Banda Aceh Travel Guide

  • Banda Aceh
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Banda Aceh
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Banda Aceh
    by jorgejuansanchez

Banda Aceh Things to Do

  • ACEH River and Fishermen

    Krueng Aceh is a big river which split Banda Aceh into two region, west and east region....the river was originated from Seulawah mountain range at the south side of Banda Aceh flowing its water to the north and terminated at the mouth of Aceh Sea.....Fishing villages were located at the northern part of Aceh river,all fishing boats were stranded...

  • Do not miss the boat on the house

    It is in downtown Banda Aceh and it will produce a great impression. You can climb nearby but not inside the boat. There is no entrance fee.

  • Remains of Koetaradja Audiotour

    A Dutch historian has recently created a free guided audiotour which can be used on any Android phone. It's really a great way to see some unknown parts of Banda Aceh, and we learned a lot about its history too. There are also Indonesian and Dutch versions, but we only used the English version, which was very well narrated and even had some nice...

  • Lhok Mata-Ie bay

    Taking our cue from a tip by VT-er Rinjani, we set out to find Lhok Mata-Ie. This is a bay on the peninsula west from Banda-Aceh, part of Peukan Bada district. As we found out the greater part of the district consists of relatively unspoiled rain-forest.The owner of our rental car told us to go direction Ujong Pancu. Almost at the end of the road...

  • Walking around Lampu'uk

    I stayed for three nights at Dian Rana Bungalows, right on Lampu'uk beach and just 15km from central Banda Aceh. One morning I went for a long walk heading south down the beach, stopping for a coffee, and then heading back to the road to walk north and complete the circuit. Along the road there are several homestays frequently mostly by surfers....

  • A private stretch of beach

    Lampu'uk beach can get quite bust on the weekend as day trippers from Banda Aceh take advantage of the beautiful stretch of coastline. If you are staying in the area and want something a little more private, Momonk beach is the place to go. Starting from the road leading down to Lampu'uk beach there is a sandy track which winds its way through the...

  • Scenic Backdrop of Lampu'uk Beach

    Lampu'uk Beach is approximately 15km from Banda Aceh. The north end has some stunning cliffs as a backdrop. During the week, the beach is almost deserted but it is a popular place for Banda Aceh residents on the weekend. The water is clean and the southern section is frequented by surfers. Early morning walks, before the heat of the day, are...

  • Monuments in Banda Aceh

    In the park area on Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda, adjacent to the Aceh 'Thanks the World' site, are two more historical monuments. The first is a monument presented by the national government to Aceh commemorating the fight for freedom. The second is a replica of the first Garuda plane - the national carrier of Indonesia.The park area is a short...

  • Central Pasar

    The central pasar, right next door to the grand mosque is a hive of activity during the day - stalls overflowing with fresh fruit and other produce, and small shops selling clothing, toiletries, kitchen needs; you name it you can probably find it.In front of the pasar you will find a becak stand and labi-labi terminal.At night, one side of the...

  • A riverside promenade

    On the west side of Sungai Kreung Aceh, adjacent to Jalan Cut Meutia and less than five minutes walk from the cetral pasar and grand mosque, is a small newly built riverside promenade. The well kept gardens are called 'Taman Pembibitan Kreung Aceh'. There are wide paths along the river for a 300 metre stretch and some strategically placed seats...

  • 'Thanks to the World'

    In my short time in Banda Aceh I spoke to several locals on the street. Everyone had a story to tell about the tsunami. And, without fail, everyone was grateful for the support Indonesia had received from other countries. Many would say 'That road was built by Australians' or 'Those house were built by Americans'.As a sign of the gratitude an Aceh...

  • Tsunami Museum

    The newly built Tsunami Museum houses many photos and video footage of the destruction wrought by the December 2004. There are stories from survivors and the entrance corridor of two high walls or water represents the tsunami itself.It is a chilling experience being reminded of the devastation, the ferocity and what must have been the absolute...


Banda Aceh Hotels

Banda Aceh Restaurants

  • Delicious juices and freshly cooked...

    Perhaps the cheapest way to eat in Banda Aceh is to do it like the locals. At dusk, food stalls are set up on many streets in central Banda Aceh. There are a range of eats - fish, chicken, rice, noodles, assorted vegetables along with delicious fresh juices. There are also stalls selling roti bakar and other sweet products.The local people are...

  • A bad bbq dinner

    I had really bad experience with pade hotel..i went with my family for a new year eve buffet dinner. We were promised for a bbq buffet with grilled lamb..however, the meats were cold, let alone tender, seafood were burnt, lousy services, only 1soda per person, food not being refill upon arrival,late refill..we paid rp150.000 per pax, which is very...

  • Dining out

    The Banda Aceh Tourist Authority (Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Kota Banda Aceh) provided us with a Banda Aceh Culinar Guide. The booklet lists some two dozen specialties with attractive pictures, and we set out to try some. Alas, where to get these dishes? The list of restaurants in the booklet was not very helpful, where we inquired most...

  • For a Western taste

    Popular among foreigners who want a change from Indonesian food. Here you can get a good steak and even cold beer. Nice interior and friendly service. Examples: Sirloin steak Rp 80,000, Beer (can) Rp 25,000 or Rp 27,500, Nicoise salad Rp 20,000, Beef or chicken soup R0 10,000, Coconut pie Rp 8,000 (December 2010 prices, add 10% tax).

  • Chinese and seafood

    A middle-of-the road Chinese restaurant, where you can get most common Chinese and seafood dishes. The ambiance is not attractive and the service just so-so, but the food is good. Go here if you do not want surprises. Examples: Kailan with meat Rp 45,000, Meat with ananas Rp 60,000, Marquisa juice Rp 10,000 (2010 prices excl. 10% tax).

  • The best Ulee Kareng coffee

    North Sumatra coffee is famous. Theo remembers in 1980 in Medan having chilled strong and sweet coffee sold in Coca Cola bottles, delicious and refreshing. Banda Aceh is no exception. The Acehnese like to pass the time chatting with friends over a small coffee. In many warung kopi or warkop you can get a small glass of strong Aceh coffee for Rp...


Banda Aceh Transportation

  • Becaks are the way to go!

    The easiest way to get around Banda Aceh is by becak. I hired a becak to take me to see some of the tsunami memorial sites and other places of interest - starting at the Kherkoff i went to the Tsunami Education Park, Kapal Tsunami Lampulo (Boat in the Roof memorial), a local coffee shop, the Rumah Aceh and museum, back to the Tsunami Museum, on to...

  • Banda Aceh to airport by bus for 1 $

    hello, i found this info on how to get from B.Aceh to airport by bus for 10000 Rp only. please take note: Banda Aсeh -> AirPort10am, 11am, 14.30pm .price to the city is 10000Rp (=1USD)and AirPort-> Banda Aсeh : bus leaves few minutes after airplane lands. So departure time depends on landing time, more or less.Yet i am afraid...

  • IMG Car Rental

    We had a self-drive car for two days from IMG Car Rental. A Toyota Avanza for just Rp 300,00 per day (December 2010) exclusive of petrol. The car was delivered to and picked up from our hotel by mr Faisal, mobile 0813 6010 9676.Address: Jalan Tgk Diblang no 42, Mulia, Kuta Alam, Banda Aceh.Email:


Banda Aceh Shopping

  • Belangi

    This is just newly open shop. Gallery, that is their concept. The shop has nice collection of furniture and house accessories such as candles, aroma therapy, paintings etc. Though my favorite part is they also accept treatment such as manicure, pedicure and reflexology. They have really good natural scrub with selection of olive, peanut butter and...

  • Where you can buy western imported food

    The official name is Blangrakal. The shop has three locations; Lamlagang, Peunayong and Beurawe. In Lamlagang, the shop is more familiar with name of Bule Shop, since it sells western food. The shops sell fruit, vegetables, western food, etc. And the good news they accept major credit card. fruit, vegetables, western food, etc Cash and Card

  • Peunayong, Acehnese version of China...

    Peunayong is also known as a Chinese town of Banda Aceh version. Most of the Chinese people live and make a living here. This is also one of the most popular spot for street seller and small restaurants. The area is getting crowd at night with the people who hunt street food for the dinner. A lot of things, though the area is famous for nice...


Banda Aceh Local Customs

  • Daihappydai's Profile Photo

    Enjoying coffee with the locals

    by Daihappydai Written Feb 7, 2012

    Drinking coffee is a huge part of Acehnese life. All around Banda Aceh are coffee shops from little warung to large establishments. The coffee itself is very good quality - strong, sweet, black coffee was a favorite of mine.
    At many 'toko kopi' a plate of sweet treats will accompany your coffee - you just pay for what you eat. These treats include 'sri kaya', which has a custard like texture, 'pulut' which is a sticky rice, 'kue lapar manis' which is a sweet cake, and 'serabi pisang' which is a banana sweet treat.
    The locals will almost certainly enquire about where you are from and are keen to practice their English.
    Coffee shops in Banda Aceh are a very pleasant break from sight seeing and the heat.

    'Black Jack Kopi', Banda Aceh Sweet treats at a coffee shop, Banda Aceh A small warung selling local coffee, Banda Aceh 'Dakota Kopi', one of the many coffee shops
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Banda Aceh Warnings and Dangers

  • Shariah Police

    I do hope that I will not offend anyone by putting the Shariah Police under tag “Danger or Warning”. The implementation of Islamic shariah continues to invite debate between pro and contra. The Shariah Police is established to ensure that the shariah rule is well implemented in the daily life. Proper cloth is required. It means covering up from...

  • Earthquake

    This is much less entertaining when suddenly the ground is shaking. Many people are still traumatized with tsunami 2004. When the quake feels stronger, few minute after that, you will see people storming to run outside of the building. Once we experienced strong earthquake of nearly 6 richter scale, few minute after that people rushing with cars...

  • Banda Aceh Hotels

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Banda Aceh Off The Beaten Path

  • Benteng Inong Balee (fort)

    Having visited admiral Keumala Hayati's grave, of course one should also go to the fort that is connected with her life story. The fort is situated on a steep cliff of about 10 m high, a well-chosen location overlooking the bay of Malahayati harbour. The remaining fortifications consist of nothing more than a few low walls of chalk rocks with...

  • Makam Malahayati (grave site)

    The second of the three historic sites on the Malahayati road. It is the grave of a famous woman admiral. On a plaque at the site it says:“Keumala Hayati was a woman who commanded the Royal Acehnese Navy. She was also the chief of Royal Secret Intelligence Department and the Royal Protocol in the reigns of Sultan Saidil Mukamil Alauddin Riayat Syah...

  • Benteng Indra Patra (fort)

    Along the road east of Banda Aceh leading to Malahayati harbour one can visit three historic sites which testify of the heroic struggle of the Acehnese against foreign invaders.The first of these sites is the Indra Patra Fort, actually part of a defence system consisting of three forts at different compass directions from town. It is constructed of...


Banda Aceh General

  • Volunteering at IHF Aceh

    It's a predominately Muslim culture with breathtaking scenery. It's an incredibly interesting place to volunteer off the beaten track. Volunteering with IHF allowed me to get involved in the community and led to many great experiences. If you are interested, check them out online.I chose to volunteer in Aceh particularly because I wanted to...

  • A golf driving range!

    This is more of a memory than a tip. When I was walking around the Lampu'uk area, I came across a golf driving range. It was adjacent to the surf beach and seemed to be quite a strange recreational activity to have so far away from an urban area. Perhaps it is frequented by the more wealthy visitors from Banda Aceh.It is certainly not 'Augusta' or...

  • Tourist Information Office

    We make it a point to drop in at the tourist information office of a town we visit for the first time. The office of the Dinas Pariwisata Aceh (Provincial Tourism Department) is housed together with other government services. Did we come too early in the morning? The tourist office was locked, there was some running about to find the key and a...


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