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Central District Tips (22)

Shops at escalator

While these are not really places that people shop, taking a closer look shows that these shops have some really interesting things. I found this little statue of Chairman Mao in a window. But be very very careful while taking pictures here. The shopkeepers absolutely hate it and understandably so. This is at the beginning of the escalator in Central.

shobhanaj's Profile Photo
Jul 21, 2004

Eating on the street?

Tired of eating in nice restaurants? Bored of eating dim sum? It's time to experience something special - let's eat on the street!!!!

Hong Kong is a food paradise, you can find nice food everywhere even at the corner of a street. These food stalls which provide tables and chairs for you to eat on the streets are known as Dai Pai Dong in Cantonese. Don't be misled by the wrong impression that eating there is not hygienic! Many locals like eating at Dai Pai Dong as the food is much more delicious than in a luxury restaurant!

If you plan to hang around the pubs at Soho in Central, don't forget to visit a local noodles stall at the junction of Elgin' Street and Hollywood Road near Soho.

The stall's specialities are rice noodles with beef (ngau lam hor) or shrimp dumplings (won ton and shui gao). A nice meal just costs you less than HK$20 with special experience offered, it really worths a try!

After dinner, it's time for desserts! Next to the noodle stall, there is a dessert stall selling traditional Chinese desserts such as red bean soup (hung dou sa), green bean soup (luk dou sa$i), black seasame paste(ji ma woo), my favourite coconut sago (sai mai lo) and coconut dumplings (tong buc luc). Each costs you around HK$7.

After dessert, I guess there should be not much space left in your stomach for the beer~ haha!

backpackerbaby's Profile Photo
Oct 26, 2003

Central to Mid-levels Escalator

Here I quote the introduction on my map: "The world's longest network of escalators snakes its way up from Central,through SOHO,and into the mid-levels residential area which is popular among Hongkong's expatriate community".

The escalator consists of many sections. There're lots of unique bars and restaurants along the way. While going upward you can enjoy viewing local lifestyle and street scenes along the hill. On the midway, there's a mosque on the left side.

At the start of the escalator there's a machine. Screen your Octopus card on it. You'll pay HK$2 less if you take the metro on the same day. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the machine.

Aug 15, 2005

Central Elevators

This is I believe the longest elevator in the world, it is 800m long and links the Central Districts with the Mid- Levels.
Opened oct.1994, accessed from Connaught Road, takes aprox, 20min, but it has 29 entry and exit points.
Important notes ;runs downhill from 6am-10am ,then uphill from 10.20am to midnight.
Why do it ? Because its there and now I have ridden it, besides it was raining, the walk down wasnt too bad>

scrooge1947's Profile Photo
Nov 30, 2002
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St Johns Cathedral - Central

St Johns Cathedral is not really off the Beaten Path. Anyone walking up Garden Road to the Peak Tram Lower Terminus will walk straight past it. I have myself on many occasions.

The last time I walked past, on a particularly hot day, I decided to take a closer look thinking the interior might offer some respite from the heat. Once inside I sat for a long while enjoying both the slight crosswind from the church's open windows and the Cathedral interior itself.

The Church was built in the late 1840's in the Gothic style but the architecture is much less ornate than normally seen in a cathedral with the white columns, altar, and walls making the interior look larger and uncluttered. There is a lovely stained glass window behind the main altar.

I'm pleased I took the time to see the oldest Anglican Church in Hong Kong, but its easy to walk by and not really notice as it is somewhat sandwiched between the skyscrapers.

swissfondue's Profile Photo
May 23, 2012

Kom Tong Hall

it is located in mid-level and surrounded by residential buildings. it was a house of a rich local people and now it is one of our monument.

location: junction of Caines Road and Aberdeen Street, mid -level.

Apr 03, 2004


"Cacilhas" is an harbour in Tejo river, facing Lisbon.

For those who knew Lisbon before the construction of the first bridge, Cacilhas was… the other side of the world, a world of hard work, hard conditions, but the charm of the adventurous crossing in a “Cacilheiro”, the generic name given to the boats and ferries used as the only solution available to cross.

The bridge reduced the importance and use of the “Cacilheiros”, but they still keep on working, and going to Cacilhas to drink a “Ginginha” is a tradition known by many Lisbon inhabitants.

Now you may understand (and allow) my discreet smile when I saw a “Cacilheiro” in Hong Kong.

Signs of the connection to Macao, of course, but… what about a Ginginha?

solopes's Profile Photo
May 20, 2016

Li Yuen Street West: Under-rated Shopping

Hong Kong is well known for its glitzy shopping and even if it's not always the case, visitors will still visit Men's or Women's Street.

But there is still life in Li Yuen Street West. Clothing, shoes and even children's ware can be bought at a snip, but the tricky bit is that you'll need to bargain and with stall holders knowing that you are a foreigner, it will be a battle of who can hold on the longest wins. i.e. If I suggest a price and the shop owner feels it not a good price, you can either further negotiate, or totally give up on purchasing the goods. No hard feelings!

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Jan 25, 2010

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The secret peak path

This isn't very secret its obvious actually just go to the top of the peak and at the right hand corner near the bend in the road theres a great walk straight down to the mid-levels
Takes about an hour nice views of HK Island and Kowloon Side.

May 23, 2005

Gas Lamp and Stone Steps

Duddell Street is a very short road connecting Queen's Rd Central and Ice House St. But the stone steps and 4 gas lamps on the end of the road have already over 100 years' history and the lamps still work well. It's said in many movies there're scenes shot here. Pay a visit if you drop off at MTR Central Station.

Feb 20, 2005

Ever changing statues

Between Statue Square and Victoria Harbour in Central there is a podium surrounded by water. It hosts different statues. I do not pass it often but when I do the statue has often changed. Last time I passed there was a moose on proud display. I looked for info on what it was and why it was there, but could not find any.

Just looked it up on line. The statue is by French sculptor Daniel Daviau and is called Moose in the City. It is part of Le French May.

IreneMcKay's Profile Photo
Jul 04, 2015

Central Ferry Pier

The reclaimed land near Central Ferry Pier is still being worked on. I do not often go to this area, but when I did recently I found: big wheels, junk rides, fancy harbour star ferry rides, the big bus, the Maritime Museum and the revitalised Lai Chi Kok Funfair. The funfair is supposedly only there for seventy days. When I have more time I will visit the Maritime Museum.

IreneMcKay's Profile Photo
Jul 04, 2015

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Hey Relax 3D Gallery is an interesting photo taking venue. Located at a few foot steps away from Kwun Tong MTR station, it provides a 3D Painting Photo Taking Area, 3 Selfies Rooms with props, it's...
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Mong Kok District

Mong Kok is really a good district to find things what you want. Just get off at Mong Kok station and you will find: 1) Watches, exit E1 (Nathan Rd.) 2) Computers, exit E2 3) Audio and Telecom...
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Space Museum

if you want to feel a different experience in modern hong kong, then you can head to the space museum, located at the end of Nathan Road and at Salisbury Road, and Just beside the Avenue of Stars and...
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Nathan Road

Advertised as one of the most commercial streets of Hong Kong, Nathan Road is… one of the most commercial streets of Hong Kong! So what? One Indian tout in each square meter, large and small shops...
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Tin Hau Temple

Tin Hau is a goddess that (it seems) has about 60 temples in Hong Kong, some of them classified as monuments. I think that it is not the case of this one, located in Stanley, and that I visited in...
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Bird Market

The bird market or "bird garden" has been in existance since 1997 when the Urban Renewal Authority set aside 300 square metres for its development as a way of improving the environment in the crowded...
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