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  • Weir near the ferry site
    Weir near the ferry site
    by taigaa001
  • Same place in 2012
    Same place in 2012
    by taigaa001
  • The Shop Mainly Sells Hina Dolls or Hagoitas
    The Shop Mainly Sells Hina Dolls or...
    by taigaa001

Okazaki Things to Do

  • Fujikawa-shuku: Overview

    Fujikawa-shuku is the thirty-seventh post station of Old Tokaido Road, located in the eastern edge of Okazaki city. Fujikawa also has a nice lows of black pine trees spanning about half the kilometer. The post station has best been remembered by Hiroshige's woodblock print showing the wooden signpost called "bohana" at the eastern end of the post...

  • Aou Ningyo: Japanese Doll Shop at...

    Fujikawa area in Okazaki is the historical town which used to be the thirty-seventh post station of Old Tokaido Road. Aou Ningyo is a Japanese doll shop with impressive castle-like building producing traditional Japanese dolls for Girl's festival or Hinamatsuri in March or April or Boy's Festival or Tango-no-Sekku in May or June. The shop also...

  • Higashi Park

    The park which is popular for autumn foliage also has a free-of-charge zoo. It has 26.4 ha in area. The western part has nice garden with ponds while the eastern part of the park is designed to enjoy the walk in the woods. Currently #1 destination of Okazaki according to Tripadvisor.Higashi Park is also a start of Doune Okan hike, old highway with...

  • Okazaki Castle & Park: Overview

    When you are not sure where to go in Okazaki, first off get to the Okazaki park that has a lot of eye-catching things to see including a castle keep, Karakuri(automaton) clock tower, Otemon Gate, stonewall structures, moats, Noh theater and so on. Castle Keep was reconstructured in 1959 and the gate in 1993. The view from the top of the castle keep...

  • Rokusho Shrine

    The shrine with four Important Cultural Asset Buildings was originally built by Iyeyasu Tokugawa in 1602 and renovated by Iyemitsu, the third shogun and Iyetsuna, the fourth shogun is one of the popular new-year-visit places for Okazaki residents. It is also known as the shrine to pray for easy delivery of a new-born baby and for Shichi-Go-San,...


    Okazaki castle was well worth the visit because of all the history that surround it...I found difficult to photograph the castle becasue of its position........Spring will be nice to take pictures becasue of the cherry trees.....around the castle and the park..THE HISTORY OF THE CASTLETradition has it that the 1st OKAZAKI CASTLE was constructed at...


Okazaki Hotels

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  • Super Hotel Okazaki

    113-1 Yukincho, Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, 444-0037, Japan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Okazaki New Grand Hotel

    515-33 Koseicho, Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, 444-0052, Japan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • AB Hotel Okazaki

    107 Higashiarako, Hanecho, Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, 444-0813, Japan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Okazaki Transportation

  • From Higashi Okazaki to Korankei

    Meitetsu Higashi Okazaki station is one of the gateway to Korankei, one of the most popular autumn leaves sites in Japan. The bus to Korankei takes about one hour(during autumn leaves season maybe 2-3 hours) and to see the Korankei gorge views exit at KORANKEI bus stop. Asuke town has some interesting places to see other than the gorge, and I will...

  • Getting to Okazaki Castle

    To get to the Okazaki Castle, the best place to start is from Meitetsu Higashi Okazaki station where also super express trains stop. To get to Higashi Okazaki Station from JR Shinkansen Express or local train, change trains either at Toyohashi(From Eastern part of Japan, such as Hamamatsu, Hakone, Kamakura, Tokyo and Nikko) and Nagoya from western...

  • From Higashi Okazaki to Higashi Park

    The bus for Higashi Park departs from Meitetsu Higashi Okazaki station. Exit the station at the north exit and find #2 gate. Take #31 bus which runs two buses an hour. Exit at Higashi Koen Kita bus stop. The bus fare is 230 yen for adult and 120 yen for children(under 12).#Infant(1-6years old) and Baby fares: In Meitetsu Bus Line for local...


Okazaki Local Customs

  • Mikawa fireworks

    Mikawa (Mikawa is used to refer to the eastern portion of Aichi, including such cities as Toyohashi, Okazaki, and Toyota.)is famous in Japan for its fireworks manufacturing most of Japan's fireworks. So the Shogun could maintain security, Mikawa was the only area allowed to produce gunpowder which lead to the fireworks industry. The annual Okazaki...

  • Hatcho Miso....

    Hatcho Miso.. tis the taste of OKAZAKI....During the WARRING STATES PERIOD, this miso was prized as the food of warriors..It is allowed to ferment for 3 years before consumption.. It has won popularity as health food both at home and abroad.

  • Okazaki Hotels

    16 Hotels in Okazaki

Okazaki Off The Beaten Path

  • Rows of Pines at Fujikawa

    Fujikawa-shuku Tip: When Tokugawa Iyeyasu, the first shogun of Edo Government established Tokaido Road with fifty three lodging stations in 1601, he also ordered the road be shaded by black pine trees. Today you can see only a few places to see such great rows of pines. In Fujikawa area you can enjoy the walk under pine trees about 700 meters.

  • Walking Around Mishima Shrine

    Mishima Shrine, located southwest of Okazaki Castle main keep was founded in 1658 and its main hall was built in 1706 by Tadayuki Mizuno, fourth lord of Okazaki Castle who later became a rouju(elder) counselor supporting Eighth Shogun Yoshimune Tokugawa. The shrine is close to the ferry where you can have a nice view of the castle keep. From...

  • From 27-turn start to Higashi Park

    Higashi Park is only 20 minutes on foot from the eastern start of 27-turn. After reaching the Kabukimon gate, go along the narrower road and about a few minutes walk you will see the belltower gate of Hokoji Temple, a landmark for Tokaido hikers. Turn left at the corner of the temple to the uphill road, possibly the pathway to Yahashira Shrine...


Okazaki Sports & Outdoors

  • taigaa001's Profile Photo

    Where To Jog in Okazaki?

    by taigaa001 Written Nov 30, 2011

    When you stay in Okazaki, the best place to run is Oto riverside road. If you are on a bike trip and also want to jog or walk maybe Doune Okan trail might be good. While Oto riverside road is flat, Doune Okan trail has some ups and downs and much more challenging.

    A Jogger on Oto River Road Doune Okan is much more challenging
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Okazaki General

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    What to wear in okazaki area

    by cheesecake17 Updated Oct 8, 2005

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    In Okazaki, winter is usually milder than in Tokyo or Kyoto, with only occasional snow, though it can be cold if its windy. If you come from a warm climate please ensure that you either bring good warm clothing or budget for purchases in Japan.

    Summers in Okazaki are hot and humid, but again, less so than Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka. If you come from a temperate or cold climate you will feel the heat. Light loose cotton clothing, shorts and suitable footwear are required.

    Due to the mild winter there is little snowfall in Okazaki. The wettest months tend to be in early summer and again in September when typhoons are often accompanied by heavy rains. Spring and Autumn have less rain on average and this combined with the weather makes it a good time to visit.

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