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Mumbai City Highlights Small-Group Tour
"This Mumbai city sightseeing tour is a great introduction to the city – get familiar with Mumbai and see its top attractions in one day. Start at the Victoria Terminus Mumbai’s most famous example of Victorian Gothic architecture. Travel across the city on board a taxi and go back in time as you view Mumbai’s wealth of colonial-era buildings. View the Gateway of India a bold basalt arch reflecting Hindu and Islamic architecture styles. Located at the waterfront this monument welcomed visitors who arrived in Mumbai by boat.Continue on a ride through Marine Drive and onto the 200-year old Shiva temple Babulnath. Here you may see devout Hindus carrying milk and water to pour over the Linga the creative symbol that denotes Lord Shiva. A short ride later
From $54.00
Private Tour: Customizable Mumbai Sightseeing Including Elephanta Caves or Kanheri Caves
"Your private tour of up to five Mumbai sights starts with hotel pickup by your private guide in an air-conditioned vehicle. You have the choice of three tour options all of which are customizable by you based on what you want to see: Elephanta Caves plus any four sights Kanheri Caves plus any four sights or any five sights except Elephanta Caves and Kanheri Caves (the two cave sites are too far apart to visit both in a single day) The Elephanta Caves are located on Elephanta Island a short boat ride away; the Kanheri Caves sit on the outskirts of the city and are at least 21 centuries old. In the city perhaps visit the Gateway to India an iconic structure sitting next to the legendary Taj Hotel. Cruise down Marine Drive along the coast to get an expansive sense of the city
From $71.00
Private Mumbai Half-Day Sightseeing Tour
"You're finally visiting Mumbai Bollywood City. But there's a catch: you have only one day. (Hey you've always heard that things move fast here—why not you?) Your tour specialist will meet you at your hotel lobby in Mumbai. Your tour will begin by visiting Gateway of India built to welcome King George V and Queen Mary into India. Just around the corner is the iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. The hotel's original building was commissioned by Jamshedji Tata and first opened its doors to guests on December 16th 1903.Then visit Mumbai University (a British heritage building built in 1857) Rajabai Clock Towers (the Big Ben of India)
From $65.00


Colaba Causeway: Shopping Heaven

Colaba Causeway is shopping heaven. It is a very long road lined on one side with hundreds of stalls. They sell everything you could imagine from jewellery, clothes, instruments, fruits, books, homeware etc etc. Bargaining is a must, only pay what you think is fair and walk away if the price doesn't suit you. I would advise walking the whole length of the street first and not buying till after as a lot of stall sell the same things and you'll get the best price by comparing. There are loads of shops off the street too with decent prices. Also: Please visit the "Avante Cottage Crafts of India Supermarket" at the cinema end of the Causeway. It is a beautiful very reasonable fixed price shop with beautiful Indian crafts.

What to buy Everything, anything, leave plenty of room in your suitcase.

What to pay You can at least half the suggested prices but go as low as you feel is correct for you.

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Jan 09, 2012

STREET VENDORS- colaba causeway: Surprises await

Colaba Causeway is a long road starting from Regal Theater. The famous Leopold's Cafe is located on this street along with other fun bars & restaurants. There are about 10 roadside vendors who have good clothes stacked throughout the year.

What to buy The great thing about this place is the shopping for women. If you want loose Indian kurtas, kaftan pants, cotton skirts with Indian Prints..this is the place- for a price of around Rs.200.
There are also a few shops where you get loads of t-shirts at a fixed cost of Rs. 100-Rs.150. Loads of basic tees in bright colours and always a few pretty dresses for around Rs. 250.
There are a lot of sizes available since the clothes here are export rejects.
The things that you can find here are often of good brands.
Old Navy shorts for Rs.200
Topshop top for Rs. 150
Cute Tom & Jerry Tees for a Rs.100 :)

The jewellery on this road is really lovely- chunky beads, earrings and bangles on the road and sterling silver jewellery with semi-precious stones in the shops alongside. A lot of them have antique jewellery which are some 40-50 years old- so it will be expensive.

Shoe shopping- Kolhapuris. Typical Indian leather shoes in bright colours- pink, green, blue, purple. And so comfy :) they are a must bye- for about Rs. 250-300.

It depends on your luck- but its worth going there if you anyway are headed to Leo for that beer.

What to pay Well please bargain, but dont expect anything lower than Rs. 100-150

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Apr 06, 2009


My eyes are always attracted by small glittering things, so much so that friends have suggested I must have been a magpie in a former life! Fortunately for the bangle sellers, if this is the case, the magpie's tendency to take things without paying did not carry over too!

We found a lot of street stalls in the area around Santa Cruz station, which seemed to be rather less expensive than some of the shops where we also saw bangles for sale. The stalls looked very tempting with rows and rows of bangles, hung as they would sit on an arm, across the top and boxes of different sized ones underneath. I felt I'd really like to take the whole stand home and install it in the corner of my bedroom but due to limited suitcase space, I limited myself to four boxes and these unfortunately were very popular with my friends, when I returned home!

The biggest advantage of buying the bangles in India, apart perhaps from the price, was the availability of different sizes in each style to make sure they sit properly on the wrists rather than falling over the hand, as opposed to buying them in the U.K. where one large size is supposed to fit all wrists and of course doesn't, so do try them on before buying.

In addition to the bangles, we found plenty of other things we liked at nearby stalls and also bought cotton fabrics and cosmetics in the area.

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Feb 28, 2006

STREET VENDORS: Buying a low budget salwar kameez

The is a small street which runs parallel to Andheir station. Here there are rows or street stalls which are put up with bamboo and cloth.

What to buy Here locals baring and get the best deals to low budget salwar kameez , and other clothes like t-shirts accessories like caps,shoes and watches.Its can get really hot with 100's of people in that narrow street with rickshaws coming in to leave commuters at the station. Not for the faint hearted.

What to pay 150/- to 500/-

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Nov 07, 2005
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cobblers..: repairing..

A cobbler repairing my sandals: Mumbai bursts of craftmen and vendors and you can find almost anything or get everything repaired, something which in lots of countries is not easy to find anymore after consumerism cutted down these sort of manual activities. And the prices for all this are really advantageous compared to the so-called western standard costs and even if you didn't "bargain", which here however, if you buy from street sellers, is definitely a "must"..!!

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Mar 18, 2005

Books on the streets!!!: A Real Paradise For Book Lovers!!!

A real paradise for book lovers!!! The streets of Mumbai have some of the latest as well as oldest books available for almost next to nothing sometimes or at almost one tenth the prices of new editions!!! Some may be slightly shop soiled copies or may even be brand new, sometimes they are second hand books but mainly in very good condition!!! Whatever the case may be you will get a good bargain for the prices you pay!!! You do have to haggle a bit or else they will rip you off!!! Try to bring down the prices from what they ask by atleast 50% and expect to pay about 60% to 70% (maximum) of the prices quoted by them!!! Don't go by the orginal price of the book!!! Look for the code price that they have written in ink on the top left hand corner of the last page inside the cover. Make a rough calculation from that price and reduce it to about 50% and then play along in the bargaining game till you get the price you want!!! And show that you are not really interested in buying that particular book or else if they think you desperately need it then they will never come down on the prices!!! Walk away and then they will call you again till you finalise the deal!!! Make sure it is in your favour though!!! HAHAHA!!!

Happy book buying at prices that will sweep you off the streets literally!!! HAHAHA!!!

What to buy You can get the latest and the oldest books in good condition and down to earth prices so just ask what you want and though they may not be able to speak english well, they will understand exactly what you want if you write it down for them and they will tell you if it is available or not or even if they can procure it for you at a later date!!! You just have to ask!!!

Caution: Sometimes they have bestsellers at prices of less than a dollar each but they could be pirated copies which you can easily make out and I would not recommend buying them!!!

What to pay From as little as Rs 5 for a Time or Newsweek magazine to Rs75 for the latest National Geographic Magazine!!! Or as little as Rs10 for some old books to about Rs1000 for some coffee table books that cost more than Rs3000 in the bookshops!!!

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Feb 05, 2005

STREET VENDORS: Elephenta caves street shops.

This pic is roadside shop at Elephenta caves.But it may seem roadside,
although there presence is irrating when you goto caves,they have small things such as
Souvenires ,pics,few crafted items too.
Price is ok not very high.I saw people comming down carrying bags with
full of things from this shops.
Its not very costely,and you wont get anywhere in MUMBAI like this.

What to buy
Local craft items

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Jan 29, 2004

STREET VENDORS: Street vendors

Strolling around Mumbai you will find street vendors everywhere. Most of them serve snacks and take away foods, but there are many selling clothes, stationery items, music, umbrellas... I even saw a street barber, with its chair, who was shaving the customers there, in the middle of the street!!

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Dec 23, 2003
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"Keeweechic's Mumbai (Bombay)"
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"My Second Home"
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"Mumbai – A Magnificent Mix"
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"Aadil's Mumbai (Bombay) City of Gold!!!"
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Although some establishments loudly proclaim FIXED PRICES, bargaining is still an intrinsic part of shopping in Mumbai. While shopping on the footpaths, start bargaining with 50% of the prices quoted.

For shirts, tee-shirts and wonderful cotton clothes for children at rock-bottom prices, visit “Fashion Street”, a street market opposite one of Mumbai’s exclusive clubs, the Gymkhana, known to everyone as the Mumbai Gymkhana. Bargain very hard: with any luck you can reduce the “For you, madam, a special price, Rs. 90/-“ down to Rs. 25/-.”

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Mar 27, 2003

Colaba Causeway: Bargains Galore II

The road leading from Regal Cinema to Colaba proper is filled with small street vendors and stores selling all sorts of great stuff. From belts to perfumes at fantastic prices. Don't forget to bargain, cut the price is half.

What to buy Clothes, jewellery real and faux, shoes, trinkets etc etc

What to pay Cheap, Bargain, it's the norm.

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Mar 16, 2003

Linking Road: Everything

This is the ultimate shopping avenue for the suburbs in bombay. Located in Bandra, linking road has it all, from department stores like Shoppers Stop, Amarsons and KBN to street vendors selling shoes, bags and clothes.
Some of the stores along this avenue are Niketown, Addidas, Benetton, Levi's, Arrow Shirts etc. etc.

What to buy I would suggest doing a bit of comparison shopping before committing to anything. Since mostly everything is close to each other make good use of this fact by window shopping and then once you've seen all there is you can make the best choices.

What to pay Depending on where you shop.

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Mar 16, 2003

Strand Book Stall: Cheap Reads

Books are very cheap in India. Strand has one of the largest selections of reading lists available in bombay. It isn't a huge store as such but they can get books in within a few days time. It's worth a visit if your an avid reader or have just lost your lonely planet.

What to buy Hardcover Classics are a steal.

What to pay Whereas anywhere else in the world you'd pay upwards of $20 for a copy of Moby Dick, expect to pay no more than $8, and the quality is just as good if not better.

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Feb 21, 2003

Things to Do Near Mumbai

Things to Do

Haji Ali Mosque

Some people I met in Mumbai told me not to miss Haji Ali Mosque. So, the next day I took the bus to that part of the city. From Flora Fountain the bus was 8 rupees (June 2010). After a long time on...
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Things to Do

Haji Ali Dargah

I felt great visiting the shrine, having set off early morning to avoid mid-day crowds. The causeway had some stalls on either side, most with the blue tarp still wrapped: a good sign - in that I WAS...
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Things to Do

Kamala Nehru Park

Kamala Nehru Park is located at the top of Mumbai's Malabar Hills and spreads over an area of about 4000 square feet. It has got its name from Mrs. Kamala Nehru who was the wife of the First Prime...
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Things to Do

Dhobi Ghat - Mumbai's Laundry

The Dhobi Ghat is a huge outdoor "laundromat" located in the Mahalaxmi area of Mumbai. Each day it is estimated that a half a million pieces of clothing are sent here from various places - hospitals,...
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Things to Do

Mahalaxmi Race Course

Mahalaxmi race-course is situated in central Mumbai, next to the "Mahalaxmi Railway Station" and facing the Arabian sea, one of the World's most scenic race-courses.The horse racing season starts in...
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Things to Do

Mani Bhavan

Mani Bhavan is such an interesting museum. The building itself is a very pretty two-storied building tucked away on a quiet side street. Whenever Gandhi was in Mumbai -between 1917 and 1934 -Mani...
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