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Full-Day Historical Cycling Tour in Matsushima
"Matsushima has had a long history as a sightseeing spot due to its beautiful landscape. However this is not the only reason that this area was well-known. This area is also known as a historically important location for being a base of the shogunate during the Sengoku (Warring States) period and is deeply associated with Masamune Date the samurai ruler of the Sendai region who was known as ”Dokuganryu” (one-eyed hero) as he could only see with one eye.After Matsushima became a base for the Date family they built a number of impressive facilities such as Zuiganji Temple registered as a National Treasure and a symbol of Matsushima. These are only a small portions of the fascinating story of Matsushima.10am - Meet your guide at the Matsushima-Kaigan station10:15am to 11:15am - Enjoy a tea ceremony at one of the Miyagi prefecture's tangible cultural properties. The tea ceremony will be held in the Goza-no-ma room
From JPY17,272.00
Full-Day Historical Cycling Tour in Matsushima Including One-Way Train Ticket from Tokyo
"Arrive at Tokyo Station at 7:00am and get ready to board your bullet train heading to Matsushima. The bullet train will depart at 7:36am from Tokyo Station and will arrive at Sendai Station at 9:10am. You will have an approximate 30-minute change to then depart at 9:30am. Arrive at Matsushima-Kaigan Station 10:11am where your guide will be waiting for you at the ticket gate.Arrive at the Kanrantei Tea House one of the Miyagi prefecture's most tangible cultural properties at 10:30am and enjoy a tea ceremony. The tea ceremony will be held in the Goza-no-ma room which is not open to public. You will have special access to this room and experience the tea ceremony. Enjoy Japanese traditional green tea with a stunning view of the Matsushima bay. Afterward visit local and historical sites on a bicycle. This is a great opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Matsushima by seeing their local lifestyle. Visit some of the most popular attractions including the Zuiganji Temple a National Treasure and Important Cultural Property
From JPY30,549.00
Experience Matsushima and Shiogama Cultural Tour Including VIP Access to Private Tea House Room
"10am - Meet your guide at Hon-Shiogama Station in MatsushimaWalk to a famous local green tea store for a unique ""green tea tasting"" experience. You will have a chance to taste a few kinds of high-grade green tea that is served at luxurious hot enjoy some sake tasting experience. If you are traveling on Sunday the sake brewery is closed and you will be taken on a short sightseeing boat ride in Matsushima Bay instead.12:30pm - LunchStop by a local area for lunch (at your own expense); food selections includes sushi yakiniku (Japanese style BBQ) local izakaya food seafood oysters
From JPY19,220.00

More Off The Beaten Path in Sendai

Shrine and Temple District East of Sendai Station

There is no doubt that most of the famous places in Sendai are located West of Sendai Station, and many short time visitors and tourists will go for this area.BUT, if you are generally interested in...
robertbaum's Profile Photo
May 05, 2012

Great views of the Pacific and Mount Zao

Climb Mount Taihaku, the beautiful pyramid shaped mountain (or really just a large hill!) from which Taihaku ward in Sendai takes its name. I used to go there a lot - it was so peaceful. There are a...
Oct 09, 2003

At theOld Site of Sendai(Aoba)...

At theOld Site of Sendai(Aoba) Castle, you can see this wonderful night view of Sendai City. You can often find some sailing ferries on the sea that you can see beyond the skycrapers.
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Sep 08, 2002

Electronics in Japan.

Shopping for electronics in Japan is a very fun experience in itself... somewhat like visiting an art gallery; great designs & lots of choices! I love it!
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Aug 25, 2002
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"Welcome to Sendai"
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"Straight Out of Inaka and into Sendai!"
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"My Sendai"
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"Let's not say bye to Sendai!"
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