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Private Walking Tour In The Former French Concession
"This tour is designed for city walkers and minimum walking time is 4 hours. Your English tour guide will lead you through architecture of 1930's Art Deco and leading about modern history of China from 1850 to 1950. You will get to know the environment and culture during this relax walking tou the lobby in eastern part shows the best case for French classical style in interior design. Lanxin Theatre: The first western style theatre in Shanghai. Cathay Mansion: Formerly owned by famous Sassoon's family known for hosting distinguished guests worldly wide since 1950's as well as its typical Art Deco style. King Albert Apartment: Another name popularly known as Royal Garden built by French Catholic church for expatriates living in Shanghai. Walking through this living community which is now hidden between two busy narrow streets one may take a close look to the French Concession. The former residence of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen: A museum of China's revolutionary history. St. Nicholas Church: An Orthodox church built by Russian expatriates in 1920s
From $32.00
3-Hour Charming Night of Shanghai with Huangpu River Cruise
"You will be picked up from your hotel lobby in central Shanghai to start the tour. The first stop is the People’s Square. It is the city's biggest public square in the heart of Shanghai surrounded by some landmark buildings. Continue your tour to the Bund the city's famous 1.5-kilometer-long embankment along the Huangpu River. The 'architecture gallery' with splendid lights at night is particularly beautiful.  The most famous and attractive sight which is at the west side of the Bund are the 26 vario Baroque Romanesque Classicism and the Renaissance.Afterwards you will cruise on the Huangpu River
From $128.00
Shanghai Bus Tour Hop-on Hop-off Premium Ticket
"Based on the attractions you want to see choose from three different routes: the Shanghai City Tour (Red Route) Temple Tour (Green Route) and Pudong Tour (Blue Route). Your pass is valid for all three routes. Then hop aboard the open-top double-decker bus at any of the 22 stops around Shanghai to begin your hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour. On board enjoy informative audio commentary that brings Shanghai’s culture and ancient history to life.Drive down beautiful tree-lined streets past outstanding colonial style buildings and under soaring skyscrapers. With your provided map in hand
From $48.00

Nanxiang Mantou Dian Tips (14)

Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant: Ancient Restaurant - 113 years old

This restaurant is very popular with tourist. Travel guides states that it is about 113 years old. Ground floor has the longest queue and it's for take-away. 2nd floor is for dine in and there is no minimum amount spent. 3rd floor is more luxuriously decorated and you need to order minimum 50yuan per person. It's a great experience to enjoy steamed buns of different variety.

edelng's Profile Photo
Nov 27, 2013

Nanxiang Mantou Dian: you MUST go for those dumplings over there

dont forget to reserve, it's hard to get a table in there...the dumplings are outstanding, you will not find better ones.

also, you can watch them being made by hand...don't miss it.

Favorite Dish on the upper stairs you can watch them making these dumplings

Jan 18, 2011

Nanxiang Mantou Dian: Shanghai dumplings galore!

This is the place for xiao long bao (delicious Shanghainese dumpings), though I didn't think it was the very best xiao long bao I've had. Still, it is extremely popular. You can't miss it in Yu Bazaar - there are loads of people queue-ing either to get in or to take away dumplings. It can seem a bit showy - you can watch the chefs at work behind glass panels. The dumplings themselves are v large and quite delicious...

Favorite Dish Xiao long bao - that's all they do, largely.

cheezecake_deli's Profile Photo
Feb 28, 2009

Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant: It's really not bad!

This restaurant was so popular that many had wrote about it in their own travel pages. I had read mixed opinions about it. Too pricey, long queue, taste so good, definitely must go etc.

My opinion: It really taste quite good! It's an experience drinking the soup in the steamed bun with a straw and the Xiao Long Bao taste fresh and good. Indeed, there's a long queue but the queue is fast moving, at least on my day of visit. Service is okay, but waiting time after ordering is quite long.

Overall, I feel that it's worth the experience.

Favorite Dish I didn't order much so I can only recommend the Steamed bun w crab roe stuffing and Steamed bun w fresh meat.

Steamed bun w roe stuffing: It's a big bun. But, don't expect it to be able to fill your stomach bcos it has nothing but roe soup wrapped in the bun. No meat inside! Just soup! So, you stick a straw they specially provide into the centre of the bun and then...suck very slowly. :) Bcos, it's steamingly HOT. Don't burn your tongue, Ouch!

Steamed bun w fresh meat or what we call the Xiao Long Bao. Typical Xiao Long Bun, nice.

jackiesg's Profile Photo
Apr 23, 2008
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Nanxiang Mantou Dian: Soup Dumplings

This restaurant is so famous that it wouldn't do any justice if you don't visit it while you are there. You can always find long queue outside the restaurant no matter which level you are at. The first level is for take-away. You can find many people sitting or standing near the restaurant eating there hot dumplings. We chose to go to the 2nd level and ordered their set menu so that we can try a bit of everything. The price is very reasonable and we really enjoyed our meal.

y_lyn's Profile Photo
Dec 16, 2006

Nanxiang Mantou Dian: Delicious Shanghai Snacks

In Shanghai you must try its famous snacks, especially the Nanxiang Xiao Long Bao, which is absolutely delicious. It is a kind of bao zi or steamed dumpling filled with ground pork and soup. The soup is the special part about these dumplings -- you have to first bite a small hole in the dumpling and sip the soup out. Then you can dip the dumpling in vinegar and enjoy it. I like to put the whole dumpling on a soup spoon to avoid spilling anything.

There's also a kind of dumpling that contains only the soup and you put a straw into the dumpling to sip it out. I personally don't like this kind... I still want the meat inside.

meteorologist1's Profile Photo
Aug 11, 2006

Nanxiang Mantou Dian: Is it really that good?

Read many reviews on this restaurant before I went to Shanghai and badly wanted to try the Xiao Long Bao. However, it is near impossible to get seats. Lots of pushing and shoving. No systematic way of allocating seats/tables. Everyone just stood behind a seat and waited like vultures.
Gave up in the end. A family in the same tour group managed to eat some Xiao Long Bao, but felt that they prefered what they found in Singapore.

Apr 11, 2005

Nanxiang Mantou Dian: Traditional Dumplings

A 3-level restaurant in ancient architecture. Very chinese interior. Food are categorised by the level. Level 1 serves dumpling of normal quality at very affordable price. Queue is long and take-away style. Level 2 serves higher quality at slightly higher price and are served by waitresses. Level 3 serves the best quality at a quater serving of what level 1 is selling at 4 times the price. It is said that the skin of the dumpling gets thinner as we go up 1 level of the restaurant.

Favorite Dish Dumpling is delicious. Some other snack is good too esp a deep fried squid ball also filled with juicy sauce.
Comes in set meal.

sha08ron's Profile Photo
Jan 07, 2005

Top 5 Shanghai Writers

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"Essence of Shanghai"
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"5 Days in Shanghai"
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Nan Xiang Man Tou Dian

Nan Xiang Man Tou Dian (inside YuYuan). Best place for Xialongbao.
The girls are carefully taking the meat out from crabs. A team from Japanese TV filming a travel program were sitting next to our table inside the resturant.

Favorite Dish Crab Meat Xialongbao. Yummy........

vigi's Profile Photo
May 14, 2003

Nanxiang Steamed Buns Restaurant: Little Dragon Dumplings

This is the most famous restaurant located in Yu Yuan Garden, Shanghai.

Favorite Dish The little dumplings filled with crab meat/powder are the most sought after dish in this restaurant. You can literally suck the juice out of the dumpling.

vincentf's Profile Photo
Jan 06, 2003

Nan Xiang Restaurant

The 100-year old Nan Xiang Restaurant specializes in Shanghai style cuisine. Situated in a pleasant environment and equipped with advanced facilities, the restaurant serves first-class foods and is an ideal place to dine.

Favorite Dish The special recommendation is the Nan Xiang small steamed meat bun.

sunnywong's Profile Photo
Dec 05, 2002

a fast food selling shanghai...

a fast food selling shanghai dumpling within yuyuan garden.
steaming hot shanghai dumpling (xiao long pow) and it comes in baskets of teens. most local people eat lots of them. i could not understand why...until you eat it. pretty hot and has just enough meat and enough meat sauce oozing out of the dumpling!!!

Favorite Dish xiao long pow - long queue but worth it

Audrey118's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

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