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Experience Sapporo: Shiroi Koibito Cookie-Making Lesson
"After pickup at your Sapporo hotel by pre-arranged taxi your driver takes you to Shiroi Koibito Park a popular sightseeing destination that's home to the Shiroi Koibito cookie factory. Visit Shiroi Koibito cookie factory and learn how the cookie is put together from two layers of langue de chat — a French-style baked cookie with a light t and then follow your instructor's directions for decorating your cookie with your own designs. You can personalize it with the name of a loved one perhaps or create whimsical drawings. During your time at the park you can also browse the gift shop
From JPY4,500.00
Japanese Red-Crowned Crane Observation Tour in Toro
"Meet up at the Toro Nature Centre or JR Toro Station (on the Semmo Main Line of JR Hokkaido) around 9:30 am and start this exciting half-day tour. After filling some necessary documents at the reception and completing the safety orientation you will proceed to the Red-Crowned Crane House. Learn more about the cranes from the various materials available and then your guide will take you to the best locations where you can spot cranes. Enjoy the beautiful nature while observing the cranes. Wh you will be taken back to the Toro Nature Center JR Toro Station. This tour will be so unforgettable that one day you will want to come back and revisit the cranes.""""Join us for this unique nature tour to spend half-day with Japanese red-crowned cranes! Do you know how cranes live in the nature? Do you know the implications of the natural environment and human beings? Your guide will take you to the best observation enjoy the tranquility of Kushiro Marshland and symbiosis of nature and humans."title=Highlights&1=Close+encounter+with+wildlife&2=See+native+wildlife+in+their+natural+environment&3=Small+group+ensures+personal+service
From JPY11,000.00
Full-Day Historical Cycling Tour in Matsushima
"Matsushima has had a long history as a sightseeing spot due to its beautiful landscape. However this is not the only reason that this area was well-known. This area is also known as a historically important location for being a base of the shogunate during the Sengoku (Warring States) period and is deeply associated with Masamune Date the samurai ruler of the Sendai region who was known as ”Dokuganryu” (one-eyed hero) as he could only see with one eye.After Matsushima became a base for the Date family they built a number of impressive facilities such as Zuiganji Temple registered as a National Treasure and a symbol of Matsushima. These are only a small portions of the fascinating story of Matsushima.10am - Meet your guide at the Matsushima-Kaigan station10:15am to 11:15am - Enjoy a tea ceremony at one of the Miyagi prefecture's tangible cultural properties. The tea ceremony will be held in the Goza-no-ma room
From JPY17,272.00

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Seafood Market near Noboribetsu

This is where most Hong Kong tour operators will take you to sample the famed Hokkaido crabs and other seafood taken around this area. Each crab will cost you 10,000yen each. Putting the crab into a...
vincentf's Profile Photo
Apr 11, 2003

Fishy Market!!

Awesome.. and fresh sashimi.. Uni and the "Japanese King" Crab sashimi...freshly made!! took out from the tank by myself
RyersonU's Profile Photo
Aug 01, 2006
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