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I went here a number of times and each time I had to direct the taxi driver (one of whom had never been and was so impressed he bought himself a shirt!)!

What to buy When I was left stranded in Mumbai (volcanic ash blah blah blah) I ran out of clothes and so this market was a gem!
The best way to do your shopping here is to have a mooch about, look at the 'fixed prices' to get a good idea of what things cost and then set off on your shopping mission. NB if you are even looking remotely interested the 'fixed price' sign may magically disappear so... keep your eyes alert else you will get ripped off! I chose a top with a fixed 100INR price - when I went to buy it the price suddenly jumped to 500INR! I got it for 100INR and bought several more too!

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Apr 27, 2010

FASHION STREET: Fashion Street

Fashion Street (FS) is the name that you can hear from most of the college students in Mumbai as soon as the last bell rings. Indeed, it has become the stomping ground of the students and teenagers, who make the style statement in their classrooms and the realm of fashion. Located adjoining the Cross Maidan and opposite Azad Maidan in South Mumbai, Fashion Street is actually a market flooded with export surplus clothing. It is a group of more than 100 shops, where you can get chic clothes and fashion accessories at very cheap rates.

Apart from clothing, here you can find shops selling shoe and costume jewelry too. Haggling is 'mantra' of shopping at Fashion Street, where shopkeepers generally quote higher prices. You can really enjoy buying cool stuff, while bargaining and cracking pretty good deals. Essentially ask half of the price, what has been asked by the proprietor, haggle a bit or move forward and eventually, you will get the selected things at the price quoted by you. On your visit to Mumbai (Bombay), definitely pay a visit at Fashion Street to get some really nice stuff.

What to buy Cloths ,Indian Sarees, Gents Shirts,T-shirts ,All Cloths .Clothes and fashion accessories at cheap rates

What to pay Always Pay Half Whatever is he Tell .

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Jan 14, 2010

FASHION STREET: Some bargains

Fashion street on MG Road so inetresting to visit. It is very lively, especially around sunset.
Most items are “fixed priced”, but you might get some discount if you ask.

What to buy Clothing - Men & Women

What to pay Average to below average

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Feb 15, 2008


Bargain, bargain and still bargain and when you are still not satisfied then simply walk and you will be called back by the store keeper and finally you get that smart T at the price you want.

People with an attitude, those who cant negotiate, think bargaining is down market please stay away from Fashion street. If you are here, you need to have nerves of steel and &^%$ of steel as well. There will be cat calls, shopkeepers jostling for your attention and if you have shown even a lil interest in thier wares, they wont stop till they sell it to you.

So dont be shy to bargain, in India always do!

What to buy Tees, sandals, watches, caps, shoes, accessories, sports wear, and imitation no they dont sell guns, gizmos or mobiles here

What to pay If he quotes Rs 500, you must bring it down to 100, then move up a lil to 120 and then walk away, you will eventually get it at the rate you want....simple!!

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May 26, 2007
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FASHION STREET: Cheap Clothes & Hip Styles

Not quite my style but a good place to buy colorful clothing (t-shirts, knock-offs, etc) cheap. Very popular with the local young crowd.

What to buy Remember Mumbai was once the textile (cotton) capital of the world -- the first cotton exchange in the world was created here and Mumbai (then Bombay) became the world's leading exporter of cotton to Europe --- meeting the gap in supply created by the Civil War in America, when the Union Navy blockaded Confederate ports in the South cutting off their ability to export plantation grown cotton to Europe.

What to pay Not much.

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Nov 29, 2003

Fashion Street: Bargains Galore

Firstly - Bargaining is the custom when shopping at street vendors in India, so please slash the price in half before anyhting else.
India is a huge supplier of garments and beaded / faux jewellry to the international market and major department stores. This has created a local market in bombay for any defective, stolen, surplus inventory. But by and large the clothes are of good quality, trendy, and probably the cheapest anywhere in the world. There are good bargains to be found if you know how to go about it.

What to buy Stick to the casual stuff: shorts, shirts, t-shirts, summery dresses, cotton clothing.

What to pay If he says 200 you say 100, if he says 80 you say 40... and stick to it, maybe a little over that's all.
If you can walk away with paying 50-60% of the asked price your OK.

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Feb 21, 2003

FASHION STREET: daily wear cloths

Fashion street, the most famous spot for mumbaikar's as well as all pople in maharashtra, Who will visit mumbai will visit fashion street without fail. You have to bargain a lot here.

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May 01, 2006
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"Keeweechic's Mumbai (Bombay)"
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"My Second Home"
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"Mumbai – A Magnificent Mix"
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"Aadil's Mumbai (Bombay) City of Gold!!!"
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