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Shopping Tips (36)

The Shop you should Avoid In Tsim Sha Tsui!

During my Trip to hong Kong On the Chinese New year Time, I have been to Many Interesting Places and Shopping Malls. While we Was Shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui On the 19.02.2006 at "The Hilton Plaza". As We Walking along in the Plaza, we went Pass a Jewellery Trading Store Named the "Kitty Trading Co.". As I was Checking out the necklaces etc, A Old Saleswomen(Late 50's maybe) appear From No Where? and start Draging me into the Store, so me and My Friends went in and Sat down at the counter. The Old Saleswomen Start to introduce herself, She claims her name is Kitty the Owner of the Store.
After she Introducing herself she start to Convince us to buy the Jewellerys she bought out of the Counter. She Claims All her Jewewllerys areTrade-in(Used) and is has been Renew at the Factory. To Me All Those Jewellerys She Selling is nothing But Scrap, Because all the Jewellery in the Whole Store is very Dull and dirty. After 15mins of Convince, At the End I Told the old saleswomen, We Are No Interest to Buy and about to leave the store. The Salewomen said: STOP! Where are you going? I Reply: We're Leaving to continues Our Shopping. She Reply: After 15minutes Of ****** Bull***, you not Buying anything From Me? Me and My Friends were Shocked for what she Just Said to Us and we leave the Store. And Took an Photo of me outside This Jewellery Trading Store. Tourists Tips! If you not going to Buy at these Trading Store, avoid going into it, otherwise you will get nothing But Insult.

The Shop Located in Tsim Sha Tsui in Hilton Plaza at the End of Nathan Road, cross the Road of the New SOGO Shopping Mall and Tsim Tung KCR Train station enterance.

Wangan_Gundam's Profile Photo
Mar 08, 2006

They charge foreign tourists more

The people in the vendors, when they see that you are a foreign tourist, they will charge you more than they would normally charge the locals. Of course, you can always try to bargain with them, but just watch out. And sometimes you won't even know that they are doing it, just because the prices are cheap anyway.

Unique Suggestions Make sure you bargain with them. It always works. And just pretend to be walking away if they refuse to bargain with you, they would generally lower their prices a bit.

Fun Alternatives Of course, in department stores, this won't happen. You also can't bargain too.

Jan 31, 2006

Ladies Street - All fake

Basically everything sold there is marked up in price. Lots of "Ck" underwear, and Ralph Lauren Polo shirts. All fakes of course, so Caveat Emptor. The people will lie to you without thinking twice. You'll hear that it was produced some place else (e.g. Korea) and that they are real (real fake...). Basic items like t-shirts pose no dangers. I bought a pair of shoes for $200 HKD and they broke in 2 days. Just check the quality over before you commit. Bargin, for most things you should be able to at least shave 30% off the price they ask for.

Unique Suggestions It place is worth seeing, and there are things worth buying. If you are okay with low quality fakes, then buy to your heart's content. Just remember to bargin.

Fun Alternatives Additional markets like the night market near Jordan. There's another similar market up north closer to Prince Edward.

Tempest7's Profile Photo
Dec 02, 2005


Watch the guys who try to sell you stuff on the streets. I'm sure they prey on tourists to sell them 'cheap' electrial goods and similar things... More often than not, they're not any cheaper than anyone else...they are just trying to make a quick sale.

A good way to not have to worry about them is to not make eye contact and not say soon as you acknowledge them they think they'll sell you something. If you must say something, then just say "no thanks".

CandS's Profile Photo
Aug 07, 2005
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Li Yuen Street

I've been recommended to go to Li Yuen Street (off Central) several times, but when I finally checked it out, I found it to be grossly over-rated.

The street contains several export outlets, but they are not really the big-name stuff. I'm also not too sure about the authenticity of most of the goods, but if you're not particular, you just might find something here.

On weekends, the narrow street is chocked full with foreign workers on their day off, and it's a hassle to navigate through the street.

Unique Suggestions You can still pick up some surf-y t-shirts at prices from about HKD 20-50 (USD 2.50 - USD 6). But sizes can be limited.

There's also the constant fear of pickpockets due to the heavy human traffic, so hang on to your handbags!

koolkatz_76's Profile Photo
Jun 12, 2005

Copy Purses

When buying copy purses, insist on the vendors "best" check inside to make sure the finish is of good quality. Check all the zippers to see if they work. Talk them down to at least 1/2 of what they are asking.

rozinkadena's Profile Photo
Mar 05, 2005

Not the best price to shop for souvenirs...

A brit friend of mine recommended us to come to Stanley for shopping and sightseeing.

Well, there is not much sightseeing to do ther apart of the landscapes, quite spoilt and the Tin Hau Temple (the temple of the Queen of Heaven and Protectress of Seafarers which was built in 1767. During the First World War period, villagers took asylum from war in this temple. Since then, on the 23rd of March, according to the lunar calender every year, the birthday of TinHou, people come to worship in this temple.

for the shopping, don't come here. Really.
You will get the same stuff in any street market of Mong Kok at a fraction of the price.
I think that the shops here are abusing of the reputation of Stanley to increase prices.

Restaurants are not very good either... Not great quality and quite expensive. I ate at MacDonald's... that gives you an idea of the rest for offer.

Unique Suggestions Buy your souvenirs elsewhere.
Believe me.

Nemoa's Profile Photo
Feb 06, 2005


I found this "ALL STAR" T-shirt for kids in Chung King Mansion.

Doraemon and Pikachu are compiled at once on a Hamutaro labeled, Hello Kitty bland T-shirt!!! Anything goes, here!!!!!

Unique Suggestions Just laugh away!

Fun Alternatives Buy it!

stonefree's Profile Photo
Oct 12, 2004

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Stanley Market

Stanley Market should be approached with care because some of the items for sale are often a great deal more expensive than they are in other places.

For example; I bought a Powerpuff Girls pencil case for $19 HK (with haggling!!) but I saw it in Fa Yuen St later for $10 HK! I was annoyed to say the least....

This is not to say "do not go there" or "do not buy anything" but just bear in mind that it is more expensive than some other markets.

REMEMBER! Stanley does offer *some* good buys though! I bought a very nice "A&F" mini skirt for $49 HK and a pair of "A&F" short shorts for $10 HK. I never saw those in Fa Yuen St.

Unique Suggestions I do recommend a visit to Stanley as it is a major tourist attraction, just make sure you don't buy anything unless it's very very cheap!

Visit Fa Yuen St first so you don't get ripped off at Stanley.

Fun Alternatives Go to other markets, such as Fa Yuen St in Mong Kok (take the KCR to Mong Kok and exit for Grand Century Place Mall then follow the signs to Fa Yuen St, go down the escalators and turn left or right - it's got two sides!

It sells mens' and womens' clothes (and childrens'), shoes, bags, purses/wallets, toys, watches, stationary, Hello Kitty/other charecter items etc etc. You may see Diesel, Miss Sixty, FCUK, Morgan, Paul Frank, Lovers' House, Roxy/ Quiksilver and more. Some are obvious fakes and they go bad after one wash, but others seem to be of better quality. I've heard that some of the clothes from the actual shops on the sides are just rejects. Avoid buying clothes from the stalls as these are almost certainly fake and are of poor quality.

Aug 12, 2004


They are set up to trick unsuspecting tourists. Hong Kong is duty free everywhere!
I personally do not understand why tourists would think that a select number of stores would be permitted by the government not to charge sales tax. : (

I have seen many unhappy tourists come back from Hong Kong saying that they were ripped off by buying expensive (& sometimes defective) electronics from the DUTY FREE independent electronic shops.

Fun Alternatives If you are buying electronics of higher value, make sure you buy it at a large chain electronic store, like Fortress World. Otherwise, buy it at your own risk.

Personally, I would advise buying it back home, because unlike America or Canada, nothing in Hong Kong can be refunded. Also, many small end retailers have a no exchange policy. This helps to keep prices relatively lower.

coolpanda87's Profile Photo
Jan 24, 2004

Watch out for..........

Things to watch out for in Hong Kong........Indian tailors standing on the streets always wanting to make you a suit.....people on the streets offering to sell fake watches (they are not on show so you have to go inside to look at them).......old chinese men with Rickshaws who demand a 'model' fee if you want to take a photograph.

Unique Suggestions Just learn to be tolerant and polite.

dhod's Profile Photo
Oct 01, 2002

for people buy expensive...

for people buy expensive stuffs like camera, make sure there is a guarantee certificate with it and dun throw the receipt. Keep it as a reference in case there is any problems with the goods you purchased.

Sep 12, 2002

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