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"Hong Kong Super Saver: Hong Kong Island Tour
"Hong Kong Island Sightseeing TourBegin your comprehensive tour of Hong Kong Island aboard the Victoria Peak tram an eight-minute funicular railway ride that takes you to the summit for a spectacular vista including Kowloon and surrounding islands. Next your guide will take you past lovely Repulse Bay on the way to Aberdeen Hong Kong's floating village where a junk-dwelling community of fishermen still thrives. For a close-up view you can board a sampan
From HKD927.00
Hong Kong Markets Small-Group Walking Tour
"Start your small-group walking tour at the Flower Market a jungle of colorful flowers fragrant scents and luck-bringing houseplants spread out over 50 shops. Adjacent to the Flower Market is the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden where you will hear melodious chirping from the hundreds of birds in more than 70 songbird stalls. See the elderly Hong Kong men carry their beloved pets in intricate cages. Head on over to Fa Yuen Street considered by locals as one of the best of non-touristy street markets for bargain-priced clothes bags accessories and other household items. Meanwhile take in the world’s most densely populated neighborhood with more than 130
From $57.00
4-Hour Private Mongkok Kowloon Night Tour
"Meet your local tour expert in the lobby of your hotel at 6:00pm. Then head towards the heart of Kowloon where you will get to see many night time activities with your tour guide. The guide will be more than happy to tell you about the authentic experience of living in Hong Kong. As you walk you will see how the city comes alive when the sun goes down. Venture to the Temple Street Night Market and Ladies’ Market on Tung Choi Street to find an amazing range of items. Then strolling through the Goldfish Street which is the Tung Choi Street North is lined on either side with shops devoted to the raising of many types of fish from weirdly shaped goldfish to colourful tropical species with gaspingly high price tags. Afterwards
From $81.00

Bird Market Tips (20)

Bird Market

The famous Bird Market used to be in Hong Lok St Mongkok but was unfortunately demolished in the latter part of 1997. The tenants were given the option to relocate to a new modern building where the current bird market operates. People in this unique market had been operating businesses most of their lives with their sole income being the selling of birds, cages and feed. The lane was cramped with only room for perhaps 2 abreast to walk down. I haven't been to the new area but I'm sure it doesn't have quite the charm of the old area.

keeweechic's Profile Photo
Apr 29, 2003

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden...

Bird lovers can check out this Bird Garden. Here, you can find quite a number of stalls selling Hong Kong’s common songbirds, delicately crafted wood, bamboo cages. etc. Normally opens at 7:00am – 10pm. And most stores close at 6:00pm.

Xinta's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002

A Chinese Tradition

Hong Kong’s Bird Garden is at once a disturbing and compelling place to visit. On the one hand, it is distressing seeing the large number of formerly wild birds caged and for sale. On the other hand, it is interesting to see the local men bring their caged birds to the garden for “air.” Similar to walking a dog, these men bring their caged birds to the garden, let them sing for a while, and then take them away and go about their business. As someone who prefers to see wild animals in the wild, the Bird Garden really wasn’t my thing. But, it does provide a genuine glimpse into a unique and traditional part of Chinese life. Open daily from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, the Bird Garden can be found on Yuen Po Street at the end of Flower Garden Road.

bsfreeloader's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2007

Bird market

Well with the disease that you can catch by being next to poultry and bird this might not be a good idea, but i wen there just before the disease appeared in asia, and i loved that market, although it is sad to see them in cages, the birds are beautiful and sing so well...

raphaellecrevet's Profile Photo
May 01, 2005
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Lucky Centre, 165-171 Wanchai Road, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Region, China
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No.29-31 Yanjie Old Street, Yau Tsim Mong District
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No.419 Reclamation Street, Mongkok, Kowloom, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Region, China
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F2 of Building A-D Jinlun Tower, No.737 Nathan Road, Kowloon District
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555 Shanghai St, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
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4F Rex Building, 648-652 Nathan Road
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The Bird Market

The Bird Market in Kowloon's Mongkok District, which is adjacent to Yau Ma Tai, is a delight. It's a place to buy and sell birds and all conceivable, related paraphanalia. It's certainly a wonderful place to buy a superbly made wood or bamboo bird-cage... Some are just tiny; others are gigantic, veritable portable aviaries.

You'll always find plenty of people here; many times you'll see elderly men sitting around with their own birds, which they've brought out for some air and good conversation with old friends. They're as interesting to watch as the kids who are continually trying to pet the little warblers.

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Oct 10, 2002


The Birdmarket . . . you'll a lot of birds at the birdmarket . . .all of them are in small cages . . . you can the bird singing all over the place . . .

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Apr 21, 2005

The Bird Market is an...

The Bird Market is an interesting visit. People are buying and selling all kinds of exotic birds right on the street.

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Sep 07, 2002

Bird market

Hundreds of songbirds in their cages can be seen at this market. You can also see locals, mainly the elderly with their bird cages, hanging up giving their birds some fresh air.

Open 7am-8pm daily.

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Apr 05, 2007

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Goldfish Street

Another street and as the name says, most of the shops are selling Goldfish or some other kind of fish. It isn't like this now, but if you could step back in time to 50 years ago, this area was...
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Bird Garden

Located in Yuen Po Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon, is where we found the Bird Garden. Set in quite a nice area with trees and other greenery is where we found stalls selling both modern and...
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Flower Market Road

Where to find the flowers? Flower Market road in Mong Kok of course! The flower shops on Flower Market Road were originally wholesale traders, then they became retail, so if your expecting a...
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Nathan Road

Advertised as one of the most commercial streets of Hong Kong, Nathan Road is… one of the most commercial streets of Hong Kong! So what? One Indian tout in each square meter, large and small shops...
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Tin Hau Temple

Tin Hau is a goddess that (it seems) has about 60 temples in Hong Kong, some of them classified as monuments. I think that it is not the case of this one, located in Stanley, and that I visited in...
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Mong Kok District

Mongkok, one of the busiest neighborhoods in the world, is known for its variety of markets, including a ladies market, a bird market, a flower market, a construction materials market, a goldfish...
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Getting to Bird Market


Mongkok, Kowloon


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