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Hong Kong Food Tour: Sham Shui Po District
"In the morning meet your guide and small group at Sham Shui Po MTR Station located in one of Hong Kong's most intriguing neighborhoods. This old Kowloon district offers an abundance of popular spots for any foodie interested in trying out Hong Kong's beloved cuisine. Follow your guide on foot down a food trail off the beaten pa head to a soy specialty store and sip some of the freshest soymilk as you learn about the three different soy products sold at the shop. Afterward follow your guide to a Chinese pudding store for a taste of delicious sweet pudding made the traditional way at this sixty-year-old establishment.Next see how the Braised Goose Restaurant’s owner and chef adapts traditional Chiu Chow fare for Hong Kong tastes at this hidden gem. After a savory sampling your palette will be ready for two types of freshly baked cookies at a legendary Kowloon bakery. Finally
From HKD720.00
Private Hong Kong Layover Tour: City Sightseeing with Round-Trip Airport Transport
"After pickup from the Hong Kong airport by private vehicle your five-hour layover tour begins with a ride on the Victoria Peak tram for spectacular views of Hong Kong Island and its skyscrapers. Take an eight-minute funicular railway ride to the summit where your personal guide will point out Kowloon and the surrounding islands of Victoria Harbour.Next pass beautiful Repulse Bay en route to your next destination the famous fishing village of Aberdeen. Marvel at Hong Kong's floating community on Aberdeen Harbour and learn about this thriving village where fishermen and their families still reside aboard traditional junk boats. You'll have the option to board a your guide will accompany you to Stanley Market where goods are available at just a fraction of the price in town. Browse the small shops for great deals on everything from Chinese costume jewelry and souvenirs to silk clothing and sportswear. When you’ve had your fill of bargain shopping
From HKD1,567.00
Hong Kong Super Saver: Hong Kong Island Tour plus Sheung Wan District Walking Tour
"Hong Kong Island Morning Sightseeing Tour:After hotel pickup (select hotels only) your guide will take you aboard a funicular tram to Victoria Peak to start your morning tour of Hong Kong Island with amazing views from the top. Look out past Kowloon and the surrounding islands before you descend and then head past picturesque Repulse Bay on your way to Aberdeen. Learn about this floating community where fishermen still reside aboard junks and take an optional trip aboard a sampan (flat-bottomed wooden boat) around the fascinating harbor (at an additional cost).Next your guide will take you to Stanley Market a must-see destination in Hong Kong. Browse the little shops for fantastic deals on everything from Chinese costume jewelry and souvenirs to silk clothing and sportswear. When you’ve had your fill of bargain hunting head to your final destination – a famous jewelry factory where professional craftsmen make gorgeous works of art
From HKD713.00

Climate Tips (19)

Hong Kong Air Quality

Air pollution continues to be a significant problem in Hong Kong. The haze which envelopes the city most days is caused by a combination of car fumes together with emissions from factories and power plants in the New Territories and Chinese mainland. This means that most days the famous Peak views will be affected to some extent by the air pollution levels.

The Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department monitors levels closely and provides an Air Pollution index on its website to update residents and visitors about currrent air pollution levels. For the short term visitor this shouldnt pose any problem however over a longer period reduced air quality may trigger asthma attacks in suseptible people.

swissfondue's Profile Photo
Dec 07, 2012

HKG's TYPHOON'S DUJUAN Sep. 02, 2003

Well, I currently do not live in HKG anymore, but I do 'keep an eye out' of HKG's major news stories...especially, when it's weather-related. This 'son-of-a-b*tch' is quite a storm (i heard), and based on a lot of the weather-related information that I've gathered so far, it's gonna lash out at HKG close enough, if not directly. The 'eye' is gonna be on top of either HKG itself, or perhaps close to Sheung Shui/ Lo Wu/ Shenzhen border area. Close call? You can say that again. Stay away from waterfronts, and windows. Simply just stay off the streets. It's only a (U.S. standard/ rating) Category 2? But, still, it was a Category 3 and it could strengthened in the next few hours or so... take care. Sep. 02, 2003 (12:12am, Los Angeles time)

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Apr 04, 2011

Hazy View

Air quality and hazy view has becoming more common in Hong Kong due to the fast economy boom in Southern China with air polluting factories and wind conditions that can bring unfavorable results over Hong Kong island.

Hopefully, this problem will be cleared out in future. But on a nice day in Hong Kong, the view during the day or night of Victoria Harbor is incredible.

SLLiew's Profile Photo
Jan 15, 2008

Black Rainstorm: When it rains in HK, it pours!

Definition of Black Rainstorm : The most severe color coded rainstorm signal in Hong Kong. When this signal is announced, Hong Kong grinds to a complete halt. Schools, Banks, Offices will be closed and all public transport is suspended till after another announcement is made to allow commuters to safely go home.

When it rains in HK, it really pours, particularly around the unfortunate months of May and June. As much as 70 millimetres of rain can fall within an hour during a 'black rainstorm'.
There's also a amber and red code but those signals are less severe. When that happens, a national holiday, I meant a national emergency, is declared and all workers are freed from the bull pens and kids are happily released from schools.
Do familiarise yourself with the rainstorm color codes in case of emergencies (see link below). Again, as much as I may make light of this, a black rainstorm is no laughing matter, floods and landslides can occur , as does severe traffic jams.

bpacker's Profile Photo
Aug 14, 2007
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Typhoons in Summer

Over here in Hong Kong, typhoons(hurricanes) are as common to summers as dim sum are as to teahouses . Do familiarise yourself with the common typhoon vernacular (t1-t10) if you're coming to HK in the months of May to November. While I may make light of this, do note it's no laughing matter. Do refer to the actual website after reading my warped guide:

T1- A typhoon is around the corner (about 800 km of Hong Kong) but you can carry on drinking your tea.

T3 - Pretty Common Signal. No point carrying an umbrella at this point since it'll be blown inside out and ruin your nicely coiffered beehive.

T8 - HK is in the path of a typhoon! If you're a local, you'll rejoice at an impromptu holiday since you'll be released from work and will probably be camping out in a cinema. If you're a tourist, you'll hurry back to your hotel, and curse at the crowds but you'll think this is a great adventure.

T10 - A hurricane is happening now dude. You better be indoors reading this if not you might get tossed into the eye of a storm.

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Aug 14, 2007

very hot humid summer

Be careful during summer time it is realy very hot and humid during this time the temperature goes up 38C, and going in Mui Woe is a hard time because no public transportation are allowed to enter in some area majority of them use bicycle for touring around. for those who dont know how to drive bicycle and no plan to walk for a miles lantau is not a place for you.

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Jul 15, 2007

Air Pollution

Air pollution is serious in Hong Kong, especially in Causeway Bay and Mongkok. Don't expect you can get some fresh air in the ubran area in Hong Kong, like most European countries. In summer, the air pollutants are trapped within the ubran area. Together with the hot weather, it is tough to have a shopping on the street. When you are not feeling well on the street, go to the shopping malls and shops with air-conditioners. It makes you feel better.
I recommend tourist not to spend more than 3 hours on the crowded streets. After an hour of shopping, take a break, have a tea in restaurants or have a drink in coffee shops.
For those who have respiratory problem, it is better to come to Hong Kong in winter. The weather is quite fine in winter, which is cool and the air quality is better.
The website of the observatory of the Hong Kong government provides the air pollution index updated every day. You may check for the air pollution index before going out for shopping.

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Jan 04, 2007

The humidity can be bad!

If you are out and about, make sure you have water with you..I dont suffer from asthma very much, but found the humidity and the pollution did make me wheeze. Use precautions with the heat, and you will enjoy your stay!

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Sep 18, 2006

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Typhoon season

Hong Kong is subjected to typhoons every year between the months of June to September. It is best to avoid Hong Kong during this period. Not only is it hot and humid but should there be a grade 8 typhoon, all shops and businesses will be closed. There is also the risk of being injured by falling overhead signages, air-conditioning units and other flying debris.

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Feb 04, 2006

Hong Kong Weather

Hong Kong is just located south of the Tropic of Cancer and has a subtropical climate. During monsoons season (Spring thru Summer) You can get a lot of rain, similiar to the climate of Hawaii. The rain comes and goes and can sometimes be unpredictable. You will learn quickly that it is wise to carry an umbrella, because the rain can come out of no where.

Umbrellas can be found for a farely cheap price ($10HKD or $1.30USD) and it pays to have one.

*** The rain in this picture swooped into the city out of no where. Quickly blocking out the Hong Kong skyline within seconds. It is moving left to right in a giant wall, as you can see, the city in the left of the picture is nonexistent. As fast as the rain came, it was gone within a few short minutes, leaving the rest of the day with clear and sunny skys.

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Oct 08, 2005

Stonking Hot!

Just a minor warning when visiting this fascinating country, is that it gets exceedingly hot.
We visited in April and every day was very sunny, hot and humid. When visiting during the summer months, pack summer clothes and take some sunblock, and drink lots and lots of water.
However as its a very hot country they are equipped very very well for the heat, and everywhere you go you will be in an airconditioned environment. Buses, taxes, trains and even stations are also nice and cold making commuting less of a hot and sweaty business.

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Mar 04, 2005

Low Cloud – Victoria Peak

If you are planning on going up The Peak, watch the weather. When low cloud surrounds Hong Kong Island it makes visibility almost nil in places. The higher you go the worse it is. This photo was taken from my first apartment which was only half way up The Peak. My first 4 days in Hong Kong were like this but when it cleared, it was fantastic. If you go up The Peak in weather like this, you will see zero.

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Jun 10, 2004

Things to Do Near Hong Kong

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Mong Kok District

Mongkok, one of the busiest neighborhoods in the world, is known for its variety of markets, including a ladies market, a bird market, a flower market, a construction materials market, a goldfish...
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Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui, or TST, is a neighborhood in Kowloon that is famous for its diverse and multinational restaurants and shopping. Near the water you will find high-end fashion, while the area around...
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Hey Relax 3D Gallery is an interesting photo taking venue. Located at a few foot steps away from Kwun Tong MTR station, it provides a 3D Painting Photo Taking Area, 3 Selfies Rooms with props, it's...
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Space Museum

if you want to feel a different experience in modern hong kong, then you can head to the space museum, located at the end of Nathan Road and at Salisbury Road, and Just beside the Avenue of Stars and...
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Nathan Road

Advertised as one of the most commercial streets of Hong Kong, Nathan Road is… one of the most commercial streets of Hong Kong! So what? One Indian tout in each square meter, large and small shops...
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Tin Hau Temple

Tin Hau is a goddess that (it seems) has about 60 temples in Hong Kong, some of them classified as monuments. I think that it is not the case of this one, located in Stanley, and that I visited in...
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