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Nathan Road Tips (24)

Nathan Road: Tones of the Expensive shops for you bling lovers

Well, I used to walk to Nathan street so I could get occasional blasts of A/C from those big expensive shops that line the street. If you prefer to actually shop on Nathan Road, then you'll find the usual bling bling lovers expensive shops and stuff. The further away from victoria Island you go, the more normal things become.

What to buy Giant hams! GLAZED HAMS! Well, maybe some cool Electronics in Mongkok.

What to pay BLING BLING!

Bela_LUng's Profile Photo
Jan 04, 2006

Nathan Road: J-pop

Japanese fashion die-hard fans alert.

The building behind me is situated along Nathan Road and it's 4 or 5 storeys high selling all sorts of japanese fashion stuffs!!

Very cheap! Hai!

Avoid going there on weekends coz i don't think you can move along with the crowds very well. I reckon you would end up see more people than seeing clothes.

FOotFetish's Profile Photo
Apr 08, 2005

Nathan Road: Jewelry Shops

There are tons and tons of jewelry shops that line Nathan Road. Most of them are reputable and have many shops along the same street at different points. They are more expensive than what they would be for the Hong Kong person who lives there an knows private reputable store owners, but as good as it gets for the tourist that isn't all that jewelry saavy.

What to buy All I have to say is that if you are REALLY serious about purchasing jewelry is that you shop the stores. Make certain that you pick out a few things so that you can comparison shop. Then BARGAIN!!! They will bargain with you. In fact, give them a price lower than what you are willing to never know what they might give you!! And besides that, even if they come back with a higher price, it may be the price you are willing to pay. All reputable dealers will give you a receipt or a bill of sale. It should indicate on it the description of the item and its metal content. Gold and platinum jewelry must also carry the appropriate stamps that indicate its metal content...look for 22K or 24K or 18K or 750 for gold (most gold is 18K or higher in Hong Kong). Look for 900 or 950 for platinum. Silver is marked with 925. Be careful and have fun shopping!!

What to pay Price should be dependent on weight. All dealers should calculate out the price per gram for you. Go from dealer to dealer to see what the going rate is.

jlee008's Profile Photo
Mar 16, 2005

Sino Centre: Shops selling Japanese anime, dramas etc.

This is a commercial building with many stores selling a wide selection of japanese animation, dramas and movies. You can even find a lot of original soundtracks (OSTs) here! Some of these OSTs are very hard to find elsewhere and they are not expensive too!

What to pay I spend around $240 in Hongkong currency for 2 OSTs and a set of anime VCDs.

Yijie's Profile Photo
Feb 01, 2005
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Nathan Road: Night-time can be the best time for shopping!

For a 'guilo' there is something very special, cheeky and even mischievous about shopping in the late evening. It brings about much more excitement!

The market stalls on Nathan Road are open until very late at night, about midnight. It's not really about what they sell, more appropriately, it's what they don't sell! (I'm yet to work that out) But quite seriously, it's just a great atmosphere and it's something the locals enjoy doing. So, when in Hong Kong, do as the... you know the rest :-p

What to buy Electronics, clothes, antiques, local food... and remember, it's OK to haggle a little with the price. If you're not happy with the price, walk on and I'm sure you'll find another stall selling almost exactly the same item/s. Personally, I don't like to haggle and I'm not good at it. I just like to check out all the unusual things for sale (dried snake, for example...)

What to pay How much do you really want the item?

amyhenderson's Profile Photo
Nov 20, 2004

Nathan Road: On Crazy Sale

Wow, "On Crazy Sale"! How can you miss this one? One of Hong Kong's widest streets, Nathan Road was named for Governor Sir Matthew Nathan, the Governor at the time it was constructed. Nathan Road was known "Nathan's Folly" because everyone thought Nathan was crazy for building such a wide street seeming leading nowhere. Today, it is one of the busiest thoroughfares in Hong Kong. Filled with boutiques, jewelry stores, camera stores, hotels and restaurants. The lower portion is known as the Golden Mile because of all the neon signs.

geeyook's Profile Photo
Jun 14, 2004

Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui: Shopping @ Parklane

In this stretch of Nathan Road, there are many stores waiting for your patronage, including department stores, clothing, Chinese antiques, food, Chinese Herbs & electronics.

Since the Central Government's decision to let more Mainland Chinese visit Hong Kong, the streets throughout Hong Kong have filled up with eager shoppers, so be ready to go against the crowd.

What to buy There are a lot to see & buy here...

What to pay more than 50 HKD

coolpanda87's Profile Photo
Jan 28, 2004

shops in Mong Kok: Buying CD/VCD/DVD

there are quite many shops selling CD/VCD/DVD and most of them are selling the official or original.

1] don't buy the disc from the street stalls or hawkers, those must be the copied version or called "cinema version". I guess you know what I mean. Even the price is cheap (around HK$20 per one), but the quality is not satisfied.

2] check the region code of DVD. some DVD are internationally playable, but some might be only for specified region.

What to buy DVD:
1] around HK$80-200 for western movie
2] around HK$50-100 for Hong Kong or asian movies
3] around HK$150-250 for classical music or special edition

1] around HK$20-50 for most of the movies
2] around HK$150-250 for box-set of Japanese cartoon

1] around HK$70-100 for Hong Kong and Asian regions
2] around HK$80-150 for western and Japanese

sometimes, the CD and DVD will be attached poster, just ask the shop-keeper. Or some shops selling the poster too, just HK$10-40

What to pay cash in HK currency
credit card: Visa, Master and American Express are mostly accepted, but check whether any service charge

jil_coleslaw's Profile Photo
Aug 09, 2003

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Lots of jewerly, cameras etc.

Nathan Road and Kowloon is famous for hundreds of shops. Jewerly, cameras, CDs, design cloths etc.

What to pay Prices are higher than e.g. Thailand, but some lower than Europe. You will find much better bargain some shopping centre and department store out of city centre.

MJL's Profile Photo
Mar 05, 2003

Nathan Road: Nathan Road

Long retail shops road that can be nice to walk and look and maybe buy some electronics, cloths, chinese food and stuff.

What to buy electonics, textiles, pranded cloths, or fake watches, shoes and many othes.

anees's Profile Photo
Jul 23, 2007

Nathan Road: Where else..

You will almost find here everything you are looking for, electronics,clothes,bags,shoes, you name it!

Dyesebel's Profile Photo
Apr 12, 2007

Nathan Road

Nathan Road is the primary district in Kowloon for modern shopping and restaurants. This street definitely can induce sensory overload.

Jim_Eliason's Profile Photo
Mar 29, 2003

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