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    The sandy beach near Red Island
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Banyuwangi Things to Do


    When I was try to get around the downtown of Banyuwangi by taking a becak or tricycle... from the center of town to the north east of TAMAN SRITANJUNG with a pretty road and crossing a bridge over a swampy canal then found a fantastic view of Blambangan Pier .... among the peoples of Banyuwangi it was popular with Pelabuhan BOOM.... Pelabuhan...


    BANYUWANGI is the capital of BANYUWANGI REGENVY as the center of Local Government Administration .... it would say that nowadays Banyuwangi is one of a small town in East Java with a new Administration who have a good willingness to develop the region more and more better than a few years back....ALUN ALUN BANYUWANGI or TAMAN RITANJUNG a...

  • Pendapa Sabha Swagata Blambangan

    Pendopo Sabha Swagata Blambangan is Bupati (the Head of the Regent) Residence ... in the Dutch Colonize the building is called as Regentschap and as the Office of the Regent.... The building is located at the northern part of Taman Sritanjung and was been built in 15 centuryadalah rumah dinas Bupati Banyuwangi sejak masa pemerintahan Bupati Joko...


    TAMAN BLAMBANGAN is a big sQuare which located at the city center of Banyuwangi... long ago it was popular with TEGAL LOJI Square in which time when the Dutch Government in about 16 century was play an important role in Banyuwangi Region where the Dutch authorities build some Office for the colonial goverment the west corner of the square...


    PASAR BANYUWANGI or BANYUWANGI MARKET is one of the peoples activities....the old market is still exist, located inside the market compound which sale many kind of daily necessities, from vegetables, meat , chicken eggs and some other spices ...while at the boulevard you would see some stall for fruits and snack... of course this is the only market...


    BLIMBINGSARI AIRPORT is located at Desa (village) Blimbingsari, Kecamatan (sub district) Rogojampi, Kabupaten (District) Banyuwangi, East Java Province. The Airport with 1.400 meter in wide was officially open in 29 December 2010 located between the green of Rice field and in a faraway you would see a bluish hiilside. There were LiION Air and...

  • Wildlife at Sadengan savannah

    Alas Purwo was the last of East Java's national parks we visited. We found it the best for watching grazers. But we think that the government could do a better job managing the park. According to our information we could stay the night near Trianggulasi beach, but when we arrived at the park gate we learned that the accommodation there had been out...

  • Baluran National Park

    Baluran National Park is large, 250 km2. The casual visitor, like us, only sees a small part in the south east. We did a two nights trip to Baluran National Park, arriving in the afternoon. The next morning before daybreak we did the wildlife spotting with a guide. First we walked around in the dark, meeting herds of deer and a buffalo family; when...

  • Pulau Merah or Red Island

    On arriving at the beach, the first question coming to mind is: 'Why is the island called Red Island? It is covered with lush green foliage!' The locals are also vague about it: 'There is red sand.....?'We think the color depends on what side of the island you are looking at. Our map says there are sheer cliffs on the sea-side, where no vegetation...

  • Teluk Hijau or Green Bay

    Meru Betiri National Park is the least accessable of the national parks in East Java, and the only place left on Java with lowland rain forest. Sukamade turtle beach receives a regular stream of visitors, but reaching even that south-eastern corner of the park needs a tough couple of hours on a bumpy mountain road.A visit to Teluk Hijau (Green Bay)...

  • Sukamade, turtle conservation

    If you come to Sukamade, you do so for seeing egg-laying turtles and conservation efforts. Some visitors report not having seen any egg-laying. By authority of the rangers we can say that you should come in the rainy season, October through March; in that season some turtles are guaranteed to come to the beach each night. Why not in the dry season?...

  • Permisan, the remotest bay of Java

    They say the name Permisan is a Javanese rendering of the Dutch word vermisten. If so, it is an apt name, because vermisten means 'lost people'. And it is easy to get lost in Meru Betiri National Park on your way to Permisan Bay.In other words, you cannot go there without a guide. In August 1977 Theo went with a guide from Sukamade plantation,...

  • Ijen Crater

    Ijen plateau or known as “Kawah Ijen” is highly recommended to mountain buffs and hikers. The Plateau was at one time a huge active crater, 134 sq km in area. Today, Ijen is an active volcano, and the landscape is dominated by the volcanic cones of Ijen (2,368 asl) and Merapi (2,800 asl) on the northeastern edge of the Plateau, and Raung (3,332...

  • Baluran National Park

    Located in the north part of Banyuwangi, Baluran is an interesting park to visit. You will be able to spot deer, peacock, monkey, etc. It also has a nice beach inside the park.Visitors can stay overnight at the facilities managed by the Park Management:- The Pesanggrahan Bekol at Bekol- The Pesanggrahan Bama on Bama Beach. The camping grounds are...

  • Plengkung Beach

    Plengkung beach is a popular place for surfers. Big wave from the Indian Ocean attract many surfer from around the world to this remote place - the best five surfing place in the world. Famous surfing camp is the G-Land. Check the website for more information.Plengkung beach is in the area of Alas Purwo National Park. There are some cottages and...

  • Meru Betiri National Park

    My main destination was in sukamade beach because i wanted to see the turtle. Too bad wrong time! Not much of disatisfaction, i watched the other wildlifes such as black monkeys, eagles and others.Everything in this national park is worth to see!The trip take aprox. 4 hours from banyuwangi (main city)

  • Mount Ijen or Ijen Crater

    Beautiful Mountain with a traditional sulfurs mine. It is also known as Ijen Crater (Kawah Ijen) as the mountain has a big crater lake (Crater = kawah in Indonesian language) The mountain can be reached from the city of Bondowoso, approximately 4 hours driving from Surabaya. It can also be reached from Banyuwangi. Mt Ijen is located in one...

  • Alas Purwo National Park - Blambangan

    This park is located in the southeast of Banyuwangi. It has beach forest, mangroves, and savanna. You will be able to spot some animals inside the park, too.Check the website for more information (in Indonesian language)

  • The Savannah of Sadengan

    Sadengan is the feeding ground for wild animals in the area of Alas Purwo National Park. The visitors can see the wild animals such as wild bull (Bos Javanicus), barking deer (Munticus Munoak)Wild Pig (Sus scofa), Peacock (Pavo Muticus), Jungle fowl (Galus sp) and many kind of birds. The wild animals are grassing and can be seen in the morning and...

  • Alas Purwo National Park

    Wild life reserves at the Blambangan Peninsula is also known as "Alas Purwo". Alas means forest or jungle, and Purwo is the beginning of everything. The width of Alas Purwo is 42 hectares square which is completed by many kind of wild animals, especially the species of Banteng (Bos Javanicus), deer, pigs, and peacocks. There are many caves in the...

  • Surfing in G-Land

    Plengkung is known as one of the best surfing beaches in the world. The word of "G" in "G-Land" derives from Grajagan, the name of the bay where the huge waves were found at the south of Banyuwangi. It is surrounded by virgin tropical land forest. G-Land offers the worlds most demanding surfing sport, and recomended for professional surfers only....


Banyuwangi Hotels

  • Ketapang Indah Hotel

    Jl. Gatot Subroto km. 6, Banyuwangi, 68421, Indonesia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Mirah Hotel Banyuwangi

    Jalan Yos Sudarso No. 28, Klatak, Banyuwangi, Indonesia

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Solo

  • Ijen Resort & Villas

    if you have more budget, Ijen Resort & Villas is a suitable place with a view of the ijen mountains...


Banyuwangi Restaurants

  • vicka's Profile Photo

    The only warung in Alas Purwo: Try Ela fish!

    by vicka Written Feb 14, 2005

    No name, not much coice, just sit and eat. Well, at least Ela fish is the best food you can try in Alas Purwo

    Favorite Dish: Ela fish!

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Banyuwangi Nightlife

  • Wonderful view of Blue Fire

    All IJEN hikers would start from PALTUDING Base Camp... hiking up 3 KM to reach the crater lake and explore this experience by trekking up and get a close encounter on the sulfur lake for the "BLUE FIRE" scene, those are the blurry sulfur liquid flows on the dark night and it turns to be a blurry and glowing blue phosphor liquid if reach this peak...

  • No night life at all

    Are you dare to go out in the middle of Alas Purwo Jungle??? My advice, just sit and relax while you listen to the sound of beach's waves.

  • Banyuwangi Hotels

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Banyuwangi Transportation

  • Fly Surabaya - Banyuwangi vv

    From Surabaya Juanda airport would take about 50 minutes to reach Banyuwangi Blimbingsari airport compare to overland trip which would take about 5 to 7 hours tracking long and winding roads about 300 KM in distance.Garuda Indonesia fly once a day from Surabaya Juanda Airport to Banyuwangi Blimbingsari Airport and the flight then continue to Bali...

  • Sukamade, getting there

    Most foreign visitors come to Sukamade beach in Meru Betiri National Park with a tour ordered from their hotel in Banyuwangi, Kalibaru or Jember, or from a travel agent found on the internet. The tour operators invariable use a 4WD for the bumpy ride of the last 14 km. We made it with our Isuzu Panther which had just enough clearance, though we got...

  • Ferry to Bali

    In Banyuwangi, we were almost immediately brought to the ferry that was to take us to Gilimanuk on the island of Bali. Not a very comfortable trip, the ferry we were on had to wait its turn for what seemed an awful long time before being allowed to enter the harbour. Karaoke and noodle soup. There were also lots of noisy trucks on our boat - all in...


Banyuwangi Warnings and Dangers

  • meiyergani's Profile Photo

    Give away to the Traditionil Workers

    by meiyergani Written Jan 17, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    the traditional sulfur miners who amazingly climb up and down the slope of Mount Merapi is also amazing. A man puts about 70 kg of yellowish stone in to his basket, before he descends the mountain slope to sell his load, carrying the same basket, going in the same direction, digging the same mineral. It is the natural picture that can be seen everyday.
    Beware and take care your self while hiking up or going down the crater, you are sure passing this traditional miner workers along the way ....please give a way to the miner workers first who carry sulfur stones on their shoulder

    Ijen Carter miner
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Banyuwangi Off The Beaten Path

  • Green House BUNKER

    PENDOPO or TOWN HALL is a big building which exist since the Dutch colony, ....this is a place where the head of the Regent hold a great meeting with the peoples .... on the west side of Pendopo there has been built a Green House bunker as a guest house with six rooms and one dining room and the lobby which furnished by some Paintings which tell...


    Banyuwangi is very popular between mountain hiker who visited IJEN mountain and its beautiful Crater Lake which located at the western part of Banyuwangi, the traditional sulfur miners who amazingly climb up and down the slope of Mount Merapi is also amazing. A man puts about 70 kg of yellowish stone in to his basket, before he descends the...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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