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Private Half-Day Muslim-Friendly Tour of Kamakura
"The tour will start from the Kamakura Station. From there you will go to Jōmyō-ji by bus. Zen philosophy will be explored in the formal temple setting. You can enjoy a beautiful garden of dry landscape in a space of silence at Jōmyō-ji.  Afterwards immediately opposite the bamboo forest in the garden you will view the beautiful temple of Jōmyō-ji. Hokokuji is a popular tourist spot that is essential to tourism in Kamakura and has won three stars in the 2013 ""Michelin Green Guide Japan"" guidebook. At the Hokoku temple you will enjoy some delicious green tea and view a beautiful fantastic bamboo forest reminiscent of Arashiyama in Kyoto. After the Hokoku temple visit you will return to the Kamakura Station by bus and have lunch at the ""Blacksmith"" located along Komachi street that extends from the station to the Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine. At the ""blacksmith
From JPY10,000.00
Kamakura Rickshaw Tour
"Kamakura where the shogunate politics started some 800 years ago is another city worth visiting. Temples and shrines traditional buildings gardens and traditional heritages such as the Great Buddha will attract you. Seasonal flowers and surrounding nature combined with the comfortable breeze from the ocean will promise you a refreshing experience. The tours described below are model routes. the length of your tour and points of interests.30 Minute OptionStart your tour at the large red torii at the central avenue of the town. Following the charming streets of Kamakura
From JPY4,500.00
Kamakura Walking Tour: Explore Nature and History
"Kamakura where ‘Kamakura shogunate’ is the first Japanese SAMURAI Administration had started has a lot of historical temples shrines and other historic sites. Besides it is an international sightseeing city where many tourists from not only home but also abroad visit every year. It is one hour only from Tokyo by train; however there are both sea and mountains. Such rich nature is the feature of Kamakura too. You can enjoy the wonderful view only in Kamakura from a hiking trail above all to walk peaks surrounding three areas of north
From JPY12,000.00

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