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  • A train just left Tawang Sation
    A train just left Tawang Sation
    by theo1006
  • Orange color mini van angkot
    Orange color mini van angkot
    by meiyergani
  • Angkot, line number at the door
    Angkot, line number at the door
    by meiyergani

Most Recent Transportation in Semarang

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    Bus from Yogyakarta to Semarang v.v.

    by theo1006 Updated Jun 27, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For a comfortable bus ride between Yogyakarta and Semarang, you may opt for the Joglosemar bus.
    As of July 2010 there is an hourly service in both directions from 5 am to 9 pm.
    The fare of IDR 50,000 is higher than that of the regular PATAS (airconditioned) buses, but the seats are more comfortable and the price includes a snack and a bottle of water.
    The bus will take in passengers at one of several pickup points, including a few major hotels.

    Order your ticket at Joglosemar's town office, at one of the agents or through your hotel.
    When ordering inquire about the most convenient pickup point and the time you should be ready there.

    The town offices are:
    Yogyakarta Town Office, Jalan Magelang km 5.6, phone: 0274-623700.
    Semarang Town Office, Srondol Petrol Pump at Jalan Setia Budi 205, phone: 024.7040 9777
    Tourist Information Centre, Jalan Pemuda (facing the town hall), phone: 024.3586 980, 7012 3890

    For agents' adresses and phone numbers, as well as the latest schedules, see the website.


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    Semarang Train Schedule

    by theo1006 Updated May 20, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For those who like train travel, below follows the timetable for trains leaving from and arriving at Semarang, as posted at Tawang Station on October 15th, 2012.
    The best train classs is executive (exec): airconditioned and reserved seats.
    Busines class business lacks AC, but has reserved seats.
    The cheap economy trains are crowded and hot.
    AC can be too cold, you might bring a jacket.
    It is interesting to note that a big project is under way to double the track Jakarta-Semarang-Surabaya, which at present is still mainly single track. Within a few years there may be a completely new time table.
    To Jakarta
    Matarmaja (economy), Semarang Poncol DEP 01:05, Jakarta Pasarsenen ARR 09:11.
    Argo Sindoro (exec), Semarang Tawang DEP 05:30, Jakarta Gambir ARR 11:36.
    Fajar Utama (business), Semarang Tawang DEP 08:00, Jakarta Pasarsenen ARR 14:43.
    Argo Anggrek (exec) , Semarang Tawang DEP 11:52, Jakarta Gambir ARR 17:41.
    Argo Muria (exec), Semarang Tawang DEP 16:00, Jakarta Gambir ARR 22:06.
    Tawangjaya (economy), Semarang Poncol DEP 19:05, Jakarta Pasarsenen ARR 02:31.
    Brantas (economy), Semarang Poncol DEP 19:22, Jakarta Tanahabang ARR 03:19.
    Menoreh (business), Semarang Tawang DEP 20:00, Jakarta Pasarsenen ARR 03:54.
    Kertajaya (economy), Semarang Poncol DEP 20:21, Jakarta Tanjung Priok ARR 05:25.
    Gumarang (exec/business), Semarang Tawang DEP 21:27, Jakarta Kota ARR 05:49.
    Bangunkarta (exec), Semarang Tawang DEP 21:40, Jakarta Pasarsenen ARR 05:25.
    Majapahit (business), Semarang Tawang DEP 22:30, Jakarta Pasarsenen ARR 06:30.
    Sembrani (exec), Semarang Tawang DEP 23:12, Jakarta Gambir ARR 06:18.
    Argo Anggrek (exec) , Semarang Tawang DEP 23:52, Jakarta Gambir ARR 05:41.
    To Surabaya
    Kerta Jaya (economy), Semarang Poncol DEP 00:15, Surabaya Turi ARR 04:41.
    Gumarang (exec)/business, Semarang Tawang DEP 01:41, Surabaya Turi ARR 05:48.
    Sembrani (exec), Semarang Tawang DEP 02:23, Surabaya Turi ARR 06:25.
    Argo Anggrek (exec), Semarang Tawang DEP 03:27, Surabaya Turi ARR 07:11.
    Rajawali (exec/business), Semarang Tawang DEP 08:30, Surabaya Turi ARR 12:42.
    Argo Anggrek (exec), Semarang Tawang DEP 15:27, Surabaya Turi ARR 19:11.
    To Bandung
    Harina (exec), Semarang Tawang DEP 20:30, Bandung ARR 04:58.
    To Cepu and Bojonegoro
    Blora Jaya 2 (economy), Semarang Poncol DEP 06:55, Bojonegoro ARR 11:36.
    Blora Jaya (economy), Semaramg Poncol DEP 09:00, Cepu ARR 12:07.
    Blora Jaya AC (exec), Semarang Poncol DEP 17:05, Cepu ARR 22:44.
    To Jombang
    Bangunkarta (exec), Semarang Tawang DEP 23:00, Jombang ARR 04:22.
    To Kediri
    Brantas (ecoomy), Semarang Tawang DEP 01:10, Kediri ARR 09:33.
    To Malang
    Matarmaja (economy), Semarang Poncol DEP 21:55, Malang ARR 07:45.
    Majapahit (business), Semarang Tawang DEP 22:34, Malang ARR 08:11.
    To Tegal
    Kaligung Mas (exec/business), Semarang Tawang DEP 08:35, Tegal ARR 11:02.
    Tegal Ekspres (economy), Semarang Poncol DEP 06:00, Tegal ARR 08:43.
    Tegal Ekspres (economy), Semarang Poncol DEP 13:00, Tegal ARR 16:10.
    Kaligung Mas (exec/business), Semarang Tawang DEP 16:30, Tegal ARR 18:51.
    Arrivals at Semarang
    Senja Utama (business), Jakarta Pasarsenen DEP 19:10, Semarang Tawang ARR 03:38.
    Harina (exec/business), Bandung DEP 20:30, Semarang Tawang ARR 05:06.
    Fajar Utama (business), Jakarta Pasarsenen DEP 07:30, Semarang Tawang ARR 05:37.
    Tawang Jaya (economy), Jakarta Pasarsenen DEP 21:40, Semarang Poncol ARR 06:24.
    Kaligung Mas (exec/business), Tegal DEP 05:00, Semarang Tawang ARR 07:32.
    Blora Jaya (economy), Cepu DEP 04:50, Semarang Poncol ARR 08:18.
    Tegal Ekspres (economy. Tegal DEP 09:45, Semarang Poncol ARR 12:29.
    Argo Muria (exec), Jakarta Gambir DEP 07:30. Semarang Tawang ARR 14:11.
    Blora Jaya AC (ecec), Cepu DEP 12:50, Semarang Poncol ARR 15:58.
    Kaligung Mas (exec/business), Tegal DEP 12:25, Semarang Tawang ARR 15:59.
    Rajawali (exec/business), Surabaya Turi DEP 14:00, Semarang Tawang ARR 18:23.
    Blora Jaya 2 (economy), Bojonegoro DEP 14:30, Semarang Poncol ARR 18:51.
    Tegal Ekspres (economy),Tegal DEP 07:00, Semarang Poncol ARR 20:28.
    Argo Sindoro (exec), Jakarta Gambir DEP 16:45. Semarang Tawang ARR 23:10.

    A train just left Tawang Sation
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    Train from Yogyakarta to Semarang v.v.

    by theo1006 Updated Jan 3, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    UPDATE 2012: Unfortunately this train service has been discontinued, not enough passengers. The best choice for the route Semarang-Yogya v.v. now is the Joglosemar bus service. And of course there are the regular intercity (PATAS) buses.

    Starting March 1, 2010, the Indonesian railway company has revived the route Yogyakarta to Semarang via Solo. Since 1975 there had been no train connecting these two big cities of Central Java.

    The new train is named Banyubiru (blue water), but it does not pass by the village of that name near Ambarawa. The train is a diesel-powered business class one. It has no AC, but it is new and hopefully it remains clean. The Semarang-Solo track partly leads through a less populated area with teak forests.

    There are two trains daily in both directions, travel time is about 3 hours 15 minutes.
    Departure from Semarang (Tawang station) 5:00 and 13:00, departure from Solo (Balapan station) 7:06 and 15:06.
    Departure from Yogyakarta (Tugu station) 8:50 and 16:40, departure from Solo (Balapan station) 9:51 and 17:41.

    For the first three months the promotion ticket price was less than the price of an AC bus: Yogyakarta-Semarang Rp 24,000; Yogyakarta-Solo Rp 8,000; Solo-Semarang Rp 16,000. I have not found out the regular price yet.

    The new Banyubiru train
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    ZigZag-ing through Trucks!

    by uuth Written Nov 19, 2011

    From Jogja to Semarang, easiest way is to get bus in Jombor Bus Station. It leaves every 30 minutes There is also a bus called Joglosemar that goes to Semarang from Jogja every morning at 5am. It costs about Rp 50.000 one way.

    The trip to Semarang from Jogja is more less 3 hours, it'll be longer when you take public transport and it depends also on the traffic. On the way, you have to negotiate the road with big lorries as well.

    To go around Semarang, it's easier to take private transportation, such as motorbike or car. I don't recommend bicycle for it's quite warm there.

    Phone: +62274 623731

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    by meiyergani Updated Dec 15, 2010

    The train line was established since the Dutch colonized Indonesia, it was a mode of land transportation which were connected Semarang to the cities of Java island which located in along way distance, like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Solo and Yogya.
    The train is divided into a classes: Economy, Business and Executive class which define in according to their services and speed of a trip which also different in fare.

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    Angkot'commuter transportation'

    by meiyergani Updated Dec 10, 2010

    Angkot is one of popular transportation, somekind of sharing taxi which load up to 10 passengers, cost about Rp 2,500 short or long distance in a certain line.
    In this picture, angkot is a mini van with an orange color and peoples recognize the line number was written in front side and in door side of the car

    Orange color mini van angkot Angkot, line number at the door
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  • putri_jogja's Profile Photo

    Semarang to Karimun Jawa

    by putri_jogja Written Apr 17, 2009

    hi there,
    here is the ferry schedule :
    By Kapal Motor Kartini I
    Reservation : Budi Utomo (081 328 266 781)
    Duration : Semarang to Karimun (3-3.5 hours); Jepara - Karimun (2.5 hours)
    Schedule =
    Saturday: Semarang – Karimunjawa 08.30 WIB
    Sunday : Karimunjawa – Semarang 14.00 WIB
    Monday : Every fisrt week and third week
    Semarang(07:00WIB)–Jepara(09:30 WIB)– Karimunjawa
    Tuesday : Every first week and third week
    Karimunjawa ( 11:00 WIB )

    Price : from Rp. 35.000,- to Rp 130.000

    Another ferry shcedule, you can contact ASPD Jepara 0291-591048


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