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Train Tips (29)

Be Safe!

Mumbai and its suburban trains are famous for being very overcrowded. Locals hang from the doors and ride on top of the trains. Only for a few hours during midday are the trains less crowded. Be prepared to exit the train before your stop because crowds entering will be pushing you back as you try to exit. Be extremely cautious if you have to travel late at night – you may even consider an alternate mode of transportation.

If you are a woman, get a ticket for the woman’s (only) compartment or at the very least a first class ticket. DO NOT even think of going in a general/men’s compartment. It is so crowded someone most likely will be pushed up against you.

The trains are cheap, on time, and still the fastest way to get into town from the suburbs or vice versa. Just be smart and safe!

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Mar 02, 2012

From Mumbai to Aurangabad by train

I bought my train ticket for Aurangabad a few days before the journey. There is a reservation centre at CST (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) and when I came there there was a lot of people waiting. I thought it was going to take very long, but was soon told to go upstairs where there is a counter only for foreigners. There was no queue and I could buy my ticket right away. I chose to buy a ticket for 2nd class seat (you get a seat number) with the train leaving at 6.10 in the morning. The ticket was Rs 102 (June 2010).

In the morning of the journey I came to the station in good time so that I could buy breakfast and some snacks. On the train I sat next to a Spanish couple and it was from the beginning few passengers. Well, it soon filled up, and at points during the journey the train was very crowded with people standing or sitting on the floor.

Short after the take off a man came by and asked if wanted to order breakfast. We did and it arrived maybe an hour later. The breakfast consisted of omelette and some bread. I can’t remember the price but it was cheap. If you don’t order breakfast or bring anything with you there will be plenty of opportunities to buy things to eat or drink from vendors passing.

The train was supposed to arrive to Aurangabad at 13.15 but was an hour late. Aurangabad is not the final destination of the train and it only stops for a short while. Be prepared with your bags and be prepared to push through the crowed trying to board the train when you leave it.

From the train station I walked to the hotel, it was not far.

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Aug 11, 2010

Travel anywhere

Travel any where and as many times with tourist ticket., on Mumbai suburban rail network, western and central railway.

Validity Adult child Validity Adult child
1 day Rs.170 Rs.100 1day Rs.50 Rs 35
3 days Rs.330 Rs.180 3days Rs.90 Rs.55
5 days Rs.390 Rs.210 5days Rs.105 Rs.60

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Jul 13, 2009

The first cultural shock?!

The airplane arrived at the noon time in Mumbai. Since I am on budget, I took the rickshaw to Adheri station. After I bought the ticket and went to the platform, I realized myself looked like an alien there.

However, when train arrived, when I saw thousands of Indians(men mainly) are packed on the train, I was shocked and lost the mind. Because I can't see any space to get inside (even later I realized there was the lady compartment). I am the only "white" among thousands of Indian people.

In one moment, I changed my mind by running out of the station and took the taxi to the hotel.

It's probably that I am not very prepared. However, if I am with another person, I am sure I can try this adventure.

Taxi cost from Airport to Columba area is around 300Rs in day time. In the night time, they may raise to 400Rs. But you can still neogotiate it.

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Apr 05, 2006
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Room for any more????

Now I have to admit I could not have used this mode of transport all the time because it was just too hot for some of the mucking about (especially with children) it required. However, the trains are 1) cheap 2) fast 3) reliable & 4) quite good fun!

2 adults and 2 children travelled for about the same price as a box of matches!

Buy your ticket - you should indicate you want a first class carriage as they ae slightly less crowded!

Women can travel with relative ease as there are uncrowded "women only" carriages.

You may not get onto the first train that comes into the platform because you may be struck dumb with the wonder of how you could ever possibly board - there are people clinging to the outside for dear life... it is every man and flip flop for himself! BUT once you are on it is relatively friendly and easy.

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Apr 27, 2010


Mumbai is well connected to all parts of India with their rail service. The city is the headquarters of the Central and Western Railways and is the final destination for a number of long distance trains. The Western Railways departs Churchgate and runs to the western region of the city while the Central Railway departs from Mumbai CST and covers most of the northeast parts of the city and the central area. The harbour line runs for 54kms along the south-eastern section of the city.

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May 06, 2006

Train to Mumbai from Bangalore

The first time I visited Bombay, I arrived on the Daily Udyan Express train, leaving at 8:30pm from Bangalore, which made for a fascinating journey. Between the three of us we had managed to get two bunks in a second class sleeper carriage for the journey. My friend and her sister took the lower one together whilst I shared the middle one with our case, which our fellow passengers had told us to guard carefully. The friendliness and openness of these people made for a wonderful atmosphere and by the end of the 25 hours, any of us would have been able to write biographies of the others!

We were provided with a good filling meal of potatoes and cabbage with puris, which beat anything I’ve ever been offered on a train in the UK. The train also made several stops at the larger stations along the way which allowed passengers enough time to stop for water, food and magazines. Tea sellers also boarded the train at each station selling sweet strong milky tea, coffee and sometimes juices too along each carriage from seat to seat. I was intrigued to see that a lady selling guavas split and dusted with chilli and salt was followed at the next station by a man who swept up any discarded scraps of fruit and other rubbish for the coins we gave him for his service.

There were toilet and washing facilities in the train, including both Indian and European style toilets, the former, which remainined much cleaner throughout the journey, were more pleasant to use, if the view of the tracks whizzing past underneath didn’t put you off!

We were approximately one hour late arriving at our destination, which took us past sunset and although the train had been well lit inside the night before, when we left Bangalore, no lights were switched on at this stage, which meant the last part of our journey took place in darkness.

The website listed below is useful for train information and bookings but seems a little slow to use

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Feb 07, 2006

Mumbai trains

Given that train travel is my addiction and that Mumbai is one of my favourite places, really my heart should beat faster inside one of Mumbai’s trains and I’m sure that it would have, had there been space!

Arriving at Dadar Station (Central), on the train from Bangalore, we had to change to a local train which stopped near our friends’ home and were advised by the station staff on where to stand for the ladies’ carriage, where they thought we’d stand a better chance of clambering aboard with our luggage during the peak travel time. Well, even there, we missed boarding the first train entirely but having noted the tactics used by other passengers to board, we swung our case onto the next train, all but using it as a battering ram to make a way through for us to jump on behind! Once inside the atmosphere seemed a little calmer and I noticed a few ladies seated peacefully cross legged on the floor feeding their children and one even preparing some vegetables.

I travelled on the local trains a few times on my first visit to the city but have never forgotten this first journey, which cost me a shoe, in addition to my fare and when I was lucky enough to return to the city a couple of years later, using the train was top of my list of things to do on our visit!

We found the system very efficient and inexpensive and the station signs were generally in English in addition to Hindi, which was helpful when deciding whether we'd arrived at the right place to get down. We never found we had to wait long for a train to take us where we wanted

The map on the website listed, shows the railway connections over an outline of the city:

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Feb 07, 2006
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"Keeweechic's Mumbai (Bombay)"
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"My Second Home"
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"Mumbai – A Magnificent Mix"
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"Aadil's Mumbai (Bombay) City of Gold!!!"
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Mumbai Local

The perfect way to criss cross across Mumbai. If you aint in a rush avoid the rush hour traffic (6 am to 10 am/5 pm to 10 pm). It has 2 lines taking you from south to north.

Tickets cost as low as Rs. 4 to upwards of Rs 12.

First class fares start above Rs. 50, but Ist Class here doesnt mean AC or booked seats. Its the same coach with a cushioned seat but a costly fare so you have less of a crowd so that your neatly ironed dress doesnt crumple with very close brush-ins with others, but it doesnt help cos shirt is gonno get crumpled anyway, cos first class is same as II class.

The difference is that you pay more to get your shirt crumpled, so why pay more when you can get the same thing in the II class coach as well?

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Aug 07, 2008

Elephanta Island Train

I’m not sure I can really call this a train, its more like a children’s amusement however I took it because it was organised for me and pretty much everyone else did too just for the novelty of it. It is not like the walk of the pier is any great length, in fact I walked it on the return as waiting for the train to come back would have taken too long. You pile into this little contraption which seats 2 comfortably each side of the wagons and chug at 2kms p/h at best. We had a little breakdown enroute and I was prepared to get out and walk but it kicked into life again and we finished the last few metres in style.

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May 05, 2006

Train Route Map with numbers for India

A map with train routes and numbers, I include the website, you will also need this website to check the train table number which is the one you going to need.

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Apr 04, 2011

By Rail

Trains are fast and economical. The Mumbai Suburban Railway system has the highest passenger concentration of any urban railway system in the world. About 6 million people use the trains every day. The railway actually carries more than half of the total daily passenger capacity of the Indian Railways, the oldest railway system in Asia.

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May 06, 2006

Things To Do in Mumbai

Things to do

Haji Ali Mosque

Some people I met in Mumbai told me not to miss Haji Ali Mosque. So, the next day I took the bus to that part of the city. From Flora Fountain the bus was 8 rupees (June 2010). After a long time on...
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Things to do

Haji Ali Dargah

I felt great visiting the shrine, having set off early morning to avoid mid-day crowds. The causeway had some stalls on either side, most with the blue tarp still wrapped: a good sign - in that I WAS...
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Things to do

Kamala Nehru Park

Kamala Nehru Park is located at the top of Mumbai's Malabar Hills and spreads over an area of about 4000 square feet. It has got its name from Mrs. Kamala Nehru who was the wife of the First Prime...
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Things to do

Dhobi Ghat - Mumbai's Laundry

The Dhobi Ghat is a huge outdoor "laundromat" located in the Mahalaxmi area of Mumbai. Each day it is estimated that a half a million pieces of clothing are sent here from various places - hospitals,...
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Things to do

Mahalaxmi Race Course

Mahalaxmi race-course is situated in central Mumbai, next to the "Mahalaxmi Railway Station" and facing the Arabian sea, one of the World's most scenic race-courses.The horse racing season starts in...
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Things to do

Mani Bhavan

Mani Bhavan is such an interesting museum. The building itself is a very pretty two-storied building tucked away on a quiet side street. Whenever Gandhi was in Mumbai -between 1917 and 1934 -Mani...
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