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  • Fantastic sunsets
    Fantastic sunsets
    by Lovethefold
  • Bicycle paradise!
    Bicycle paradise!
    by Lovethefold
  • Batu Berdaun Beach at Singkep Island, Indonesia
    Batu Berdaun Beach at Singkep Island,...
    by victorwkf

Pulau Singkep Things to Do

  • Jago

    Jago is a small seaside village located at the northern end of Singkep Island. The speed boats from Tanjung Pinang (Bintan Island) to Dabo will normally stop here to alight some passengers. The water at Jago is very calm because it is protected from strong waves by surrounding islands. On a clear day, you can see the tall mountains of the...

  • Freshwater lake

    There is a nice and small freshwater lake across the motor bridge just next to the famous Batu Berdaun (rock tree) about 30 minutes south of Dabo town. If you look hard enough, you can see many fishes in the freshwater lake.

  • Singkep Airport

    Although Singkep Island is relatively remote, there is surprising a small airport here which is near to the main town of Dabo. This airport was apparently built years ago to cater for the booming tin mining then. Now, it is being used for flights from Singkep to Batam Island (via Bintan Island) which flies 3 times a week. More information about the...

  • Tin mining

    The interior of Singkep Island is dotted with deserted tin mines. The island is rich in tin ore and tin mining was booming years ago until the Indonesian government put a ban on it. Tin has brought wealth and people into Singkep years ago, and now it is back to a sleepy island. Perhaps it is better this way because this can help to preserve the...

  • Chicken Farm

    I managed to drop by a chicken farm when I was at Singkep Island. The farm is quite big and located near to the main town of Dabo on the island. Besides chickens, there are other farms on the island such as vegetable farms.

  • Natuna Sea

    Singkep Island and other islands of the Lingga Archipelago are surrounded by the Natuna Sea which stretch eastwards all the way to the remote Natuna Islands and Anamba Islands. This sea is full of marine life and rich source of seafood for the local people. The seafood at Singkep Island is very fresh, cheap and delicious.

  • Hills of Singkep Island

    Although Singkep Island is relatively flat, you can find some rolling forested hills in the interior and they can be seen even from the coastal areas such as Dabo town. The main hills at Singkep Island are Gunung Muncang (365m) and Gunung Lanjut (475m).

  • Air Panas Hot Spring Pool

    There is a natural hot spring pool on Singkep Island, and it is located on top of a hill which is rather far away from Dabo town (I did not visit this hot spring as it is too far away). Apparently the locals like to visit this hot spring, and the water here is supposed to be good for curing skin diseases.

  • Batu Ampar Mini Waterfall

    There is a small waterfall in Singkep Island called the Batu Ampar Mini Waterfall. I did not go to this waterfall, but was told it originates from a small river from the surrounding hills, and the water is clean and cool for swimming.

  • Nusantara Beach

    The Nusantara Beach is located about 15 minutes motorcycle ride north of Dabo town, just before the Indah Sergang Beach. This area is a bay with an average beach, and there is a small island here which you can reach by crossing over wooden bridges. There is a small cottage here with the sea view which serves meals with a good view.

  • Indah Sergang Beach

    The Indah Sergang Beach is located about 30 minutes motorcycle journey north of Dabo town on Singkep Island. This is a popular beach among the locals, and you can even see facilities such as toilets, shelters, paved walking path here. Personally, I think this beach is so-so and the Batu Berdaun Beach to the south is better with its fine white sand....

  • Batu Berdaun Beach

    This beautiful beach, together with the famous Batu Berdaun (rock tree) is located about 30 minutes by motorcycle south of Dabo town. The beach is quite long, and the white fine sand and sea here is perhaps the most beautiful on Singkep Island. Also, the beach is not touristy and very clean. Please see the travelogue section of this VT page for...

  • Batu Berdaun (Rock Tree)

    Batu Berdaun is a famous attraction in Singkep Island. Located at the beautiful Batu Berdaun beach, this is actually a rocky structure with a tree growing on the rock, thus the name Batu Berdaun (meaning rock tree). Many local people like to come here for relaxation, and this place can be reached via a motorcycle or bicycle, about 30 minutes south...

  • Dabo: Town Market

    There is a small market at the centre of Dabo town where you can see the local people going about selling and buying vegetables, meats, seafood, groceries, fruits etc. It is very relaxing strolling along the market area experiencing the actual lives of the local people in Singkep.

  • Dabo: The long boat jetty

    The boat jetty of Dabo is very long and it extends about 600 metres from the shore into the Natuna Sea. You can ride on a motorcycle all the way to the end, along the way you will pass by some seafood restuarants, fishing boat berthing area, speed boat berthing area etc. Many locals like to visit this jetty to enjoy the sea breeze and beautiful...

  • Dabo: Town Square

    The town square area of Dabo is rather impressive for a small town located on a remote island. The area consists of large open spaces with a fountain, football field and interesting monuments such as a statue of a cannon. Also, there is a huge mosque here as well as two churches. Many local people come to the town square to relax and play soccer....

  • Dabo: The town itself

    The town of Dabo is the biggest town on Singkep Island as well as the Lingga Archipelago. This town used to be booming with tin mining, but now is a sleepy and relaxed town with traditional low-rise houses, small lanes, a market and a rather impressive town square. Walking around Dabo is easy as it is small and safe, as the locals are rather...

  • Where is Pulau Singkep (Singkep Island)?

    Singkep Island is the southern-most island of the Lingga Archipelago, which is located about 150km south of Singapore directly below the Riau Islands. As shown on the map, this island is one of the biggest in Lingga, together with neigbouring Lingga Island. It is surrounded by the Natuna Sea and sandwiched by Sumatra to the west and Kalimantan...


Pulau Singkep Restaurants

  • Convenient store at Dabo town

    There is a local convenient store along Jalan Perusahaan (about 50 metres from Sri Indah Hotel where I stayed) which sells groceries, stationaries, as well as snacks, food items and drinks. If you want to stock up some snacks and drinks in your hotel room, this is a good place to buy them.

  • Meals at Dabo town

    If you are staying at Dabo town, there are good opportunities to try out the local Malay and Chinese food along the streets. During my 3 days there, I have tried the following food:- Malay food: rice with various dishes such as curry fish, curry chicken, vegetables, eggs etc.- Chinese food: Rice with various dishes such as prawns, vegetables,...

  • Pulau Singkep Hotels

    0 Hotels in Pulau Singkep

Pulau Singkep Transportation

  • Minivan fm Jago to Dabo

    The ferry we took left Tg Pinang at 1130 and arrived at Jago at 330pm. Lots of minivans "Kijang" types, and motorbike taxis at jetty to take you 28km to Dabo. We paid 30000rp each. Best way to see the island is to rent a motorbike or cycle like we did. A round trip took 80km and was fascinating.

  • Cycling at Singkep Island

    There are people who actually come to Singkep Island to cycle and this island is actually quite nice to do cycling because the motorcycles here travel slowly (plus very few cars and lorries) and the traffic gets much less when you move out of Dabo town. In fact, you will see many lovely traditional villages along the roads and paths (see the...

  • Transport in Singkep Island

    The main form of transportation at Singkep Island is by motorcycle (they are the kings of the road here). There are many motorcycle taxis (called ojeks) which can send you to different places at very low price. It is very safe to travel on the motorcycle as the locals are very skillful and they travel at relatively slow speed. This is a good and...


Pulau Singkep Local Customs

  • Traditional Villages (Part 2)

    More photographs of the traditional villages and scenery at the suburbs of Dabo town at Singkep Island.

  • Traditional Villages (Part 1)

    Once you move into the suburbs of Dabo town, you will be able to see many traditional "kampung" village houses along the roads and paths. These are made from wood and many of them have large compounds. Other than houses, you will see schools, mosque etc and this is really a very good and first-hand experience of authentic lifestyle in the Lingga...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Pulau Singkep General

  • Animals on Singkep Island

    When you are at Singkep Island, you will see lots of dogs, cats as well as chickens roaming around the premises of the local people. Ocassionally, you can see cows and goats as well. Do not be afraid as the dogs here are rather tame and will not bark or bite you as they are used to being around with humans.

  • Houses for Bird's Nest

    When you are at Dabo town, you will see buildings like the ones in the photos and hear noises during the day. They are for attracting swallow birds into the big hole on top so that they can build their nests inside the houses which are specially catered for it. This is because bird's nest is an expensive Chinese delicacy worth a lot when sold. You...

  • Beautiful sunset

    The sunset at Singkep Island can be very beautiful, and I am lucky to be able to catch a very nice sunset during my stay at this island during March 2007.


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