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Private Tour: Hong Kong Day Trip from Guangzhou by Bullet Train
"Leave your Guangzhou hotel and travel by minibus with your private guide to the train station. Board your high-speed bullet train and after a journey of roughly 2 hours arrive in the bustling urban metropolis that is Hong Kong!First stop is Victoria Peak the city’s spectacular mountain and you’ll hop aboard its famous red funicular tram to reach the top. Ride straight up the mountain from Hong Kong’s central district passing skyscrapers and houses at a jaw-dropping angle and then see one of the world’s most magnificent city panoramas unfurl before your eyes. Your guide will point out the sleek skyscrapers of Central
From $367.00
Hong Kong Sunset Cruise plus Dinner at the Jumbo Floating Restaurant
"Departing from either Hong Kong Island’s Central Pier or Kowloon Public Pier board a traditional Chinese-style junk for your 1.5-hour evening sightseeing cruise around Victoria Harbour. Relax with unlimited complimentary drinks from the open bar on board while you soak up the sights of Hong Kong’s floodlit natural harbor. Enjoy t taking in panoramic views of Hong Kong’s skyline and highlights such as Causeway Bay North Point and Lei Yue Mun Village.After your evening cruise hop aboard a luxury motor coach and travel to Aberdeen Harbour for a superb Chinese banquet dinner at the famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant moored on the southern tip of Hong Kong Island. Spectacularly illuminated at night the Jumbo looks like a floating palace from the imperial era and is Hong Kong's most renowned floating restaurant. Enjoy your 8-course meal
From HKD1,184.00
Hong Kong Super Saver: Hong Kong Island Tour plus Sheung Wan District Walking Tour
"Hong Kong Island Morning Sightseeing Tour:After hotel pickup (select hotels only) your guide will take you aboard a funicular tram to Victoria Peak to start your morning tour of Hong Kong Island with amazing views from the top. Look out past Kowloon and the surrounding islands before you descend and then head past picturesque Repulse Bay on your way to Aberdeen. Learn about this floating community where fishermen still reside aboard junks and take an optional trip aboard a sampan (flat-bottomed wooden boat) around the fascinating harbor (at an additional cost).Next your guide will take you to Stanley Market a must-see destination in Hong Kong. Browse the little shops for fantastic deals on everything from Chinese costume jewelry and souvenirs to silk clothing and sportswear. When you’ve had your fill of bargain hunting head to your final destination – a famous jewelry factory where professional craftsmen make gorgeous works of art
From HKD713.00

Jumbo Floating Restaurant Tips (40)

Jumbo Floating Restaurant: Dont Spend Your Savings On This Touristtrap

This is a huge boat serving food faster than McDonalds can handover a hamburger.
I am NO kidding...

We took the most expensive tour with Spledid in Hong Kong and this socalled restaturant was going to be the hightlight of the trip. It was real trash and the worst meal we had ever in Hong Kong.

So dont spend your time or money on this place. And dont take any tours with splendid.
All they care about is your money and that you cant get a refund.

Favorite Dish None.

Jul 27, 2006

Jumbo Floating Restaurant: you dim sum you lose some

Yum cha, or drinking tea, is an essential part of Hong Kong cuisine, and a must for visitors. The yum cha concept means spending a lot of time drinking tea and eating snacks (dim sum, literally "touch the heart" in cantonese), and is a great socialising experience.

The Jumbo is nowadays a sight in itself, despite its brief history (about 30 years), and well worth a visit for the quintessential Hong Kong experience. The free boat ride from the pier to the restaurant adds to the experience. Also have a look at the very Chinese decorations in the restaurant, especially the mosaic on the wall between the first and second floors.

In Jumbo, you do not order the dim sum off a menu, but rather choose what you like from the trolleys that are pushed around the restaurant. That means you know what you get, but on the other hand, you may overeat!

The Jumbo is not a regular tourist trap, as it is popular with the locals and the price level decent.

Favorite Dish Anything with sticky rice and the delicious shrimp dumplings.

maria_hz's Profile Photo
Jun 05, 2006

Jumbo Floating Restaurant: Try the Dim Sum

Located on Aberdeen Harbour about 15 minutes by bus from Wancai District is the Worlds largest floating Resaturant. There are two piers with signs saying Jumbo where you catch small wooden boats across Aberdeen Harbour to get to the restaurants,Around the harbour are women who say they will take you on their boats however they will take you around the harbour first.
We decided to go mid morning and try the Dim Sum, for our party of seven I have to say only two really enjoyed it the rest said they were pleased to have tried it but wouldnt do it again.
For those of you who do not know Dim Sum are various dishes which come round on a trolley and you pick from a menu which you would like to try, in each steaming basket are maybe three small pieces of Dim Sum to try.

Favorite Dish We tried steamed shrimp and chinese spinach dumpling 18HKD, steamed rice noodle roll filled with bbq pork 20HKD and spring roll with shredded taro 18HKD, we all enjoyed the latter dish but there were mixed views about the other two. Some of the Dim Sum on the menu were different!!!! e.g steamed soft turnip with dried scallop, steamed rice with spare rib and chicken claw, steamed fried ox stomach with ginger and scallion and deep fried cows organs.
Our bill total including drinks was 377HKD.

Russ60's Profile Photo
Jan 22, 2006

Jumbo Floating Restaurant: Seafood Lovers

For seafood lovers the Jumbo Kingdom is a required stop!

Jumbo is a Hong Kong icon and has developed into a theme park on the sea.

Favorite Dish Fresh seafood of all kinds: Fish, Clams, Prawns, Lobster, you name it!

Eurasian68's Profile Photo
Jan 08, 2006
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Jumbo Floating Restaurant: Good food and great pics for you to take

A novel experience and yes a wee bit of a tourist trap. But dont be put off. The prices don't rip you off by any means and the little extra you may be is worth it for the free ferries back and forth across the harbour, the views while in the restaurant and the decor. Menu is extensive and they will even cater for veggies.

Favorite Dish Try the noodles

largerama's Profile Photo
Dec 28, 2005

Jumbo Floating Restaurant: World largest "floating" restaurant

Although once advertised as the largest floating restaurant in the world, it is now no longer floating, and is supported on a huge base of concrete.

It was suggested by our associate from Hong Kong that we may like to visit the Jumbo restaurant but perhaps not eat there as there are many restuarants who offer better food, keener prices and not so touristy.

You can take their free ferry from Shum Wan Pier and spend a good hour looking around the restuarants and shops on the Jumbo

PeterVancouver's Profile Photo
Nov 14, 2005

Jumbo Floating Restaurant: Prestine!

The best part about the Jumbo Floating Restaurant is getting there, old wooden boats pick you up and take you for a short ride.
We had dinner with the owner Lawrence Ho, who was such an amazing host, he made sure we tried the best they have.
The service amazing. The decor was perfect. Feng Shui in full swing!!!!!

Favorite Dish Try the shark fin soup. It was a dish I won't be having anytime soon, but, there are many health benefits. Taste like your eating......slime soup.

Venus_Swan's Profile Photo
Mar 03, 2005

Jumbo Floating Restaurant: Try it at least once

It would not surprise me if this makes it into the tourist trap section as well due to the large number of tourists. Jumbo is a large floating restaurant in a harbor on Hong Hong Island. You take a shuttle boat from the pier in order to access this place. I think this gives it some of its charm.

As for the food, there is a good variety to choose from at different price ranges. You can go with the familiar choices such as rice, chicken, or beef, or you can try something more local such as shark's fin soup.

Perhaps the Jumbo is somewhat touristy, however it was an interesting experience. I got a chance to meet some of my fellow travellers there.

sswagner's Profile Photo
Jan 15, 2005

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I've been eating here several times, during lunch or dinner time, but the experiences I got were always wonderful.

Located on the Aberdeen, this multi-decked Jumbo Floating Restaurant provides complimentary shuttle ferry services from 2 sets of ornate piers. Inside, the restaurant has sumptious "imperial" decor - thousands of colorful lights, gilded dragons and carved wood.

During night time, the sparkling lights in the Aberdeen harbour is truly amazing.

Favorite Dish Their Cantonese & fresh seafood were as attractive as their decor.

I-Believe-I-Can-Fly's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2004

Jumbo Floating Restaurant: Jumbo - Tourist Restaurant

There is not really anything special about this restaurant, for it just serves seafood & dim sum. The food is not particularly outstanding, & the cost was not really reasonable.

However, it might be a little more fun to get there, for you have to take a small boat from a pier to reach the restaurant. But if you are looking to eat something special offshore, I advised you join a cruise to the South Pacific, Caribbean or Europe instead.

Somehow, the place looks a little old & dirty, but it has been here for over 20 years.

coolpanda87's Profile Photo
Jan 20, 2004

Jumbo Floating Restaurant: Don't Miss The Fresh Seafood!

Came here as part of a business trip so have no idea on the costs. But this is one of those landmark places one should visit just to say they've been there.

Favorite Dish Fish head soup - It freked out most of the North Americans in my group, to see a whole fish including the head.

Yubert's Profile Photo
Aug 17, 2003

Jumbo Restaurant: Famous and Overpriced

This is the famous overpriced Jumbo seafood restaurant in Aberdeen. You take a free ferry out to the restaurants. There are really three of them.

It is the world's largest floating restaurant and can accommodate up to 2300 guests at one time. It has a staff of more than 300.

Take a No 70 or No 75 Citybus from either Central or Admiralty to Aberdeen and board a free shuttle boat to the Jumbo Floating Restaurant.

seagoingJLW's Profile Photo
Jul 10, 2003

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