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  • The Hanging Monastery
    The Hanging Monastery
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  • Yungang Grottoes
    Yungang Grottoes
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  • Datong
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Datong Things to Do

  • City Wall

    The city wall of datong has not been torn down, but for many many years it was just not noticed. Now the former mayor from the old city of Pingyao is mayor of Datong and wants to develop Datong into a nice historical city, bigger than Pingyao but as beautiful.The city wall is from the 14th century Ming-Dynastie.

  • Drum Tower

    The center of old Datong is still der Drum Tower, which is 18.33 meters long from east to west, 14 meters wide from north to south, and 20meters high, i It was built in Ming dynasty. And during the Qing dynasty it was repaired. Because of the historical value of this tower, in 1966, it was regarded as the City Protected Historic Site. In 1978,...

  • Huayan Temple 2

    I am not quite sure, whether this is part of the Huayan Temple or it is a separat temple. Just next to the walls of the Huayan Temple I found this lively Buddhists Temple in a side street. The small halls were full of monchs and worshippers. As it was in the time of a Buddhist festival I was invited to eat with the locals and do my prayers here.

  • Huayan Temple

    In the centre of Datong you find the big complex of Huayan Temple.. There are two separate sections to the monastery, the upper one referred to as the Grand Hall housing five large Ming Dynasty Buddhas, and the lower section referred to as the Sutra Temple containing a library of some 18,000 volumes of Buddhist writings. Built during the Liao...

  • Shanhua Monastery

    Shanhua Monastery is a very beautiful Buddhist Temple, which is about 900 years old with fine statues and great wall-paintings. The temple has been first build as early as the 8th century. Now it consists of three Hall, the oldest buildings going back to the 11th century. Today (2009) it is more a museum than a working temple. It is a quite place....

  • La Gran Muralla / Great Wall

    Cerca de Datong también se puede ver La Gran Muralla , aunque en esta zona no es tan espectacular y turística como lo es en los alrededores de Beijing near Datong you may see the Great Wall , but on this area is not so spectacular and tourist as it is in the Beijing surrounds

  • 2 Cuevas de-Yungang-Caves-De/From 7cm...

    Hay una gran variedad de figuras talladas , que no son sólo Budas , sino que también hay Bodhisattvas , discípulos que han renunciado al nirvana para salvar a otros , Arhats , Apsaras , Guerreros... y lo curioso es la gran variedad ya que pueden ser de unos pocos centímetros o bien de más de 17 metros de alto Una de las cosas que más te impresiona...

  • 1 Cuevas de-Yungang-Caves

    El clan de los Tangut convirtió a Datong en la capital de la dinastía Wei Eran devotos Budistas y por eso empezaron la las grutas en el año 453 hasta el año 494 en que se trasladaron a Luoyang , donde construyeron las grutas de Longmen Las grutas ocupan una longitud de más de un kilómetro numeradas del uno al veinte y está divididas en tres...

  • Nueve Dragones / Nine dragons

    En el centro de Datong se encuentra el Muro pantalla de los Nueve Dragones que están flotando sobre las nubes Es el muro pantalla más grande de China y tiene unas dimensiones de : 45.5m X 8m X 2.02mEn los palacios , templos y casas se ponía un muro pantalla , con dragones representados en él que se colocaban delante de las puertas principales y...

  • Boca del Dragón / Dragon Mouth

    Para subir a la presa que está río arriba hay un sendero con una puerta que es la cabeza de un dragón To climb to the water resevoir , that is up the river , there is a path with a gate that is a Dragon head

  • Templo Colgante / Hanging Temple

    El templo está en la montaña de Hen Shan que es una de las cinco montañas sagradas taoistas Para evitar las inundaciones del río Heng , durante la dinastía Ming se hicieron cuarenta pabellones en las cuevas y grutas de la montaña y les pusieron unas fachadas que descansan sobre unos pilotes . Los templos están unidos entre si por escaleras y...

  • Impressive Yungang Caves near Datong

    These caves are one of mankind’s most impressive endeavors at monumental art and I had never heard of it before studying my guide book. Carved out of a sandstone mountain these caves contain no less than 50,000 Buddha sculptures with the oldest and the largest constructed in 460 AD. The Northern Wei dynasty began construction in the hard stone. The...


Datong Hotels

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  • Garden Hotel Datong

    The non-smoking room is excellent.and the free fruit in the room and some drinks.the room is...

  • Yun Gang Hotel

    No.21 Yingbin East Road, Datong, Shanxi, 037004, China

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • Howard Johnson Plaza Datong

    East Yantong Road Extension, Datong, Shanxi, 037044, China

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

Datong Restaurants

  • Go have some local Hot Pot!

    The food was excellent! Get the half and half hot pot with one mild side and one hot side, although the hot side is the best if you like spicy food!The waitstaff were not too friendly. Maybe you will have better luck.The tofu is homemade and a little different than even the kind you buy in Chinatown in NYC. Hot Pot!

  • Typical Chinese Pasta Squares...

    You can find these pasta squares everywhere in China with all kinds of different fillings. Meat, fish, vegetarian......It is plain fare, nothing extraordinary - but still very good! Have a try!

  • Steetkitchens rule!

    In Streetkitchens you find the real taste of China. They are on every corner and offer a huge variety of food. These typical snacks cost normally around 3 Kuai. Don´t miss them - food is the most important thing to Chinese. If you don`t experience their variety, they say you haven´t been to China!


Datong Transportation

  • Capturados por el CIT / Captured by the...

    Cundo bajas del tren en Datong te sientes capturado por el CIT pues están esperando a la salida y en cuanto ven a un "guiri" lo atrapan e intentan venderle la excursión . A pesar de ser unos vendedores bastante desagradables , contratamos con ellos el hotel y la excursión que no nos salió mal , comparado con las otras personas que encontramos en el...

  • Tren /Train

    Llegamos a Datong en tren de día y nos fuimos hacia Pingyao en el tren nocturno al día siguiente , así que fue nuestro estreno en los asientos y camas duras . ambos como su propio nombre indica son "duros" , pero no por ello dejan de ser prácticos y hasta "divertido"En el viaje de día lo pasamos muy bien pues sacamos el libro de Chino y era una...

  • Taking the train to and from Datong

    Datong is on the railwaytrack between Beijing and Xian. From Beijing it is a six hours ride for 46 Yuan as a Hard Seat. Dont worry, it is much better than it sounds;-)Leaving Datong to Xian, you have to take the overnight train. Departure is in the early evening and arrival in Xian in the early morning. Hard Sleeper charge was 130 Kuai.It was ok,...


Datong Local Customs

  • Extreme curiosity towards non-Chinese...

    Do not be alarmed if when you are walking out of the train station and a bunch of Chinese men start to surround you. They don't say anything, except maybe the occasional, "Taxi" from someone trying to make some money. They just look at you, as if you're the first non-Chinese person they have ever seen. They're just curious, I guess. In conclusion,...

  • English Corner

    Chinese are very eager to learn English. Next to school or college classes the yhave so called English corners where they study by themselves.It was my first time in China so I had no clue. When we strawled around in Datong three locals came up to us speaking in English. They asked us if we could help them with their studies. Because we did not...

  • Datong Hotels

    21 Hotels in Datong

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Datong Warnings and Dangers

  • Traffic Rules in China!

    Chinese Traffic Rules are quite flexible. Dont try to understand it, make sure you dont get hit! The strongest will survive - and you are on the lowest step of the food chain in traffic!The cracks in this window show some good examples of road-kills!Crossing streets is an interesting natural phenomenon. A single person never crosses main streets....

  • no photo taking in some caves at Yungang

    this is sad, but we need to understand that many tourists use flash!I took this photo without being noticed - not using flash to harm the sculptures

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Datong Tourist Traps

  • Exceptional_World's Profile Photo

    "We'll be making a quick stop at this...

    by Exceptional_World Written Feb 11, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you book your Datong caves/hanging monastery tour through CITS, then most likely you will be making a quick stop on the side of the highway at the "2,000 yr old town" where mysteriously, out of nowhere, the locals appear and will try to sell some stuff to you. It is actually a very unique experience and you probably should buy something, although we didn't-wary of another scam, I guess. The cave dwellings and the simple way of of life is pretty interesting there, although I think the tour guides have been paid to stop there on the way to the hanging monastery.

    Unique Suggestions: Get some pictures!

    Fun Alternatives: There is no alternative unless you hire a driver.

    Salesmen. Farmer. Home Sweet Home.

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Datong What to Pack

  • tremendopunto's Profile Photo


    by tremendopunto Written May 15, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: Im not sure if I am a good example.
    I have a backpackers soul. I like to travel as light as possible
    and as packed as necessary. Which means on a trip for a month I only travel with my small army backpack.
    It is 50x35x25cm only!
    (If you are travelling with your girl things look different of course. Romantic travelling is more convinient travelling)
    Medicine is most important.
    Toiletpaper comes second in China.
    A LP guide is never a mistake. But I reduce it to the most necessary information of my route on a seperate paper in case I lose the guidebook (transportation, alternative places to stay, copies of some maps...).

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Youth hostels are always a breeding point of the latest travel information. It is a big backpacker family.
    I only have just a few things of clothes, two trousers, a few t-shirts , a few socks, one or two pullover and so on to change. Jacket on my body. (Need warm clothes for Datong in Winter and Spring)
    If you need new clothes you can buy them very cheap or if you stay at a place for a couple of days wash your used clothes.
    I hope you are not too much disgusted. Always have something to drink with you. Money, traveller cheques, passport, tickets - everything important is in my moneybelt.
    My wallet is just for some little money you need every day. It does not hurt when you lose it or it gets stolen, or even robbed. But I normally wear it
    in a front pocket while I? travelling. (China is one of the safest countries I have travelled to. It is more dangerous to take the wrong exit in a major US city;-)

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: The weight is right when you are able to walk with it for at least half a day - everyday ;-)
    Nomally when you reach a city, I look for the place to stay first. But
    that can take some time. Than you can reduce the weight, leave everything in
    the hotel you can afford to lose and start your exploration!

    I hope this is a help for everyone who wants to experience a little bit more andvanturous travelling independently.

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Datong Off The Beaten Path

  • nepalgoods's Profile Photo

    Bronce Ox

    by nepalgoods Updated Dec 5, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This old sculpture of an ox is at Shanhua Temple in Datong. I have studied my guide-books and found nothing about it. I remember, that this sculpture is very famous in China. There is a similar one in the Summer-Palace in Beijing.

    If somebody can tell me more about it, please do so!!

    When I came back in 2009 I did not find the ox anymore. But people remembered the statue and told me, that it is now in a museum, as it is very old and very valuable.

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Datong General

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  • General Facts

    The population in Datong is 2,82 million, where of Datong City has 1,1 milion inhabitants. Datong is divided into seven counties (县), 154 towns (镇) and 2283 villages (自然村) (李彬 2001).Datong is an important industry and mining town, especially having large coal resources. Unfourtenately this also means...

  • Datong Climate

    Because Datong is situated on a high level plateau the weather in winter and spring is very cold. We came from a rather sunny Beijing to a freezing, snow covered Datong. Warm clothes are welcome!

  • Architecture

    The old temples in Datong are fine examples of the spectacular Chinese wood architecture. Datong has been the capital of the Northern Wei Dynasty (386 - 534) But most temples, which you can still see in the city are from Ming and Qing Dynasty.


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