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  • Poovar Island,Kerala
    Poovar Island,Kerala
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  • Munnar
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  • Kerala Backwaters
    Kerala Backwaters
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State of Kerala General

  • Airport Money Exchange

    Kochi General

    It depending if you prefere using the ATM or changing cash. Inside the building are only Money Changers with bad rates (68 instand of 71,5 Rupies for 1€, November 2015), ATMs are outside in a separat building in front of the airport. If you want to get back in the airport (for the Money Changers) there might be a long waiting line at the security...

  • Best Resorts in Kerala

    We started our Kerala trip with a memorable stay at Rain Forest Resort at Athirappally,with our room facing the Athirappally falls.All I can write about this place is "Truely Devine & Serene".Thereafter we went to Munnar and stayed at the Mountain Club Resort which was also very impressive.The best we liked however was Punnama lake resort at...

  • Kerala Kanyakumari itinerary for 12N 13...

    Hi,You can follow this itinerary.Day 1: Arrival at Kozhikode. Transfer to Wayanad (3 hrs).Day 2: Wayanad.Day 3: Nothing very special in Thrissur. Better you may go to Athiraplly water falls and stay in Kochi or Athiraplly itself.Day 4: Kochi (Fort Kochi).Day 5 : Munnar ( It will take around 4 hrs to reach Munnar).Day 6: Munnar.Day 7: Thekkady.Day...

  • The site is for all travel lovers!

    I visited Kerala recently and received excellent services at every front of our trip. From flight ticket booking and hotel reservation to taxi services for local sightseeing all was first class and I never met with any trouble. We enjoyed Munnar and Thekkaddy. Our tour guide was conversant and polite and helped us a lot in exploring these sites. I...

  • Kovalam-Kanyakumari-Munnar

    hi1. You can hire a taxi and leave kovalam early in the morning to Kanyakumari, visiting Padmanabhapuram palace and Sucheendram temple on the way.. you can watch sunset and return to Kovalam by late night.2.To reach Munnar, if you are travelling by Taxi, it will take about 8 hrs from Kovalam. Other alternative is to reach Kochi by early morning...

  • Going to South India?

    House Boat in the Backwaters I've been to North and South India and loved both for different reasons. I've never been to the North East states, just as far as Darjeeling, wich I really enjoyed.Reasons for going to Kerala in South India:* The Backwaters, Houseboat - Where: Kochi and Allaphuza in Kerala.* Beaches - Where: Varkala and more.* Western...

  • Exotic fruits-Must taste

    All over Munnar back yard gardens are very popular sowing and harvesting fresh vegetables, what we call in the city as biological fruits and veggies. here in Munnar is abundant. i actually saw a bell pepper,ripe tomatoes, Brinjal and cauliflowers cultivation in my neighborhood during my early morning expedition.Must eat these soft and sweet carrots...

  • Kerala Backwaters-Kochi n Alappuzha

    Hey Denis, I agree, if you are lookin’ for best bargain prices on Houseboats then perhaps best to book a deal on the spot, instead of pre-bookin’, you’ll find plenty around2 get an idea of the best prices, check out the prices of these Govt. run packages Do check out my v comprehensive notes on Kochi,...

  • Synagogue at Chennamangalam

    Jews all over the world are a proud lot when it comes to their culture and heritage. Resulting from their diaspora in the sixth century BC, they made their presence felt in different parts of the world. They made India too their home, till majority of them returned to Israel after 1948.Kerala is one place in India, where the Jewish community made...

  • Weather in Cochin October

    I have been in Cochin for the past few days, during the day the heat builds up and it begins to pour cats and dogs which stay for a few hours. very dificult to go out at night. they say that this unusual since it is nearly the end of october. the westher was so bad when i arrived that flight couldnt land and we were diverted to coimbatore. as...

  • Boat building at Beypore

    'Uru' or dhow is a traditional boat built at yards in Beypore.These boats are immensely popular in the Gulf states like Oman and UAE.

  • Kovalam Beaches

    On the Malabar Coast along the Kerala shore line is a small village, called Kovalam. This sleepy town suddenly came on the tourist map when its fabulous beaches were discovered.Today Kovalam has become one of the most popular beach hangouts in India. Kovalam means a grove of coconut trees and truly the coconut trees along the beaches gives it a...

  • Kerala Tourism - Munnar

    Kerala is one of the paradises on the earth. Didn't visit kerala yet!! great miss of a lifetime......Munnar is one of the most popular tourist places in Kerala. Visit my blog to read more...Kerala Tourism - Munnar Paddy fields, coconut trees, jungles, hill stations, beaches, backwaters, traditional arts and culture....Everything here will never...

  • Fruits

    In kerala you will find all kinds of fruits. The land is very fertile and fruits a plenty. Although due to the increase in population the farmlands have decreased, but people in their courtyard plant rare trees and berries. you will find cherries, berries, mangoes, custard apple and many other fruits in courtyards of houses.

  • trivandrum city during Onam

    trivandrum city celebrates onam with week long fairs,cultural programmes at nishagandhi auditorium,boat race at karamana river,food festivals and lighting of avenues with myriad electric bulbs

  • The Growth of the National Movement

    There was no dearth of patriotic fervour amongst the people of Kerala when India was going through the struggle for independence.Malabar was a centre of political agitation from the inception of the national movement. Many stalwarts of the Indian National Congress were from Malabar. The Non-Cooperation Movement and the Khilafat agitation found...

  • British Accession to Power

    Like the other European powers, the British also came in as traders to India. By 1634-35, they had managed to gain permission to use all the Portuguese ports in Kerala from the Zamorin. The British fortified Calicut in 1664.In the years to follow, Travancore and Tellicherry also came under purview of the British.But it was not all smooth sailing...

  • Mysore Invades Kerala

    Haider Ali, the ruler of Mysore, turned his attention towards Kerala after subduing Bednore in 1763. The regions of Kolathiri, Kottayam, Kadathanad, Kurumbranad and Calicut came under the dominion of Haider Ali. Again in 1773, Haider Ali laid siege on Kerala and conquered Trichur after restoring his authority in Malabar. Haider’s son, Tipu Sultan...

  • Rise of Travancore

    Travancore or Venad occupied centre stage in the political arena of Kerala around 18th century, thanks to the deeds of its two illustrious rulers, Marthanda Varma (1729-58) and Rama Varma, popularly known as Dharma Raja (1758-98). In his lifetime, Marthanda Varma successfully annexed the territories under the Dutch. Known as the Maker of Modern...

  • Trade Link With Dutch

    Lured by the possibility of trade with India, the Dutch landed on the western coast. Various treaties signed in 1608 and 1610 ensured trading facilities for the Dutch. With the treaty of 1619, the Dutch joined hands with the British to eliminate competition from the Portuguese.The Dutch were able to fortify and monopolise trade in the regions of...

  • The Arrival of Europeans

    The arrival of Vasco da Gama at Calicut in 1498, was a landmark event in the annals of history. At that time, Kerala was in the throes of political turmoil. Although the Portuguese did not enjoy cordial relations with the Zamorin, they succeeded in procuring some trading facilities at Quilon and Cannanore. But the Portuguese were intent on stopping...

  • Emergence of Calicut

    During the medieval period, Calicut rose to prominence from the ashes of the mighty Kulasekhara Empire, in the northern part of Kerala. The Zamorins (literally Lord of the Sea) were the hereditary rulers of Calicut who traced their lineage to the old Perumal dynasty of Kerala. Calicut emerged as a major seaport during the reign of the...

  • The Venad Kingdom

    After the fall of the Kulasekharas, Venad emerged as an independent power. The kingdom reached its zenith under Udaya Marthanda Varma (1175-1195) and Ravi Varma Kulasekhara (1299-1314). An efficient ruler, Udaya Marthanda Varma was the architect of a brilliant administrative system for temples. The copper plates, which he issued during his rule,...

  • Rajasekhara Varman Rul (a.d. 820-44)

    (succeeded Kulasekhara Alvar. He founded the ‘Kollam Era’ of Kerala, which began in a.d. 825. He is also reputed to have issued the Vazhappali Inscription, the first epigraphical record of the Chera Kingdom. Rajasekhara Varma was followed by Sthanu Ravi Varman (a.d. 844-55), a contemporary of the Chola King, Aditya I (a.d. 870-906).The...

  • The Second Chera Empire

    Just after the eclipse of the Kalbhras, the Second Chera Empire made its appearance in the annals of Kerala history. Mahodyapuram (modern Kodangallur) was its capital. It was founded by Kulasekhara Alvar (a.d. 800-820), one of the 12 Alvars. Alvars were Tamil saints who composed and sang hymns in praise of Vishnu (The Preserver in the Hindu Holy...

  • Shankaracharya – The Great Theologian

    Kalabhra InterregnumAfter the Sangam Age, Kerala passed through a dark period that lasted four centuries. This era is known as the ‘Kalabhra Interregnum’. At the end of the eighth centurya.d., South Indian kingdoms such as the Pallavas, the Chalukyas, the Rashtrakutas and the Pandyas succeeded in overthrowing the Kalabhras.¤ Shankaracharya – The...

  • III The Chera Kingdom

    The Sangam Age witnessed three political powers ruling the area which now constitutes the State of Kerala. These were the Ays in the south, the Cheras in Central Kerala and Ezhimalas to the north. The Ays established a kingdom which in its halcyon days, extended from Tiruvalla in the north to Nagercoil in the south. Antiran, Titiyam and Atiyan were...

  • The Sangam Age

    Information about the Cheras during the Mauryan times is very scarce. It is only in the Sangam Age that the history of Kerala emerges from myths and legends. The Sangam Age refers to the period during which Sangam literature was composed. Sangam literally means academy and these great works in Tamil were written in the first four centuries of the...

  • Kerala History Dates Back To Mauryan...

    The first recorded history of Kerala appears in the inscriptions of the Mauryan Emperor, Ashoka (269-232 b.c.).In these inscriptions, Ashoka refers to four independent kingdoms that lay to the south of his empire. These were the kingdoms of the Cholas, the Pandyas, the Keralaputrasand the Satiyaputras.Among them, the Keralaputras or the Cheras, as...

  • Political History

    Kerala is a very politically sensitive state, to the extent that you will find heated political discussions even in remote village teashops. Kerala is one of the states in the world, if not the only one where right wing political alliance and the leftists are democratically elected to power. The political sensibility of Kerala is the result of...

  • Nature's best -the early morning scene

    Vellayani lake in early morning hours..Sit there near the water and see the orange shade of the sky. see the the fisher man set out for fishing...Then the Goden yellow globe of sun appears.. the busy day starts.... The dip in the cristal clear water of local river in our village....

  • Kerala

    TemplesPadmanabhaswamy TempleEast Fort Ganapathy Temple, PazhavangadiBhagavathy Temple, AttukalHanuman Temple, Vikas BhavanSree Parasurama Temple, ThiruvallamJanardhan Swamy Temple, VarkalaAruvipuram siva Temple, NeyyattinkaraSree Kanteswaram Temple, TrivandrumChurchesSt.Joseph Church, PalayamChrist Church, PaslayamLMS Church, PalayamLourdes...

  • Drinking water

    Do not drink water of the tap. Bottled water is highly recommended or better yet, the `jiregam water' or the spice water the locals drink. Its cools the body and is good to the health. The thosai's and the chutneys! I have never tasted such delicacies anywhere yet and the assortments of chutneys are amazing!! Better yet, try the payasam which is a...

  • Elephant Ride In Periyar Wildlife...

    Elephant Rides can be arranged at the Periyar Wildlife Park. The one I went on was quite interesting as we rode out through the forest and saw monkeys climbing in the trees. I had to watch out for branches of the trees too as the trail that I was on seemed like a new one and I had to duck low so the brances would knock me off the elephant. I...

  • Hiking in the forest

    While in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary I did a great hike in the forest that got my adreneline pumping! I was hiking by myself on established trails so I felt comfortable but still often wondered if Tigers came into the area as there are supposed to be Tigers here. I came to a spot in the forest where the monkeys were acting crazy! The actually...

  • Temple festival

    March and April are temple festival season in Kerala. If you are lucky, you can wtiness the temples celebrating their own festival in different neighbourhoods. Temple festival are combined with traditional values and modern commercialization today. You can see colorful flower petals pattern on the street, loud speakers blaring both religious and...

  • Christianity in Kerala

    Around one quarter of Kerala’s population is Christian (including the family whose home we stayed in in Chennamkari, who were Syrian Christian). There are a number of beautiful white-washed churches peppered through the canalways.

  • Monsoon Danger

    Houses and other buildings along the canals look to be almost even with the water level, which means major flooding risk during the monsoon season.

  • Gravel-wallahs

    The canals create year-round employment for the gravel-wallahs, whose job it is to fill their canoe with gravel, arrange it along the canals to prevent flooding, then begin again once the monsoon is over (in preparation for the next year).

  • Welcome to the Beach Life

    The backwaters may attract hordes, but Kerala’s 900-kilometre coastline is just as popular. It is lined with sandy beaches, rocky outcrops and coconut palms. For a fabulous beach holiday, the sleepy town of Kovalam stands out. Papanasam Beach at Varkala has mineral water known for its medicinal properties gushing from its cliffs. Bekal beach is...

  • Ayurveda

    From Kerala to the rest of thew world, the ancient healing system of ayurveda has come a long way over the last 5000 years. It opffers time tested and scientifically validated programs for rejuvenation and prevention, and the state’s climate, abundance of forests and cool monsoon season are perfectly suited for ayurvedic treatments. Take Rasayana...

  • Culinary Cornocopia

    A typical feast in Kerala, like most of south India, referred to as sadya, is spread out on a banana leaf and must be eaten with the fingers. The cuisine is one of great variety. Must-haves include Pathiri (a pancake made of rice flour), Fish Molee and Idiappam (string hoppers). Spices are an important ingredient and are used to tone up the system...

  • Liquid Tranquility

    There’s little to say about Kerala’s Backwaters that hasn’t already been written about somewhere. Still, for the uninitiated, the backwaters are inland lakes connected by a network of canals, stretching to almost 1900 kilometers. Boats of various sizes ply these waters, carrying all kinds of goods. The most interesting area is the Kuttanad region,...

  • All the right moves

    Apart from Kathakali, the sacred dance that has evolved over 400 years, Kerala boasts a variety of other dance forms. These range from Theyyam (a dance form glorifying the goddess), to Mohiniyattam (the dance of the celestial enchantress), Thullal (a classical solo dance form), Koodiyattam (Kathakali’s 2000 year old predecessor), Ottamthullal,...

  • God's own country

    Kerala is rich in natural beauty. The most famous being its backwaters. Rolling hills covered with tea estates and spice gardens can also be enjoyed. Palm trees- Kerala is covered with palm trees.


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