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Sukuh and Cetho Temple Tour from Yogyakarta
"Your day will begin at 6:30am when you get picked up in an air conditioned minivan from your Yogyakarta hotel and taken on your journey to Solo City.It will take 1.5 hours to reach Radya Pustaka Museum. This is a Museum which has ancient antique your driver will take you to Mangkunegaran Palace which is part of Java kingdom’s history. Mangkunegaran Palace has great art and antique collections. After the Mangkunegaran Palace visit you will explore Triwindu antique market. You will then stop at a local restaurant for lunch.  Please note lunch is not included in the tour price. You will then be driven to Sukuh Temples. Sukuh temple has strange and unique statues includi you will be driven back to Yogyakarta at 4.00 pm and will be back at your accommodation at 07.30 pm."""Visit Sukuh and Cetho Temples on this full day small group tour from Yogyakarta. Sukuh and Cetho temples are the most recent temples built in Central Java. They were built by the last Hindu King before the conversion to Islam. Brawijaya V was the last Hintitle=Highlights&1=Full-day+tour+to+Sukuh+Temple+and+Cetho+Temple+from+Yogyakarta&2=Browse+the+extensive+antique+collection+of+Radya+Pustaka+Museum&3=Marvel+at+the+ancient+majesty+of+Sukuh+Temple+and+Cetho+Temple&4=Enjoy+personalized+attention+from+your+g
From $98.00
Private Tour of Progo River Rafting and Borobudur Temple Complex
"Drive from the city of Yogyakarta to reach Kulon Progo the meeting point where you will enjoy a rafting experience down the Progo River for about two to three hours. This river is ideal for rafting because it has a stable stream. It is a grade three in terms of difficulty level to cross long and challenging we will enter the Borobudur a UNESCO Heritage Site and spend time discovering the meanings of this impressive and well conserved monument with its carvings and ancient kingdom stories inlaid in its stones.Looming out of a patchwork of bottle-green rice paddies and swaying palm tops this colossal Buddhist relic is one of the continent’s marvels. After the decline of Buddhism and the shift of power to East Java the monument was abandoned soon after its completion. For centuries the complex lay forgotten
From $131.00
Private Borobudur Sunrise Tour from Yogyakarta
"The Borobudur temple compounds as they are officially known were built in three tiers: a large base nearly 400 feet on each side that has five levels; on top of that are three circular platforms covered in 72 bell-shaped stupas each with a statue of Buddha inside; at the top there is an enormous stupa that is more than 100 feet in the air. The monument is covered in carvings with 2600 relief panels and more than 500 statues of Buddha.The UNESCO protected Buddhist monument was abandoned in the 14th century after the bulk of the Javanese population got a taste of Islam. In the 1970’s a restoration commenced
From $95.00

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Dusty wind or rain!?

Wet towel or wet tissue! I think it is the most neeeded, since swetaing is commonly happened in this area. It is close to the beach. You can by a can drink everywhere. Oh also things for rain!...
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Feb 23, 2004
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"What is in a name?"
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"Kudus, town and regency"
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"Kudus - Temple Beyond Bali"
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