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Day Trip to Famen Temple and Qianling Tomb from Xi’an
"Your guide will meet you at your downtown Xi’an hotel around 8am and transfer you to Famen Temple. Famen Temple was built during Han dynasty approximately 2000 years ago and became one of the most important Buddhist temples in China. According to Buddhist scriptures in 272 B.C. King Asoka of India presented relics of Buddha in various places of his kingdom to carry forward Buddhist doctrines. All places receiving such relics must build pagodas to enshrine them. Later take a break for lunch to enjoy delicious authentic Chinese food at a local restaurant.After lunch break you will head to Qianling Tomb which was built in Tang Dynasty. Tang Dynasty is a truly fascinating period in Chinese history
From $246.00
Private Day Tour of Xian Qianling Mausoleum and Famen Temple
"Your tour guide and driver will meet you at your hotel lobby in the morning. Then you will be transferred to visit the Famen Temple firstly. Situated 73.5 miles (118 kilometers) west of Xi'an Famen Temple is a famous Buddhist temple which holds the genuine relics of Sakyamuni. Patronized by a succession of emperors this temple became one of the four most sacred Buddhist sanctuaries in China. In the afternoon you will visit the Qianling Mausoleum. It is a Tang Dynasty tomb site situated in Qianxian County. The tombs of the mausoleum house the bodies of members of the royal Li family including Emperor Gaozong of Tang as well as China’s first and only governing Empress Wu Zetian. At the end of the tour your driver and tour guide will transfer you back to your hotel in Xi'an."""
From $91.00
One Day Private Tour of Qian Mausoleum and Famen Temple
"You will be met with and picked up from your Xi'an hotel in the morning by your guide and driver. Then transfer to Xianyang to visit Qian Mausoleum. It occupies on a prominent site on the summit of Liangshan Hill for some 80 kilometers (50 miles) located just northwest of the Tang capital Chang'an (today's Xi'an). The design of the tomb's layout replicates the city of Chang'an and in accordance with tradition on a north-south axis. The southern approach is set between two smaller hills and the way to the Emperor's tomb is lined with stone ostriches winged horses and a pair of stone lions. Afterwards you will visit Famen Temple. It was widely regarded as the ""ancestor of pagoda temples in Guanzhong area."" Spend one hour inside of the Qianling Mausoleum. Later you will go to the Tomb of Princess Yong Tai. At the end of the tour
From $88.00

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