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"Hong Kong Travel Pass Combo: MTR Pass
"Hong Kong Travel Pass Combo: MTR Pass Ngong Ping Cable Car and Big Buddha Tour""After picking up your MTR pass and additional tickets at the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier you’re ready to begin your Hong Kong sightseeing!MTR Pass:Hong Kong is at your fingertips with your pass for one day of unlimited use on the MTR (Mass Transit Railway). With three different transportation options – trains a light rail system and feeder buses – you can easily reach the Hong Kong attractions that most interest you. The fast and easy-to-use MTR covers Hong Kong’s major districts including stops at the boundary with mainland China. Across 10 different rail lines you can see it all – perhaps head to Disneyland on the Disneyland Resort Line
From HKD445.00
"Hong Kong Super Saver: Hong Kong Island Tour
"Hong Kong Island Sightseeing TourBegin your comprehensive tour of Hong Kong Island aboard the Victoria Peak tram an eight-minute funicular railway ride that takes you to the summit for a spectacular vista including Kowloon and surrounding islands. Next your guide will take you past lovely Repulse Bay on the way to Aberdeen Hong Kong's floating village where a junk-dwelling community of fishermen still thrives. For a close-up view you can board a sampan
From HKD927.00
Private Hong Kong Layover Tour: City Sightseeing with Round-Trip Airport Transport
"After pickup from the Hong Kong airport by private vehicle your five-hour layover tour begins with a ride on the Victoria Peak tram for spectacular views of Hong Kong Island and its skyscrapers. Take an eight-minute funicular railway ride to the summit where your personal guide will point out Kowloon and the surrounding islands of Victoria Harbour.Next pass beautiful Repulse Bay en route to your next destination the famous fishing village of Aberdeen. Marvel at Hong Kong's floating community on Aberdeen Harbour and learn about this thriving village where fishermen and their families still reside aboard traditional junk boats. You'll have the option to board a your guide will accompany you to Stanley Market where goods are available at just a fraction of the price in town. Browse the small shops for great deals on everything from Chinese costume jewelry and souvenirs to silk clothing and sportswear. When you’ve had your fill of bargain shopping
From HKD1,567.00

Local Restaurants - General Info Tips (20)

Peak Cafe Bar: Eating in Soho

If you're wondering why the Peak Cafe isn't at the Peak(Victoria Peak), it's because the joint lost its lease some time ago and after much hue and cry, it shifted to a spot in SOHO(Central). Well, I've been to place recently and I must say it has lost much of its former ambience.

I had the resonably-priced set lunch Hk$88 and had a delicious salad and fish n chips. The dishes were perfect and my seat was a cool respite from the heat. I sat near the front and people-watched for some time.

bpacker's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Pret A Manger: A Healthier, Lower-priced Alternative in HK

If truth be told, lower-priced Western food in Hong Kong is always glazed with oil, cooked till its well-done and contain loads of preservatives. Yes, they do score high in terms of looks and taste but rather low in nutritional value. I may be wrong for now but there is hardly a lower-priced local joint that serves Western fresh/ healthy/raw food. The last time I ordered a fruit salad, it consisted mainly of sweet, processed cocktail fruit on top of a dollop of industrial mayonnaise and a rather sad lettuce leaf. Other horrors include instant noodles with luncheon meat or boiled coke served hot(!) .

So, I nearly cried tears of joy when I discovered Pret Manger. Yes, finally, a lower-priced healthy alternative in HK! Here was one place where you could find raw food, sandwiches and other deli items ( Real Fruit Salads!) at reasonable prices. On top of that, they had good coffee too. No, make that real coffee, brewed from roasted beans and free from odd mixtures of evaporated milk and tea. I went here for lunch almost every other day and feasted on the crayfish and rocket leaf sandwich, granola with yogurt, chicken caesar salad and real coffee of course.

bpacker's Profile Photo
Jul 23, 2007

Local Restaurants - General Info: Try the local venders

Good idea is to go as a group so u can try lots of different dishes!

Favorite Dish Best thing bout this sort of dining is the fun in ordering because a lot of venders dont speak english so u'll not be sure what ur gettin at times! U have to use chopsticks too lol messy fun! :)

vpbebe's Profile Photo
Dec 06, 2006

Local Restaurants - General Info: Mak's Noddle Shop

The ambience is nothing much as in Hk noodle shop.Very cramp due to space constraint.

Favorite Dish Beef n wanton are very good.The soup is tasty,rich in stock .The noodles are not soggy ,in fact it has a certain bounce.The serving s are small.However u can order a set for 2 with one wanton soup,one beef soup, 2 bowls of noodles n a oyster sauce veggie for Hk$80.00

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Mar 28, 2006
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2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Region, China
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Flat C5, Floor 15, Nathan Road 40, Kowloon
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5 Man Fuk Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
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No.5 Wenfu Road, Jiulong
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75 Waterloo Road, Kowloon, (formerly Metropole Hotel), Hong Kong, China
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No. 84-86 Wuhu Street, Hong Kong, China
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Somewhere along the Nathan |Road: I couldn't remember what is the shop or the street

I couldn't remember what is the restaurant name. But what i'm trying to suggest is stroll down of Nathan Road, Kowloon. You will find many mini food stall with great chinese food. It is consider affordable for budget travellers or else you gotta stick on with McDonald or Burger King. Anyway, fast food indeed expensive to compare food stall.
Please don't expect local to be nice! You gotta to firm when ordering, i guess thats the hongkie style!
At food stall or known as 'Tai Pai Tong', don't be suprised to see local waiters handling drinks with finger inside in the glass! Im sure you all know!

Favorite Dish If you like chinese food, try the local'Chee Cheong Fun',Dim Sum also recommended. 'Wan Tan Mee' is sort like pasta shrimp noodle and the best thing is dumpling it's about size of the Ping Pong Ball,it's damn Good and Tasty.

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Jan 15, 2005

Local Restaurants - General Info: local restaurant in an alley

You don't have to visit China to go to a good, expensive chinese restaurant because every big city in the world has one.

We prefer trying small local shops. They look like "real" to us.

Noodles, Chinese fried rice, rice gruel, dim sum... super cheaper than eating in a formal restaurant... Try everything, and you will be happy!

stonefree's Profile Photo
Oct 03, 2004

I don't remember the names of...

I don't remember the names of most of the restaurants we ate at, except that we preferred eating at those hole-in-the-wall diners frequented by the locals. The disadvantage, however, was that none of the service staff spoke any English, so we were forced to just point out our orders and use a lot of sign language! The most memorable restaurant we patronized was the ubiquitous Planet Hollywood, where most of the friendly service staff spoke our language of preference...Filipino!
My two little sisters in front of Planet Hollywood.

Favorite Dish Take-away Peking Duck from one of the stalls near Mongkok.

imho's Profile Photo
Sep 02, 2002


Wander through the streets of Kowloon (away from the crazed shopping areas north of Austin Rd and Tsim Sha Tsui park) and take your chance! I came across one called 'Macau' somewhere near Jordan Rd - mix of Chinese & Portuguese and was a formica-topped, noisy, quick in-and-out place full of locals (I certainly got stared at, although not in an unfriendly way!). I generally chose well (bit of a chance - the menu was in English but little description....). But loads of places in and around the area, you just enter the one you fancy the look of.
Alternatively try your luck in the restuarants and shops in China Town on HKIsland. Again, I picked one that looked interesting (no English name) with Peking Duck hanging in the window. Also try the little bakers that abound everywhere - help yourself and see what you come up with: sweet cakes that look savoury, doughnuts that are filled with meat....

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Aug 26, 2002

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Honestly, if you want to have...

Honestly, if you want to have expensive food. You just choose some restuarants recommended by the Hong Kong Tourist Association. They have a list of restuarants in their brochure. It's great!
However, if you want to try some domestic Hong Kong food which the Chinese used to take, you can try the small restuarant all along the street. They are cheap and the food are so tasty. Most of these small shops have English menu. Just pay US$3-5, you can have a full and delicious meal.
If you want to find a place where there are many different kinds of restuarants, you can go to Central at night time. Central has a place call 'Lan Kwai Fong' where many westerners and yuppies like to go to this place for eating and drinking, especially Friday and Saturday. After eating, you can go to the pubs and bars there and have a drink.

Favorite Dish My favourite food is Shanghai food. It's not that difficult to find. The restuarants are everywhere.
Cantonese food is also my favourite, this is typical food the Chinese like to eat. You can just choose a big Chinese restuarant along the street. Each meal may cost you around US$10-15 per person. Surely, more people share, the cheaper it will be.
Hong Kong people like Western food. But it's a little bit different from the one you can eat in other western countries. Some small restuarants, they will serve you a plate of soup with bread, a sizzler (main dish) and coffee or tea, some may have dessert also. Each meal costs US$10. Surely, you can find the more western like meal in hotels or expensive resturants.
Anyway, italian, meditteranean,japanese,, you can easily find all kinds of food in Hong Kong. You will never die of hunger!!!

lcy's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002

I thought I'd leave this...

I thought I'd leave this section for your discretion as there are probably millions (or sqillions) of places to eat.

Favorite Dish If you can find a wonton place, I would suggest you order 'won ton mein' or 'sui gau mein'. For $13/$21 HK a portion, that's a pretty good deal.

gnowk's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

'Cha-Chaan-Tang' in Cantonese,...

'Cha-Chaan-Tang' in Cantonese, or a direct translation of 'tea-restaurant'.
'Cha-chaan-tang' is a very local Hong Kong experience. You won't see many tourists here. You may not be able to find waiters who speak English. But this is the real Hong Kong in our everyday life.

Hong Kong style milk tea is very unique in taste. It is very strong, but very rich and silky.

Corn-beef is certainly different in Hong Kong. Try this hot sub in its Eastern Style.

Egg-tard is one of the most delicious thing in the world when it is first taken out from oven. Remember to take it when it's hot.

Pineapple bun is NOT made from pineapple. It is named after pineapple only because the coating on the bun makes it look like pineapple. It is a traditional bun from any local bakery. In 'cha-chaan-tang' it is usually served with a generous supply of butter. Of course you can skip this part if you have already gained too much weight from all the good food in Hong Kong.

Favorite Dish 1. Milk Tea (pronounce as 'lai-cha')
2. Egg & Corn-beef sandwich ('dan-au-zi')
3. Egg tard ('dan-tard')
4. Pineapple bun with butter ('ball-law-yau')

Aug 25, 2002

I'd have to say that one of...

I'd have to say that one of the most outstanding things about HK is the food! You can get just about any kind of food here and there are some truly fabulous restaurants from upscale to Da Pai Dongs (street restaurants - excuse my romanization of cantonese!). My favorites are all over the place - depends on my mood, but the top ones are: in Kowloon: Royal Garden for fantastic sandwiches for reasonable prices; Knutsford Terrace offers several great restaurants for lunch or supper;
on HK side: pretty much anyplace in Lan Kwai Fong (if you are looking for a great hamburger check out Al's Diner) or along the escalator (especially good is SoHo SoHo); in Stanley I really like the BoatHouse
In WanChai: there are a bunch of patio restaurants near the convention centre-just behind the China Arts & Crafts store. Also some great delivery or eat in places are Curry in a Hurry and Pepperoni's.
Yep, thats about them all...

dr_in_asia's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

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if you want to feel a different experience in modern hong kong, then you can head to the space museum, located at the end of Nathan Road and at Salisbury Road, and Just beside the Avenue of Stars and...
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