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    Highway to Hell...travelling in Uttar Pradesh by R

    by bolubonkey Updated Jun 4, 2014

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    Celebrating 40,000km of driving around in UP Badlands.!!! Have totalled a total of aforesaid mileage travelling over alleged national and state highways, as also, the so called city roads and some rural dirt tracks too!! Got a few tips to share with others who have driven or plan to drive on the moon- cratered, irregular strips of tar which go by the name of “roads” in this part of the globe.
    (I) Do not be tempted to floor the pedal when you see a empty, stretch of perfectly tarred road ahead of you....because it will end soon ...and before long you will hit bang into craters...nay, the alleged road ahead. Go at a sedate pace of 60-70kmph. It will give you time to brake before a unusually large crater swallows you car.
    (ii) Slow down to a crawl when you see a railway level crossing. Each crossing is accompanied by unusually high, craggy ridges which go by name of “ speedbrakers”. There will be one each before and after the crossing. There will be deep craters too adjacent to this “ car breakers” . You got to come to a crawl and cross these breakers in a very oblique angle. Any faster or any straighter, and you will hear heart rending screech of your car’s undercarriage scraping over the breakers. If you got family/friends/others with you in the car, ask them to get out and cross the level crossing on foot!!!! If you driving a truck or an SUV, you are in a better position to tackle these breakers.
    (iii) Slow down to a crawl when you see a populated section coming ahead, a village/kasba/ anything. There surely will be sharp road bumps ahead. These are unpainted and roughly made structures, which have been made by villagers themselves. Villagers do this , less for safety , more for slowing down trucks and buses so that they can clamber over them, former to loot and latter to board. If you inadvertently crash over one such bumps, be ready for another similar coming up. The speed bumps always come in pairs....maybe more than two sometimes.
    (iv) Go at very slow speed through village/kasba/town areas. Dogs and dirty, naked children have a nasty habit of popping in your path!!!
    (v) Cows. Buffaloes and goats have right of the way. Come to a standstill and have patience. No amount of honking will make them hurry up their slow ambling gait.
    (vi) Beware of UP roadways buses. The drivers are all wanna be formula 1 drivers. They come barrelling down the road right at you. They will not slow down, or give you a pass. You might well as go off the road and wait for them to zoom across.
    (vii) If you are following a UP roadways bus, keep a safe distance. Invariably there will be a lady hanging out of it’s windows , heaving out the last meal. So u better watch out for that splat of vomitus!!
    (viii) Beware of white SUVs with a fluttering flag of “ cycle”. They have Gods given right of barrelling us , lesser mortals , off the road. As the saying goes ” Jiss pe laga ho cycle ka jhanda, usme baitha ek bada gunda”
    (ix) Learn to drive without side mirrors. Keep the side mirrors tucked in , else they will invariably get knocked off by motorcyclist/cyclist who are sidling over from either side.
    (x) There is no such thing as “traffic rules” . U will be overtaken from the wrong side OR cut across in front OR somebody maybe coming on wrong side ie. from opposite side in your lane. You have to develop a keen sense of hearing and eyes all around you head. It helps if you have a alert and active co-driver, unlike a spouse who is either sleeping or busy on what’sapp!!!
    (xi) If you are lucky, you may have a siren blaring ambulance, or better still a siren- screaming convoy of some politician , cross you. Immediately latch on to it and follow closely. They will run at 70-80kmph, maybe even 100, and the screaming siren ensure that the traffic ahead parts for them like the red sea infront of Moses. You may make a good time if you can keep up with the convoy. You can even barrel through the “ exempt” lane at Toll booth !!!
    (xii) Do not rely on the GPS navigation on your smartphone. Though the voice of the” firangi “lady, may entice you to take the route marked out, it is prudent to check with locals. Truck divers and tempo wallahs are best guides. They can tell you which roads to take and which to avoid. Trusting that sweet voice of GPS lady, may lead you into a blind end wherein you find “ Road Closed For repairs. Sorry for inconvenience” staring at you .
    (xiii) Approaching a town, stop at outskirts and enquire from locals if there is a road bypassing the city market. As far as possible avoid entering/ going through the city . Especially so between 9am to 1 pm and again 5pm to 8 pm. If there is a bypass, take it. It may be longer, but it is better than negotiating through a market place!!!
    (xiv) Road overpasses take million of years to complete in this part of country. Speeding down the highway , you will come across many such half- constructed and abandoned dirt structures. You will be forced to take a diversion ,which will be pot holed, cratered, ripped up and also with “ speed breakers”
    (xV) Best time to travel on highways is between 4 am and 8 am. The truck drivers would have stopped for rest and inter city or intracity traffic would not have picked up. In summers, another window is beetween 12 pm to 4pm as the intense heat keeps most vehicles off road and most residents indoors. 9pm to 4am too is a good time because most of small traffic is off road , but then large trucks start trundling the road. The trucks always drive at a constant speed of 40-50kmph in inner lane ( the lane actually meant for speedier traffic and for overtaking) so you will be forced to overtake the behemoth in front of you from the “ wrong side” ie. left side. No, no amount of honking will make the truck pull over to the left and let you overtake from right. So if you are speeding up, and overtaking from left, keep special look out for one odd cyclist, or more commonly , laden tractor trolleys, in the left lane. These don’t have warning , red rear lights on them. Especially dangerous are the tractor trolleys/ trucks parked in the left lane. These are unlit and dark.
    (xvi) Stopping and giving “lifts” is a strict NO-NO. If your vehicle gets punctured in middle of nowhere, continue to drive on . This is especially true at night. Those with tubeless tyre, this will not be a problem. Those with tube tyres, may be tempted to stop and change tyres . It advised they drag on to nearest population center before alighting from car.
    (xvii) Traffic lights do not have any meaning here. When approaching a traffic signal junction, slow down even if you have a “ green”. Look out for “red light” jumpers. Cyclists and motorcyclists are the most notorious .
    (xviii) The car has a horn installed. Use it liberally. A polite , short bleep won’t elicit a response from the fat lady ambling in front of you ( or was it a buffalo ? Sometimes you cannot make out the difference). Continuously leaning on it and creating a ruckus , may make that recalcitrant motorcyclist give way.
    (xix) “ Police” / “ Press”/ “ High Court Judge”/ “ Uttar Pradesh Sarkar” . These are some suggested stickers that can be prominently displayed on both , front and rear windshields or else, liscence plates. Make sure they are in Hindi. They can help you get away in some sticky situations with the police. Central govt stickers don’t work here. You can also stick a flagpole at side of bonnet and mount the flag of the ruling party. Personally I don’t like the look of ungainly flag staff, so I would prefer sticking something like “ Zilla Adhyashk SP/BSP/BJP/whatever” on the front and rear windshield . These stickers can be peeled away , not the flag poles

    Moon craters in middle of alleged national highway Short strect of tarred road

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    local bus

    by mantru Written Sep 20, 2008

    Travelling to remote places best option is the local bus they are cheap and reliable.We can also hire a taxi from local travel agents.

    from delhi to Haridwar-

    we can take a train from delhi to haridwar which takes 5 hours or a bus avaliable from ISBT bus stop.It also takes 5 hours.Train schedules as below.....
    Train No. Train Name Origin Dep.Time Destination Arr.Time Days Of Run Classes
    M T W T F S S 1A 2A FC 3A CC SL 2S
    2017 DEHRADUN SHTBDI NEW DELHI 06:50 HARIDWAR JN 11:25 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y - - - - -
    2055 +DDN JANSHTBDI NEW DELHI 15:25 HARIDWAR JN 19:30 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y - - - - -
    2205A NZM DDN AC SPL H NIZAMUDDIN 23:55 HARIDWAR JN 03:55 N N N N N Y N - - - -
    9019 DEHRADUN EXP *H NIZAMUDDIN 05:45 HARIDWAR JN 15:20 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y - - - - - -
    9105 +HARIDWAR MAIL *DELHI CANTT 04:40 HARIDWAR JN 12:30 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y - - -
    9265 +UTTARANCHAL EXP *NEW DELHI 11:30 HARIDWAR JN 16:47 N N N N N Y N - - - - -
    8477 +UTKAL EXPRESS *H NIZAMUDDIN 14:35 HARIDWAR JN 20:30 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y - - - -

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    From New Delhi To Varanasi

    by vdadu Written Jul 4, 2008

    Varanasi, the oldest living city in the world, is really beautiful in terms of both River Ganges and Oldest temple of Lord Shiva.

    Lot of devotees visit the city of Varanasi (also known as Banaras & Kashi) for ablusion and to pray in the temple. Apart from this, lot of visitors also come to this city to see the beauty and vastness of River Ganges. Let me confirm u that their is no doubt about the beauty of the holy river and it will be really worth watching & enjoying.

    There are two means of transport for reaching the city from Delhi. They are
    a) By Air
    b) By Train

    Option 1: By Air

    U will find direct flight from Delhi Airport to Varanasi Airport and the max duration of flight will be approximately 1.5hrs. For booking air tickets, u may visit
    I had quoted these many sites because it will provide u flexibility in terms of pricing and may be flight timings also.

    Option 2: By Train
    Direct train is available from New Delhi to Varanasi. The train name is Kashi Vishwanath Express and it starts at 1330hrs from New Delhi and reaches Varanasi at around 0600hrs next day. Timing wise, it will be best suited as u will be reaching Varanasi early morning.

    For booking on Railway tickets, visit official site at


    If u ask my preference, I will say Train provided I have ample amount of time. U will enjoy train journey.

    If u want to be more comfortable then reserve ticket in 2AC else 3AC will do.

    India Railways also offers Instant booking service known as "Tatkal" where in u can book tickets only 5days in advance i.e. for journey date say for 6th, the earliest u can book is on 1st. This service is meant for those u had not planned their travel well in advance.

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    4x4 power

    by little_calvin Written Apr 8, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    the best way to get around corbett is the asian elephant. silent and able to get almost anywhere its the most fun and cheapest transport in corbett.

    Due to limited no. of elephants being availbale at rest houses its better to get advance bookings made for the morning or evening rides.

    Costs wok out to approx. 150 Rs. per person for a 2-3 hr ride.

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