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"Private Portuguese Heritage Tour: Se Cathedral
"Discover Goa’s colorful history on this private half-day tour. Learn about the heavy influence Portuguese rule had on this region’s religion and architecture from your expert guide’s interesting commentary about all the places you see. After pickup from air-conditioned vehicle your guide will take you to the Basilica of Bom Jesus a UNESCO World Heritage Site that holds the remains of the Catholic missionary St Francis Xavier.Enter the church and walk on the marble floor inlaid with precious stones. Admire the exquisite paintings adorning the walls that depict scenes from St F also known as the Se Cathedral of Santa Catarina dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria
From $50.00
Full Day Private Goa Shore Excursion Including Lunch at Spice Plantation
"9am - You will be picked up from the sea port or your desired location in Goa to begin your full day tour with a professional guide.9.45am - Shri Manguesh TempleA beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located on a Hillock. T stands at the gates in the temple complex. 10.45am - Shree Mahalasa TempleAlso known as Shri Mahalasa Narayani Temple is 450 year old Temple dedicated to the Goddess Mahalasa. Lakshmi (Mahalasa) the goddess of wealth and prosperity is the presiding deity in this temple. The inner hall of the temple has carvings of the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu that have been resplendently painted. 12.30pm - Sahakari Spice Farm (Lunch Included)A an aroma of a variety of genuine spices coming from the trees grown around the farm lots of knowledge guidance on the type of species and treatment for various diseases sumptuous lunch in traditional Goan style. As you move deeper into this site
From $88.00
Private Tour: Goa Sightseeing and Night Cruise with Dinner and Hotel Transfer
"Your driver will pick you up at your hotel in Goa by 4:00 PM and start this special night tour. Board the popular catamaran style cruise with western or Indian DJ while enjoying the fresh ocean breeze. Cruise gently down the river to the Dona Pau past the Adil Shah Palace which was the first building of Panjim that was built by the Sultan as his summer palace and used to housed the Goa Secretariat. After the cruise travel by road and see the Immaculate Conception Church with a panoramic view of P""This is a perfect tour for people who enjoy night life and modern night cruise with DJ. Take the popular catamaran boat cruise and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and mesmerizing view. Also visit the Conception Church with a panoramic view of Panaji City frotitle=Highlights&1=Enjoy+a+romantic+night+including+dinner&2=Romantic+experience%2C+perfect+for+couples&3=See+the+sights+illuminated+at+night&4=All+entrance+fees+included"""Goa
From $49.00

Drugs Tips (12)

Be Very Sly If You Are Consuming Drugs

Hi My trip to GOA was in Xmas 2009 mainly in Anjuna , after a few beers I would scrounge or buy a joint or two
In my two weeks in India ,one night after a few drinks and a spliff I went to the beach very late the police pulled
Me up which was a bit uncomfortable ,I managed to keep calm and talk them out of taking me to the cop shop

These coppers just wanted some dinner money, I would of been in deep *** if I was carrying a joint or a bit gear
I'll never forget that just be careful who's watching.

Mar 14, 2016

Chemical Heads spiking your drinks!

I just had a harrowing experience at Palolem Beach in south Goa (with similar but minor occurrences in the north at Vagator/Anjuna/Calangute). I have recounted the story at the link below as a stern warning for backapckers heading to the coast of Goa:

pipercherokee's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Refrain from these Activities!

Take a note of this tip VERY SERIOUSLY! Travellers are advised to refrain from these kind of activities as you're sure shot to invite trouble! You can have this... but at your own risk! The cops often conduct raids at rave/acid parties and if they find you having grass/marijuana even 0.1mg. It can land you up in serious trouble, You will be held under THE NARCOTIC DRUGS AND PSYCHOTROPIC SUBSTANCES ACT and your future is sealed forever in Aguada jail! If you feel like having it, dont have it openly!

Even after having it, dont let the smell remain in the mouth as that would also land you up in trouble. Have "Chloromint" or any other subatance that would take off the smell of marijuana.

These guys could be found in places like Anjuna and Vagator who would always come behind you, asking you if you need a Weed, LSD, Ecstacy and blah blah. Let me explain you the scam that is involved. These guys will sell you the drugs and you will take them. They have a mutual understanding with the police constables on duty in that particular area. They act as an informers to the police that this particular person has drugs and if the police catches you, your cash as well as other possesions are gone and you land up in Jail or pay heavy bribes. The Drug Peddler gets commission from the constable for information and for the work done. This is how it all works.....Such cases are very few but it does exist.

More Updates: If you in Anjuna, a Warning, be careful of these guys. By looking at him itself you will come to know that he sells drugs. Let me give you his description. Hes about 5'5", Curly hair and he has a tinge of African looks. Hes one of the most infamous and well known drug Peddler in Anjuna and Vagator.

Also be away from this black-bearded BABA who is also well known for his sweet talks and he encourages drug consumption. He ususally hangs around near Avalon Sunset restaurant which is on the way to Anjuna beach.

Apr 04, 2011

Beware a friend

Where tourists go wrong is they are too trusting. Everybody in Goa has an agenda. Toursits are atomatically sized up as potential trafficers, they often mistake the kindness for genuine friendship. It is often the case that a British men and women will ofer to show you around, keep you safe etc. This is where the danger lies.

Drinks are often spiked to relax you and make you more pliable.
Ultimately tourists end up dead or addicted and in debt. to the local mafia.

The problem for a foreigner is the lack of understanding about who they are caught up with or the motive for any kindness.

There is a contempt in goa for the tourists, even young women.
The truth is it is not safe, murders are passed off as accident, drug overdose, suicide.
The police collect fines for not arresting you, the mafia will use anybody they can to extend the customer base.

To take drugs in Goa is stupid, you must be alert and guarded.
There were 3 women washed up on the beach recently, a 9 tourist raped on the beach (it is worth reading the comments from Goa on YouTube if you want to see the real thoughts towards the tourists).

Jan 06, 2011
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A transit point for illegal drug shipments

Goa is not just an epicentre, where drugs are sold at rave and trance parties. In recent years, it has become a transit point for drugs shipped out to various European countries and a production centre for synthetic party drugs.

In keeping with the trend among drug smugglers worldwide of coming up with innovated ideas to escape the law, drug lords based in Goa are using minors (both boys and girls) as ‘mules’ and carbonised suitcases to ship their drugs to Europe.

The arrest of a Nigerian national trying to smuggle drugs out of the country brings into focus the newer and novel ways of drug smuggling resorted to in recent times. The heroin - 2.5 kilograms - was concealed in a false bottom of the Nigerian’s bag.

Carbonised compartments fitted in suitcases and bags hamper the detection of drugs, informed one customs official in Mumbai.

If that was not enough, young boys and girls are forced by compulsion to act as mules by drug dealers in Goa to courier consignments. Kids hooked on drugs are forced to carry the consignments to foreign destinations.

An Italian minor was caught at the Dabolim airport in Goa when she was due to board an Indian Airlines flight to Mumbai en route to Auckland via Singapore last year. The arrest exposed an Israeli drug racket based in Goa that was using the new method to transit drugs out of India.

Read these following news paper articles to get a better idea about this issue

Justin_goa's Profile Photo
Nov 22, 2008

Goa is safe if you want it to be

For pure tourism there is nothing to beat Goa, but then people tend to explore Goa for other reasons. For wrong motives any place can be bad, why only Goa. The death figures which are quoted are not murder or killings but deaths occuring due to normal occurance as well. According to me Goa is as safe as it could be just a bit of caution and clear intentions are desired. The last pisode of 15 year old dying could have been avoided had the mother been more watchful. The young girl was alone with the bartender doing drugs. It had all the ingredients of bad ending.

ghajela's Profile Photo
Mar 13, 2008

It's not as bad as they say it is

Drugs are rampant in goa. So I see no reason to instill fear within tourists on the topic (though the government would differ with me).
You can get a fair bit of variety on your recreational drug of choice. Though the cardinal rules still apply like any other city.
1. Don't be ***-faced in front of the cops. If you are. DON'T STOP.
2. Be sure your buying from a good source and don't take anything anyone gives you for free. (There's no free lunch in life).
3. Hide the drugs when your leaving one place for the next. So that if the cops stop you, it's not on you.
4. Don't be stupid to carry a huge amount at any time. There's only so much you will need for the night.
5. If the cops do stop you be courteous yet defiant. You have nothing to hide remember.

wrldtravler's Profile Photo
Dec 15, 2006

Stay away from the kick!

You are here to party and have fun, gr8 weather, the ambience, and the people, isnt that enough to get you on a high!!

I never understood why anyone would get hooked on to the 'STUFF'. Though you might find it available locally with a little bit of effort, take my word, stay away cos the cops arent gonna let you go easy on this.

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Jun 05, 2006
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"The Gem that's Goa"
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"Sun, Sand, & Shacks in Goa"
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"My Goa Experience"
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"Just right..."
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Drug Consumption

Please be aware that there appears to be little intollerance to drug use here - if it is not your scene then please just walk away and find a bar that is more your scene. Although a 'Spliffed' up holiday maker is more 'Chilled' out than a drunken lout - but be aware that this 'could' / 'may' go on in a very few of the bars.

maclean's Profile Photo
Oct 18, 2005


There are plenty of pharmacies in Goa practcally willing to sell you anything, and even post it over for you!!!

As dodgy as these may seem, my friend managed to get identical asthma inhalers to the ones she buys in the UK for a fraction of the price.

Is up to you whether you want to check the chemists out but just a thought if you are unlucky enough to have to pay a fortune for your prescriptions back home!

Cat1976's Profile Photo
Aug 16, 2005


Junkies or Hippies whatever they are called, they can be found in Goa in small groups esp in the Northern side at rave / trance party spots or in sceduled places near the coastal villages. They could be seen wearing Lowsy and shabby clothes, with wierd tatoos and hairstyles and are drug craze.

Though most of them are harmless, some could get very annoying and aggressive and can put you into serious trouble. Use your own discretion before befriending them.

These people are the first ones to be searched by the police for any drugs and if they are caught with possession of the same, The cops would drag you along with these guys for being a part of the drug bandwagon.

Bottomline: If youre a straight forward person with an attitude...AVOID THESE PEOPLE.


NOTE: Not everyone who dresses up like the way I had mentioned above are JUNKIES. Some might just try to imitate.

Nov 06, 2004

If you take drugs !!!!!

I don`t need to stress the importance of not getting involved in drugs in India, but what i will say is if you do then be very very careful, there are many drug crazed westerners in Goa who will probably live out their days there and die sad and lonely . Cops will rape you clean of all your possesions if you are caught and you could end up in Aguada jail (not a very pleasent place) for up to 10 years minimum. The drugs are very strong cheap and available in Goa so if you are going to be tempted, do not have them in your room(cops can and will raid backpacker hostels at any time) never carry them about in your pockets walking home at night, I have been stopped on a few occasions coming home from a bar , they will just wait for some unsuspecting tourist a little tipsy on their way home in the hope of some easy cash if they find anything, don`t give them the satisfaction

feelthevibe's Profile Photo
May 18, 2004

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Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church - Panaji

This Church is located in the heart of the city. It is one of the first churches to be built in Goa with its church bells being the second largest in the world. Best viewed at night when the entire...
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Old Goa

Old Goa was he site of the Portuguese capitl until the mid 18th century. Today is it a magnificent complex of churches, monasteries, and cathedrals that cover a 1.5 km stretch. It is also a UNESCO...
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Panaji - Panjim City

Worth a visit for a few hours to this moderately -sized town which is the Capital of Goa. A good selection of shops and a very extensive market where all manner of goods and fruit can be purchased....
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Boat Trips - Cruises

We had a great time kayaking and sailing with skipper Pascal and Poonam on their traditional yet modern cruise, enjoying the Sunset River Cruise in Goa. The mangroves exploration was super exciting...
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Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Northeastern Goa, India. The total area of this park land is 8 square km. It is a popular destination for both tourists and school children. Known for the place...
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Basilica of Bom Jesus - Old Goa

The Basilica of Bom (infant or good) Jesus is 9 km from Panaji on the banks of Mandovi River in Old Goa. It contains the mortal remains of Goa's patron saint, St. Francis Xavier, who died while on a...
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