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Nanjing Lu Tips (12)

Take your time to stroll along Nanjing Road

Favorite thing The city is so huge, if one has just a few days, the best thing to do is... to go back for more! I liked that we stayed along Nanjing Road. That way, we got to stroll along this long avenue filled with so many interesting things to see.

Fondest memory The food, I must say. I loved the steamed dumplings, Xiao Lung Bao.

travelingcebuano's Profile Photo
Dec 11, 2009

Strolling Nanjing Dong Lu

Favorite thing Nanjing Dong Lu is considered the most famous shopping street in China. The street starts from Xizang Zhang Lu and the People's Park and then stretches eastward for about 3 kilometers towards the Bund. For much of this stretch, the street is a pedestrian mall. It is often packed full people, especially young yuppie locals with alot of cash handy.
During the years of the European Concessions, the street cut through the main European settlements. It was here that stylish Europeans would shop. Of course this all came to an end when the Communists took control. However today Nanjing Dong Lu has more or less returned to its former glory. There are many large shopping departsments along the street and more than a few boutiques. A serious shopper could easily spend a day here cruising the shops. Personally, I am not so inclined but I did enjoy the people watching, especially when I found a patio that served cheep beer at the eastern end of the street. What I did not enjoy where all the hawkers and hookers who ply their trade here.

Fondest memory Nanjing Dong Lu is spectacular at night when the facades of many of the department stores are let up. Most of my photos of Nanjing Lu are at night for this reason

Paul2001's Profile Photo
Aug 05, 2007

East meets West

Favorite thing I found this picture such a good symbol of the city's present: Western consumerism with Eastern heritage (a Mastercard ad using the picture of traditional clothes in the Mastercard colours to motivate passers-by to BUY).

aramat's Profile Photo
Oct 26, 2003

Cruising the Shopping areas

Favorite thing You can walk around in some of the shopping areas where at certain times can be quite crowded. When I was there in 1987 the most of the shelves in the stores where quite bare!! I think things have changed since then. I thought it was quite interesting to walk into a Huge store with lot's of racks and shelving and only have a few items on each one. Prices were very cheap compared to here in America.

herzog63's Profile Photo
Sep 29, 2003
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Nanjing Road Pedestrian Zone

Favorite thing Nanjing Lu is now a pedestrian walk zone with shops of all kinds, from traditional local food stores to fashion houses, just look at the colourful ads and signs all over the buildings. It is easily accessible by the metro too. There are frequent shuttle vehicles provided for those who don't wish to walk.

goglobe's Profile Photo
Sep 04, 2003

'Hundred Years Old' Shop Brands

Favorite thing Even though the main streets turn modern and trendy day by day, Shanghai retains its historic and nostalgic feel as many 'hundred year old shops' brands still rule the city. Here at Nanjing Road is one selling local food and preservatives, frequented by locals throughout the day.

goglobe's Profile Photo
Sep 04, 2003

Nan Jing Dong Lu

Favorite thing Shops around Nan Jing Dong Lu. The mega stores here will leave you wanting for more. Made in China goods are improving in quality & designs, especially its leather goods. Good value for money.

Fondest memory My friend refused to leave the departmental stores even though we had a prior arranged & paid River cruise! I had no choice but to promise her to come back after the cruise & we stayed shopping till the store's closing time. Bought so many bags & pairs of shoes, it's incredible. I didn't expect to buy anything from this city at all! Next time, will have to remember to bring more RMB!

Sharrie's Profile Photo
Nov 12, 2002

Fondest memory Visiting Nanjing Dong Lu Shopping District. It is a walking street with many shops, restaurants, museums, and hotels. At night this street could pass for one in Hong Kong, with all the neon lights flashing.

At the Sincere Department store, next to the Hotel Sofitel, you'll find the sex museum. Yep, it turns out that the Chinese have been having sex for thousands of years - which would help explain the 1.2 billion people that live there. And, the government has now permitted a musuem acknowledging the ancient Chinese sex culture. Unfortunately for us, we waited until our last day in Shanghai to visit this museum and that was the day it was closed. To find it, go around the side of the Sincere building. You'll find a side entrance with an elevator that will take you to the sexth floor.

Another one of Lena's fondest memories of Shanghai was that one of her former students met us there and stayed with us for three days. We introduced her to a real hamburger (NOT McDonald's) at Malone's Bar and Grill. She absolutely loved it, especially the 'egg' that was on top of the beef patty. We explained that what she thought was egg was actually cheese.

lexnrena's Profile Photo
Sep 11, 2002

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Take a Ride

Favorite thing Take a ride on the small trains if you are too tired to walk along the Nanjing Lu.Ticket cost RMB 2 each (1 way).The trains are all beautifully decorated with many colours.

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Feb 17, 2006

Herbal Medicine still popular

Favorite thing Here in Nanjing Lu is another big brand shop, which specialises in Chinese herbal medicine. People come to this shop for consultation, treatment, and healing medicine.

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Sep 06, 2003

Nan Jing Road

Favorite thing Nan Jing Road

Fondest memory
The most prosperous shopping street of Shanghai. Probabley it is the No.1 shopping street of China as well.

JUNLI's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Fondest memory NAN_JIN PEDESTRIAN ROAD. Good for shopping, the most commercially prosperous in Shanghai. Along the road stands shopping malls, combining the old and new.

vigi's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002

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Nanjing Lu - Road

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