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Shopping Tips (46)

Knock off watches

Everywhere you turn there are people selling knockoff everything . Watch out though for the guys who promise to have the real thing and offer to drag you down some alley..the best case is you'll end up paying $75.00 or more for a $5.00 watch and the worst is you'll get mugged .

easterntrekker's Profile Photo
Nov 16, 2007

Common Scam Tactics

The best way to avoid being fleeced like a lamb while buying electronic goods in HK is to be AWARE of the common scam tactics that retailers love to use in Nathan Road@ Tsim Tsha Tsui.

1)You're offered an unbelievably good price for an item, you hand over your money only to discover that the item is out of stock. They will stall for time first and when you threaten to leave, you will be offered another item but at an outrageous price.
Solution:Don't hand over your credit card or moolah until you have seen the actual item.

2)No prices displayed on the items
Solution: Appear serious and ask for the actual price of the item. Body, accessories and all.

3)You'll be quoted a price but it's only for the camera body , the accessories will cost extra. Eg. Your camera is missing a charger and you'll told to buy one
Solution: This is BS, avoid buying if that is the case

4)You buy a camera and you're told that the one with an international warranty costs more.
Solution: Call their bluff and buy it anyway.

5)You're told that the camera you've chosen sucks and another model can be had at an equivilent price. Usually, the other model is much cheaper than the one than the one you've chosen.
Solution: Check to see if the chap smudge the lens on purpose and check prices on the internet before making your purchase.

bpacker's Profile Photo
Aug 14, 2007

Mongkok Hong Kong Shopping : Shortchanging

Mongkok is one of the popular budget shopping places in Hong Kong. Famous for its watches, garments, tshirts, stuff toys, jewelries etc... You will get great value for money shopping in here and you will negotiate the price with the seller through the use of calculators. Though its fun but make sure you are not shortchanged by fake bills or Chinese yuan money of lesser value. It would be wise to ask others before you leave if you are getting the real money here. Or better make research of its bills or study Chinese!

When ordering food make sure you are getting what you really ordered!

yellowcab's Profile Photo
Jun 10, 2007

Information stand

What can you do if you get lost in the street?
Asking people around you is a good choice. Another solution is to look for the information stand.
There are a lot of information stands in popular tourist sites, like Causeway Bay, Mongkok, Sai Kung, Lei Yue Mun and Central.
The informaton stand provides a map of the area around you and the direction to popular scenery and spots nearby. The map is shown in Chinese, English and Japanese.
It helps you when you get lost !

stefantung's Profile Photo
Jan 04, 2007
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Almost everything that were sold at the flea markets (Stanley, Temple Street, Ladies Street etc) are fakes. Almost genuine looking crap. That Gucci bag, that Mont Blanc pen....all fakes! Of course, if you believe in fake couture, don't let me bother you, shop on - cos I must confess that they are really cheap (with heavy firepower bargaining of course!) - but don't expect any real stuff. For that price?

Mar 26, 2005

Shop around before commiting!!

All employees who work in electronic products shops, work on commission, therefore, they do not have your best interest at heart. Rather, they are more concerned with making a sale.

Though electronics are cheap in HK, it is best to know exactly what you want, or at least be sure of all the features that you want, even if you do not have a specific brand in mind. Otherwise, you may be fooled into buying a poor quality product for a ridiculously large price!!

This happened to me. We went with the intention of buying a Sony digital camera and came back with a 'Vivitar'...which is apparently a good is nothing in comparison to the Sony. Also, make sure the camera is in stock, otherwise you could end up waiting for a long time while it is being delivered from another store. AND MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT GIVE ANY MONEY TILL YOU HAVE THE CAMERA, WITH ALL THE ACCESSORIES IN HAND! Especially as we were 'told' there was a chip in the box, and there wasnt! :D

This is particularly common on Nathan Road. The best thing to do is be sure of what you want and keep money in your hand until you have the camera in your hand!

arv1's Profile Photo
Feb 21, 2005

Electronics stuff 2 golden rules

Well, if you are looking electronics stuff and digital cam at reaonsable price, you can go to Nathan Road. Go to the
shops with a lot of Hong Kong people goes in and shop. A general shopping rule in HK is "Follow the local crowd". If
the shop seems a bit quiet,although it looks good and very cheap price. Don't go in there, they look for the fish like
you. If you willing to pay a little bit expensive ( about 3-5% up ) shops like Fortress, Broadways are good choice, and
you can pay by Visa without extra charge. Normally, they can speak good English.

Another golden rule, don't pay until you get the product in front of you. That means, ask them to get a new one, and
you test it fully. If the shopper insist you pay first, just walk away.

Xdrive's Profile Photo
Nov 15, 2004

You may get more than you bargained for...

From the outside, this womens clothing store looks very prim and proper. But checkout the name of the shop. I didn't go in to investigate (too busy I'm afraid), but it appears you may get a little extra service once you go inside...

I would like to say here that I'm sure that there is actually no underhand business going on, but in English slang at any rate, the name is quite amusing.

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Nov 06, 2004

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Buying electronics from stores on Nathan Road

If you're on the lookout for a digital camcorder, or camera wary of shops that offer deals too good to be true or shops that tell you they have a certain model in stock but that they have to get it from a warehouse and that you should pay a deposit and collect it later. A lot of the time you will end up with them telling you when you return that the item is out of stock and that they can't refund your deposit but they have another camera or whatever you're buying in stock but it's a different model and costs more. Shops like Fortress, Broadway, Tai Lin, Chinese Club and large department stores such as Wing On, Sincere etc and shops in malls such as Ocean Centre, Pacific Place, Gateway. They all have shops that sell electronic goods for everyday consumers or for the high end users. Use common sense, don't get ripped off.

Jul 23, 2004


be careful when you go to the tailors in hong kong.

it is helpful to know exactly what you want, the tailors are friendly, very friendly, and rather persuasive as well,
the place i went prince tailor at 77 peking road did a nice job on my shirts, but the suits were more problematic, and i wound up paying alot more than i had bargained for...
it happens though, just be sure you know what you want.

txjason's Profile Photo
Dec 05, 2003

Electronics Bargaining!

I don't know if I should be telling this one but it's better to say it than regret at all! There are some scam that really happens in Nathan Road and be really aware. Specialy if you buy some electronic goods. The trick is like this, some would approach you or if you'll go ask one of their sales staff, they will give you some very competitive price and then if you really like what they say of course you will think of buying..and then they will ask you to pay first and after a while they will introduce you to some very nice ones and forgot to ask about the one that you will buy and then they will force you to buy the other one and so on...It's not very nice though but we really just have to be aware and accept the fact that there are like this ones even in the city like this!

Aug 18, 2003

are you a parfume girl?

Lately getting more and more people selling parfume on the street, saying original parfume at a cheaper rate. it is advisable that not to buy from them because they may not be real one. The point is you don't know what's inside the bottle. So, be smart!

Apr 23, 2003

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