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Ragunan Zoo Tips (5)

The world's leading primate center...

Pusat Primata Schmutzer is designed as an example for the world how to keep primates.

A lady , miss Schmutzer , was facinated what John Aspinall did for the big apes and the way he interacted with these animals. Her motto is 'they never let you down'.

With her legacy this primate center was build. The largest in the world.

All of the animals are confiscated or on the surplus list of other zoos. 60% of the animals will be send back to the wild...(they got a release area for them , not that evident)

Not to be missed :
-a collection of rare and endagered gibbons
-4 male gorillas in a large enclosure with natural surroundings. (unique in the world is that they can climb the trees , most gorilla enclosures are too small to let them do that , they wreck the vegetation)
-very nice education
-lots lots more...

Special rules
-This primate center is located in the center of Ragunan zoo but completely different from style. You have to leave all food at the entrance. Strict will get watched all the time of your visit and immediately guided to the excit when you behave badly...

Entrance fee : less then 1 euro.

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Apr 04, 2011

See gorillas and other animals

Get a different feel of Jakarta by visiting places like this! The Ragunan Zoo now has a new section, Pusat Primata Schmutzer (Schmutzer Primates Centre). To get into the primates centre you must pay an additional admission fee approximately Rp 5,000 per person (+/- US$ 0.50).

The primates centre was built by a primate lover named Schmutzer. It keeps gorillas, chimpanzes, and many other kinds of primates. You should leave any food or drink at the front of the primate centre's gate - it is to keep visitors from giving food and drink to the animals, for it could be dangerous to them. Drinkable tap water is scattered inside the primate centres, if you are thirsty.

Explore the man-made dark caves and see some primates through the glass window, learn about their population, how they get food, etc. Climb the wooden stairs up to the canopy bridge to see the view.

Avoid the weekend if you can
The zoo is usually very crowded on weekends. People are there for a walk or a picnic or even there are sometimes groups having a gathering and making noises with loudspeakers. But the primates centre tends to be quieter as it applies additional admission. Still, it's best to avoid weekends.

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Sep 23, 2005

Ragunan Zoo "Zological Garden"

This Zoo located about 20 Km from the city centre and is one of the 100 zoo's in the world meeting International, likes other Zoo Indonesia, Its contain of 3,600 animal and birds including the protect species giant Lizard "KOMODO"

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May 11, 2004

An Indonesian day out at Ragunan zoo !

Ragunan Zoo - Taman margasatwa Ragunan Is a huge animal parc in the south of Jakarta.
It isn't the best zoo I've ever seen but most certainly not the worst either.

The problem here is not the enclosures or the nursing of the is the way Indonesian people look at animals and the way they visit. Meaning : feeding and harassing the animals. They got no respect for animals and see the animals more like entertainment then as living creatures.

The nice parts are :
-a gigantic natural hippo pool
-a special collection of crocodiles
-spacious enclosures for the deer
-three species of cassuaris
-a varied enclosure for a lot of rare and beautifull barbiroussa

-the apes and monkeys enclosures
-a very poor information center and low education material
-circuses with degrading animal shows...

This is a very Indonesian zoo , meaning on sundays and local holidays the place gets really crowded. You can get your picture taken with the teletubbies...there are a lot of warungs - tent like restaurants , elephant rides...and a lot of noise. A great way to experience an Indonesian day out. This parc is so huge and Indonisians don't like walking you will easy find a nice and quit spot here. You'll be surprised that this is also Jakarta.

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Feb 08, 2004
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Established ind 1864 and moved to its present location in the southern suburbs of Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta in 1966, the Zoo Covers 135 hectares of beatiful, shady gardens. It is home to over 260 species of animals (including many of which are endangered and threatened) from all parts of Indonesia and the rest of the world. There are a total of ± 3122 animals including birds for the viewing pleasure of the public. These exhibits also serve to help zoo officials in the preservation and propagation of Indonesian Wildlife. Special attractions for the children include a Children's Zoo and playground, alng with the Sunday events of elephant, pony cart and boat rides. Watching the orang utans on their daily tour of the zoo grounds in a pony cart is a special treat for visitors of all ages. Restaurant facilities and picnic shelters are available for your convenience as well as stands for purchasing film and souvenirs of the zoo.

Come and spend a day with the family or friends at Ragunana Zoological Park. It's a wonderful place for an outing and will become an experience which will raise your awareness of Indonesia's unique wildlife heritage

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Aug 26, 2002
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"Wonderful people in a hectic, polluted megalopolis"
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"Enjoy Jakarta"
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