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Private Half-Day Tour to The Amber Fort in Jaipur with an Elephant Ride
"Start the tour after meeting the guide in the hotel lobby. Drive to Amber with private guide and private chauffeur in an air conditioned comfortable car.The Amer Fort situated in Amber 11 kilometers from Jaipur is one of the most famous forts of Rajasthan.Mount an Elephant to ride the beast uphill. As the Elephant rise to the height see the beautiful sites downhill from a bird's eye view. Say bye bye to the elephant once you reach the main courtyard of they are restricted to carry any tourist while walking downhill.Amer originally was the capital of the state before Jaipur. It is an old fort
From $49.00
Full-Day Private Guided Tour of Jaipur City
"Be picked up from your accommodations at approximately 7:30am for the visit the Amber Fort situated on a ridge just outside Jaipur. The image of the fort is beautifully reflected in the lake below. Within the fort lies the famous Jai Mandir Temple with its world-renowned hall of mirrors the Sheesh Mahal. The walls and the ceiling of the Mahal which reflects any streaks of light to illuminate the entire room.After enjoy a photo tour of the Rajput style Water Palace that sits in the center of the Man Sarobar lake. The lake is often dry in the summer but the winter monsoons return it to a paradise filled with water hyacinths. The next photo location is the Hawa Maha the palace is a major Rajput landmark. This five-storied building is a pink sandstone masterpiece with semi-octagonal and delicately honeycombed windows. The monument was originally conceived with the aim of enabling ladies of the royal household to watc visit the royal residence of the erstwhile King of Jaipur. Built using a blend of Rajasthani and Mughal styles the palace has carved arches and intricately crafted columns. Two carved marble elephants guard the entrance. The palace also houses a museum with a superb collection of Rajasthani costumes.After the palace visit
From $75.00
Private Tour: Amber Fort and Jal Mahal Including Elephant Ride
"Your guide will pick you up from your Jaipur hotel in the morning and take you by private air-conditioned vehicle to Amber Fort. When you arrive at the bottom of the hill near Maota Lake enjoy a unique cultural experience of riding an elephant outfitted with traditional coverings! When you reach the top of the hill follow your guide inside Amber Fort an impressive architectural wonder built by Raja Man Singh I. Known for its artistic style it blends both Hindu and Mughal elements as seen in its large ramparts
From $56.00

Jai Mahal - lake palace Tips (28)

Jal Mahal

The lake palace was built in 18th Century by Maharaja Singh. It sits in the middle of a manmade lake and was restored in 2008. The palace is not currently open to the public, but has been leased to a developer for the purposes of restoring it for tourism.

Jim_Eliason's Profile Photo
Jan 30, 2016

Jal Mahal – the Lake Palace

We stopped briefly for photos here on our way back into town from the Amber Fort. The Jal Mahal sits in the south west corner of Man Sagar Lake, a man-made lake created in the 16th century when a dam was built across the Darbhawati River to address water shortage problems in Amer. The palace itself is thought to have been used for Maharajah picnics and duck hunting parties, but no one seems quite sure. It is partly sunk, with four floors hidden under water (when the lake is full), and has been neglected for over 200 years, but our guide told us there are now plans to restore it and open it as a hotel. If done well (and the Indians do these things very well) it will be an amazing place to stay!

The lake too has been badly neglected in the past, with pollution caused by untreated sewage and a build-up of silt on the lake bed. In recent years a number of bodies, including tourism and government organisations, have worked together to address this and the lake has been considerably cleaned up. A sign of this is the gradual return of bird life, although not in the numbers and variety (yet) that they once were. Nevertheless just from the roadside I spotted a number of egrets, Chinese cormorants, a brown heron and a few moorhens.

We were here in the morning when unfortunately the light is not at its best for photographs – I imagine it could be wonderful in the late afternoon or at sunset.

Next tip: an encounter with a young magician whom we met here.

toonsarah's Profile Photo
Dec 12, 2015

Jal Mahal!

The Jal Mahal, also known as the Water Palace is situated and as the name denotes, is located in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. The palace appears to float on the waters of the lake, hence the name Jal Mahal (Water Palace). Man Sagar Lake is an artificial lake, about 400 years old, in the city of Jaipur. The lake was created in the 16th Century by constructing a dam to conserve water. The palace was modeled on a similar palace, the Lake Palace, Udaipur. It was built in 1799 by Maharaja Madho Singh I.

It's not open for visitors but is a nice place to relax for a half hour.

mamtap's Profile Photo
Aug 11, 2015

A Serene Palace

From the road between Jaipur and Amber Fort, you will see the beautiful Jal Mahal (Water Palace) which is located in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. The palace was built in red sandstone by Madho Singh in 1799 century to be used for a pleasure palace for the royal family and duck hunting parties!

The palace looks best when the lake is full and you can catch a reflection in the water. Unfortunately the first floor of the palace is submerged under water and the palace is closed. It is still a very pretty sight.

Donna_in_India's Profile Photo
May 17, 2015
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A walk by the lake.

You can have a good walk along the Man Sagar lake, a favourite of Jaipur residents on a weekend. First there are loads of people about, hawkers for camel rides, pretty girls for photos and there is the Jal Mahal, lake palace sitting there baking in the sun. The palace was once used for duck-shooting parties but it is now abandoned and boats do not take visitors there anymore (at least officially). It still makes a pretty sight on the water.

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Jul 09, 2014

Jal Mahal - The palace in the lake

On our way back from Amber Fort to Jaipur we made a short stop at Jal Mahal. This water palace is located in the middle of Man Sagar Lake.

As the weather was still misty the palace looked very mysterious in the distance.

Bernd_L's Profile Photo
Jan 24, 2014

Jai Mahal or The Jal Mahal Palace

Built to be a pleasure palace for the royal family in 1799, Jal Mahal Palace (translated as Water Palace) of Jaipur is an extremely romantic place with its red sandstone intricate architecture casting beautiful reflections in the calm waters of the Man Sagar Lake, full of hyacinths. Surrounded by Nahargarh Hills, Jal Mahal is known for its majestic architecture and sophisticated design. It was once used for the royal duck shooting parties. It has also been home to one of the prime ministers of Jaipur estate. Though abandoned, it is very well-preserved and provides a picturesque view from Nahargarh Fort. Set opposite the cenotaphs of the royal family, the first four floors of Jal Mahal is under water and only the top floor is above the water level. The lake eco system is a favorite home of a number of migratory and resident birds. The Mansagar Dam is situated on the eastern side of the lake and provides a good vantage point for viewing the lake and the valley.

goutammitra's Profile Photo
May 12, 2012

Jal Mahal - The Water Palace

From the city centre as you proceed to Amber fort, about 4 kms away, you will come across a huge body of water with three large buildings on it, with the Aravalli hills forming a neat backdrop. This is the Man Sagar (Man Lake) and the biggest building of the three is the Jal Mahal (Water Palace). During the day, the scene is quite ordinary but come the evening and the palace is lit up to present an exquisite picture. The shimmering water and the vast expanse of the lake imbues the palace with an alluring beauty. For an even better view, go up towards Amber Fort, park your vehicle before the fork that takes you to Nahargarh Fort and watch the jewel of lights of Jaipur, with the Jal Mahal to your mid-top left corner. It is a sight you will not forget.

Originally meant for duck-shooting parties by the well-heeled, it had fallen into disrepair. However, a complete makeover of the Palace, as well as of the lake, was undertaken in 2011. Now, there are comfortable boats to take you across to the Palace.

In 1596 AD, when a severe famine afflicted this region, the-then ruler of Ajmer ordered construction of a dam across the Darbhawati River. In the 17th. century, a stone masonry wall replaced the original structure. The final touches to the Palace and to the Lake were done during the reign of Jai Singh II of Amber in the 18th century. When the lake is full, only the top floor of the Palace remains above the level of the water; the rest four floors get submerged.

First Written: Apr. 4, 2012

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Apr 04, 2012
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"Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan"
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"Jaipur-The City of Palaces,Forts&Gardens"
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"Jaipur: The Capital of Rajputana !"
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"Jaipur - The Pink City"
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Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal, the Lake Palace, is standing in the middle of Man Sagar Lake about 6.5 km from Jaipur. It was built in 1799 in red sandstone and it was used by the royals as a pleasure palace. Among other things they had duck shooting parties here. The first floors of the palace is submerged under water and it is now abandoned.

On my way to Amber the bus made a stop by the lake and I saw the palace. It looked very beautiful and I though that I must make a stop here on my way back to Jaipur. I stayed long in Amber so unfortunately didn’t make that stop on my way back. The photo is taken from the battlements opposite Amber Fort.

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Dec 30, 2010

Jal Mahal

Appropriately named Jal Mahal ("Water Palace"), this palace appears to float on the waters of Man Sagar Lake, just north of Jaipur. The lake was created in the 16th century after the construction of a dam to preserve drinking water. Jal Mahal was built in 1799 by Maharaja Madho Singh I who modelled it on a similar palace, the Lake Palace, in Udaipur where he had grown up. It was intended mainly as a getaway spot for the royalty and was frequently used for their duck hunting parties! The palace is nowadays abandoned and seems in need of restoration. It is located just north of Jaipur on the road to Amber and can be seen from Nahargarh Fort.

Note: the palace is called JAL MAHAL, not JAI MAHAL, which is a hotel in Jaipur.

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Oct 08, 2010

Jalmehal from road

We had a glimpse of this beautiful palace surrounded with water from our Auto.It was drizzling in the morning of first week of July.Our Auto driver stopped his auto so that we can steal the glimpse of Jalmehal in our camera.

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Jul 09, 2010

Jai Mahal, the lake palace

Jai Mahal is the lake palace on the road between Jaipur and Amber Fort. It's looks beautiful in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. All guided tours from Jaipur to Amber Fort stops at this place so you can take your photos. However it is not possible go inside the building, and no people lives there.

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May 19, 2010

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Getting to Jai Mahal - lake palace


Located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur city,


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