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Chinese/Dim Sum Tips (50)

Yung Kee: Cantonese Cuisine, Roasted Goose

Yung Kee is a popular Cantonese restaurant in Hong Kong.
The food served there is very delicious. The atmosphere of the restaurant is familiar and the people working there are friendly.
The roasted goose is well known. It is smaller than Peking Duck, but it is as delicious as Peking Duck.
When I go to Hong Kong, I'd like to go to this restaurant again.

Favorite Dish All the dishes we ordered were very good.
Mushroom Soup was very unique and special. Whole shiitake mashrooms (about two inches in diameter) are simmered in thick soup.
Crab simmered with Bean-starch Vermicelli is very delicious, too. The vermicelli has become really good absorbing the flavor of crab.
I like Fried Noodle with Mashroom and Onion. The mashrooms are sliced in big size, so they are very comfortably chewy.

MINOSUKE's Profile Photo
Dec 03, 2007

Wukong Shanghai Restaurant: Yummy Turnip cake and dimsum

On Peking Rd, near Nathan Rd in Kowloon, HK.
Typical upper-end Chinese restaurant setting, with very attentive service, ultra cold air-conditioning, and lots of space. The food was above average, and not over-priced, or over-greased.

Favorite Dish My ultimate favourite was the deep-fried Turnip cake, which had an incredible crisp batter and perfectly flavoured turnip filling. Didn't find it anywhere else.

jolaone's Profile Photo
May 29, 2007

Dynasty: The Dim Sum experience without the chaos!

At the Renaissance Hotel’s very own internationally acclaimed restaurant Dynasty, you can experience Chinese dining at it’s finest.

Coming from a long line of chefs, their award-winning Chief Executive Chef, Tam Sek Lun, is the culinary genius behind Dynasty with 30 years' of professional experience.

This is the perfect spot to have a relaxing dim sum experience, with good service and a fantastic view.
It's a perfect spot to have a larger gathering with their private rooms, business meetings or just a meal with family and friends.

Favorite Dish Chef Tam’s signature dishes include Barbecued pork, Steamed Fresh Crab Claw with Garlic, Baked Silver Cod Fish and many more.
Steamed Fresh Crab Claw with Garlics (Signature dish of Dynasty Restaurant)
Be sure to try Dynasty’s chilled sago cream with mango and grapefruit to finish a satisfying meal.

aliyaS's Profile Photo
Apr 15, 2007

Chinese/Dim Sum: Chinese dim sum

Chinese dim-sum is one of the Chinese food that you should not miss in Hong Kong !
There is different kind of dim-sum. The price of a dish of dim-sum is about HKD$8-10 (Euro 0.8-1, US$ 1.03-1.28). Most of them are delicious and worth trying !
Apart from dim-sum, most Chinese restaurants provide other Chinese food like fried rice and fried noddles. There are also special Chinese food like barbecued duck.
There is tea provided once you get a seat. in Hong Kong, pu-er and xiang-pian are the most common type of tea. Fueling of tea and water are free of charge.
There are lots of food that are worth trying, trust me.
The food for lunch and dinner is different. For lunch, the restaurants provide dim-sum and fried rice. For dinner, they provide seafood, some Chinese dishes like vegetables and meat. Normally there is no dim-sum provided for dinner. And the price for a dinner is more expensive than a lunch.

stefantung's Profile Photo
Jan 04, 2007
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Hang Heung Restaurant: Nice dim Sum & food

Hang Heung is very famous for its 'Wife Biscuits' but very least that I know that it's restaurant served very nice dim sum as well as food.
It had a few outlets, one at New World Centre, level 3, which I miss out this one on Xmas Eve when I was there for 'Symphony of Lights'. We were so full & tired after whole day walking, we only decided to have drinks at one of the cafe at level 2 & waited for the right time to walk to the Ave of Stars for the fireworks.
We managed to have the dim sum at Hang Heung restaurant in the airport outlet. It is at level 2, same level as Maxim Restuarant.
We didn't order main dishes as we had our breakfast late, we order 'chong fun with pork', '3 kinds mixed fried dim sum', 'fried wo tie' & 'red bean milk tea'.
All tastes good, especially the 'chong fun with pork', even my little son love it, as he doesn't take meat but love this 'chong fun with pork' so you can see how nice the food is!!

Favorite Dish Chong Fun with pork, red bean milk tea - must try!!

elainetph's Profile Photo
Jan 01, 2007

Nan Ta Restaurant: Lei Yue Man Seafood

Lei Yue Man is not really convenient to reach from MTR. After you alighted from the MTR, you'll need to walk almost 10-15 mins up & down the road to reach. There's better way by taking MTR & change to minibus (right outside Lei Yue Man). Upon you reached Lei Yue Man, you need to walk another 10 mins to reach the fish market alley.
Nan Ta Restaurant is situated in Lei Yue Man Seafood, should say the last restaurant of the walkway fish market alley (20 mins). Good ambience where you can dine above the sea overlook the harbour, but too bad as it is not outdoor.
Firstly you have to choose your seafood outside the restaurant (along the fish market in the alley), bring them to your desired restaurant & indicate how you want your food to be cooked. There's no specific restaurant for the hawker so you can go any restaurant after you have chosen your seafood.
Bear in mind that charges from the restaurant is high, we had picked some 3 bamboos (huge), a medium garoupa & some prawns for 2 pax ( cost HK$400+). At the end of the day, the bill came out to be HK$870!!! Shock, it was almost the same price as the food! So get yourself be prepared.

elainetph's Profile Photo
Jan 01, 2007

Chinese/Dim Sum: Shamrock Rockz!

For breakfast and morning tea, try the traditional dim sum that consists of prawn dumplings, meat dumplings, glutinous rice with chicken etc. You will be spoilt for choice. The recommended one is at Shamrock Seafood Restaurant. Cheap, good and authentic. A meal would cost about HKD70 per person

Favorite Dish The prawn dumplings are good ! There are so many prawns packed in there, unlike those in Singapore. The Ma Lai Kueh is good too...

Jul 18, 2006

Chinese/Dim Sum: Chee Cheung Fun

Favorite Dish Chee Cheung Fun, is also another typical dim sum that must have during breakfast. Traditional served with huge prawns and delicious soya sauces however some shops even in Malaysia served this dish with Curry or Barbeque meat.

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Jan 06, 2006

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Chinese/Dim Sum: SIU MAI - the ultimate Dim Sum

Favorite Dish Siu Mai, is the most famous dim sum among all. It is made of pork & prawns and some say with chestnut that helps to make it tasty and famous chinese five spice. Wrap with a pasta like wrap, cooked in bamboo steamer which acclaimed to be the tools to make a great dim sum.

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Jan 06, 2006

Chinese/Dim Sum: Kowloon Hotel Restaurant

If you do not know which particular Dim Sum shop you should go, ask your concierge, as they are the supposedly knowing the great places around the area.

Favorite Dish Dim Sum is a must in Hongkong.

Char Siu Pau (Steamed BBQ Pork Bun) and Siu Mai (Pork and Prawn Dumpling is a must.
In fact Har Kau (Prawn white Dumpling is also as tasty of all). Having it in the morning for breakfast is also a must accompanied with Chinese Jasmine Tea.

daryll's Profile Photo
Jan 06, 2006

Wing Wah Restaurant & Bakery: Famous Hong Kong dim sum

Wing Wah serves a variety of dim dum in the afternoons, including a few different types of the ever-popular siew mai, flour rolls (jee cheong fun) etc. Be prepared, however, to be told they have run out of a good number of the items if you arrive at the restaurant after 2pm. I reckon the best time to go is in the morning, for breakfast, or brunch.

When it is really crowded, you will invariably be placed at a table with strangers (especially if you're a couple or small group). This is because most of the tables are pretty large and its not likely that you'll find a table for 2. To order, you may indicate on a dim sum menu (writeen in Chinese, unfortunately). Or you may ask the server for help.

For dinner, the restaurant offers a Chinese menu including seafood.

Next to the restaurant, the Wing Wah bakery sells a variety of Chinese cakes and other products like Chinese sausage and waxed duck. Those interested in learning how to make Chinese cakes can sign up for classes offered free at Wing Wah bakery (the TST branch) by the HK Tourism Board. For more information visit

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Dec 01, 2005

Dim Sum

Have Dim Sum for lunch at any chinese restaurants. Make sure you check out first with the restaurants because some of them may only have dim sum during week-ends or public holidays. Expect to spend around 100 HKD/head.

Dim sum is like spanish tapas. You order a little of everything. There are different kinds of dim sum : steamed dumplings, fried dumplings, steamed BBQ pork bun, steamed stuffed rice flour to name only a few of them. It is usually eaten at lunch and family often get together on Sunday for Dim sum.

West Villa at Cityplaza (MTR = Tai Koo) used to be one of my favorites because they have a large variety of dim sums. Now, I just think it's too expensive but they have really good ha kao. Now I go often to Lei Garden (+852 2806 0008) in North Point. They have a large selection of dim sum and the price is reasonable, around 70HKD / person.

Favorite Dish The two most popular dim sums :

- Ha Kao : steamed shrimp dumpling
- Siu Mai : steamed shrimp + pork dumpling

Lemonita's Profile Photo
Sep 23, 2005

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