, take enough water with you. It's really hot out there and once you are inside the sight, there's only one shop where...

  • 25. Pickpockets

    I had heard people warn me about pickpockets on buses or trains in cities of China but didn't believe them. I was getting on a bus in Xi'an and found someone...

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