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Mount Qingcheng and Dujiangyan Dam Guided Day Trip from Chengdu
"Your Chengdu tour starts in the early morning as your guide will pick up you from your hotel and then head to Mount Qingcheng in an hour drive. You will enjoy the beautiful Chengdu plain and villages en route. After the Sichuan earthquake they have been rebuilt successfully and some of the villager's house even can be compared with villas in Europe.Arrive in Mount Qingcheng take the cable car up the mountain very quickly and then you will hike up about 30 minutes to the Summit of Mount Qingcheng Shangqinggong Palace. Here you will have a bird's eye view of Mount Qingcheng. It is almost a water color picture and the most beautiful scene will be the waving mountains hiding in the light fog. Hike down the mountain on the zigzag mountain trails.The Heaven Master Cave will be the most important place you will visit in Mount Qingcheng. Here you will admir
From $302.00
Private Day Trip to Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Qingcheng Mountain from Chengdu
"The tour starts at 8am the tour guide and driver will pick you up from the lobby of your hotel. You will be driven to visit Dujiangyan Irrigation System which is is the oldest and only surviving non-dam irrigation system in the world and a wonder in the development of Chinese science. The project consists of three important parts namely Yuzui Feishayan and Baopingkou which were scientifically designed to automatically control the water flow of the rivers from the mountains to the plains throughout the year.Lunch will be at your own expense and tour guide will recommend some local spec drive to visit Qingcheng Mountain. Located in the southwest of the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project of China in the Sichuan Province Qingcheng Mountain is one of the most famous Taoist mountains in China. It is also a very attractive and intriguing scenic spot that is covered by luxuriant and verdant trees. At the end of the tour
From $159.00
Chengdu Private Panda Trip with Afternoon Private Custom Tour
"The tour guide and driver will pick you up from the lobby of your hotel at around 9am. You will first visit the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda as the pandas are very active in the morning. There you will see lovely furry giant pandas of all ages eating and playing with each other. You will also have a chance to see the very cute baby pandas as well as documents and pictures of how these little pink mouse-size things grow to giant white and black chubby pandas of over 100kg (about 220pounds). While at the base you can also see red pandas and swans.Lunch will be on your own arrangement and our guide will recommend some local specialties to you. In the afternoon flexible tour options for Chengdu city sightseeing are provided. You can discuss with the tour guide about these options based on your interest and time and the guide will also give you suggestions based on traffic conditions and time. At the end of the the guide and driver will drop you off at the hotel before 6pm. Service ends there. Sightseeing Options:1. Leshan Giant Budda2. Three-Star Piles Museum (Sanxingdui Museum) 3. Dujiangyan Irrigation Project4. Qingcheng Mountain5""
From $85.00

More Restaurants in Jiuzhaigou

Man Jiang Hong 满江红

A small restaurant, appearance wise no difference from hundreds of others, but everybody, from TAXI drivers to hotel concierge will tell you this is a nice local restaurant to try.Very good taste, and...
Bob_Shan's Profile Photo
Oct 13, 2008

Most of the local restaurants

Most of the most restaurants are family run, middle to small size. Owners are friendly and nice, but most of they don't speak English. Therefore make sure you are going with someone who speak...
miyuUU's Profile Photo
Apr 21, 2008

Gesaeng Tibetan Resto at Intercontinental

Feeling a bit adventurous, we went for the Tibetan cuisine for dinner. It was a great choice. Food was excellent, spices were amazing, room decor was so unique. Check out a couple of photos I posted...
bali_junkie's Profile Photo
Oct 16, 2007

Homey Small Eatery (translated from Chinese)

Hey, this is not a restaurant proper, it is a small eatery located between the Jiuzhaigou entrance and the carpark lot where all the tourists buses are parked daily. It is amongst the row of shops...
lonelywanderer's Profile Photo
Dec 02, 2006

China Travel Chinese Restaurant

The Chinese Restaurant located at level 2 of China Travel Hotel serves both local and Chinese Food.As we travel in group, our packaged dinner is always a feast of over ten dishes.There are soup,...
imstress's Profile Photo
Nov 29, 2006

Abu Luzi Tibetan Restaurant

the restaurant is walking distance from Sheraton or the entrance, excellent food (better than what I had in Tibet), great atmosphere, wonderful people, read about this place on LP but the tel. # and...
anilegna's Profile Photo
Oct 17, 2006
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Nuorilang Noshery

You shall have lunch at Nuorilang Noshery. They offer green food snacks typical of Jiuzhaigou favour including barley wine, fiddlehead, walnut flower, buttered tea, buckwheat flour pie, potato flour...
sylina's Profile Photo
Jun 16, 2003

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Zhangzha Town, Jiuzhaigou County, Sichuan, 623402, China
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Jiu Zhai Gou Town, Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan, China
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Ganhaizi Zhangzha, Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan, 623402, China
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