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Private Tour: Temples and Ashrams of Ganga Sagar Day Trip from Kolkata
"Spend a day away from metropolitan Kolkata and embark on an enriching enlightening journey to the city of Ganga Sagar on Sagar Island. After pickup from your hotel in Kolkata by private air-conditioned vehicle head approximately 80 miles (135 km) to Kakdwip. Along the way your expert guide will explain the history of the area as you admire beautiful views of India’s landscape. When you arrive board the local boat with your guide and enjoy a 30-minute cruise on the Ganges River to Kachuberia on Sagar Island. Then board your private vehicle and listen to your guide’s informative commentary about the region on a 40-minute journey to Ganga Sagar.Arrive in Ganga Sagar around noon. For lunch you may choose to enjoy a meal you have pre-packed yourself or
From $71.00
Private Tour: Bhopal City Day Tour
"Pickup from your hotel at 9 am in Bhopal for this wonderful full-day city tour of Bhopal. We will take you to visit the Jama Masjid built by Qudsia Begum has tall dark minarets crowned with glittering golden spikes. The Moti Masjid is patterned on Delhi's Jama Masjid. Among more recent constructions of note are the Tah-ul-Masjid started by Begum Shah Jahan and completed in 1982. It has an impressive main hall inter-arched roof broad facade and wide courtyard with a shopping arcade - Taj market - around its boundary walls. Stopover at Bharat Bhavan a multi-arts centre without parallel in India
From $64.00
Private Tour: Full-Day Bhojpur and Bhimbetika Tour from Bhopal
"Pick up from your Bhopal city hotel at 9:00 am and proceed to Bhimbetka and Bhojpur. Bhimbetka is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and lies about 50 km away from Bhopal (approx. 1 hour). Bhimbetka is known for the 700 rock shelters belonging to the N000 years (yes 35000 not 3500!). The caves are so old that they span from the late Stone Age to the early historic period. The inhabitants of these caves over the years had created their own stone floors. A variety of implements & tools that were used at that time can be cleavers and scrapers to remove flesh and fat from the skin of slaughter animals and the colored earth called ""Ochers"". There are paintings of even stone hand mills for grinding grain and nuts.  The paintings in these rock shelters gi one can make out scenes of domestic life – including a woman with a child or performing household chores. The other side of humans can be seen in the paintings of raids during warfare and hunting of animals. Among animals one can see outlines of what loo
From $85.00

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maheshwar is the ancent city of mahishmati which finds a mention in great epics like ramayan and ancient city it has its share of legends.the baneshwar temple located in an island in...
Oct 11, 2008


sahastradhara means a 100 streams.the narmada river after pasing maheshwar breaks into a turbulent flow due to natural rocks obstructing it.legend has it that a demon once tried to capture the river...
Oct 11, 2008
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