Japan What to Pack

  • Northern most point--Cape Hedo
    Northern most point--Cape Hedo
    by sundanz
  • Missing gloves and another layer
    Missing gloves and another layer
    by wabat
  • It still has snow at high elevations in May
    It still has snow at high elevations in...
    by KevinMichael

Japan What to Pack

  • *General Advices

    Tokyo What to Pack

    Tokyo is in a temperate climate including freezing temps and snow in the winter. Be sure to pack for the season as it can be freezing cold in winter and very hot in summer. Spring has very variable weather and you have to be prepared for wild temperature swings.

  • General

    Yokohama What to Pack

    Bring yourself of course...hehehe;-) and your important things. Well,if its summer, bring clothes that are for summer and if its winter, got to have some woll clothes for the weather.

  • Backpacks

    Hakone What to Pack

    You need a handy backpack, something not heavy but big enough to keep your coat/jacket as the trip to Hakone/Mt. Fuji will have all sorts of weather especially in spring. We were there mid-April and it was overcast and rainy at one point, then sunny and hot after a few hours. Then it was cold again during our pirate boat ride. Many people were...

  • Protection Against Cold Weather

    Takayama What to Pack

    Though I went in mid April (supposedly Spring and yes apparently unseasonally cold), it snowed in town (again apparently rare for the time of year), I was a little unprepared and would suggest taking the following - beanie, gloves, scarf, thick jacket and jumper, thick socks (I wore three pairs of thin ones and could still feel the cold coming...

  • Clothing

    Koyasan What to Pack


  • Rain Gear

    Tokyo What to Pack

    if you plan to visit Japan and tokyo during the fall season, you better bring umbrellas and rain coats or other rain gear handy as this is also the time of occasional thunderstorms and showers and even in the summer season, they have the occasional thunder storms hence umbrellas are a must and you can buy them at any convenience store if you did...

  • Knowledge

    Tokyo What to Pack

    Make sure to get a small pocket Japanese-English dictionary if you are travelling in Japan. Most of the people living in the province or the outskirts of Japan don't speak English at all! The map is also a good thing to pack. If you don't have any, it is best to stop at any Information Center. Most of the guides at the Info Center can speak...

  • Just In Case...

    Tokyo What to Pack

    During WW2 d-day landings it is said that condoms provided for British soldiers were marked "XXL - British troops only". This was a rather obvious morale-boosting initiative. Quite what the Americans thought to it I have no idea. Anyway the point is that Japanese condoms are different from American / European ones. I've heard some claim that they...

  • Expense

    Tokyo What to Pack

    CASH and LOTS of it!! I was actually here 'on business', had to pick up some papers, so I wasn't looking at buying much. But as it was my first time, I just decided to turn the rest of the day into a quick adventure. I took out 300 dollars from my bank account (when I finally found my bank...) Nevertheless, with my day ticket, batteries for my...

  • Pack for all weathers

    During our two and a half weeks in Japan we experienced a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions, from mild but drizzly on our first day in Tokyo, through pleasant and sunny in Hakone and Osaka, hot and sunny in Kyoto, cool and sunny in Takayama and a typhoon in Kamikochi - followed by a frost! If you're staying in the one place you may...

  • Taking medication into Japan

    I recall someone asking this question - so here it is! Via VT's keywords' search! It worked wonderfully! :-)I had to declare upon arrival at NRT if I had any psychotropic drugs with me - I wrote I had 30 'sleeping pills' (max allowed into Canada) and the customs guy at NRT (where I stopped over for one night enroute to YVR) just waved me through!...

  • Lonely planet JAPAN guide

    Light clothing and good shoes to walk everywhere.Some raincoat is good always when traveling and a swim dress if you are planning to go to the Japanese communal baths house called Sentō (銭湯), where customers pay for entrance. Traditionally these bath houses have been quite utilitarian, with one large room separating the sexes...

  • What Hotels in Japan Provides

    YukataBath Robe (not all hotels)Slippers (some are personal disposable type)Disposable Body Wash Towel (not all hotels)Hand TowelsBath Towels SoapShampooBody FoamConditionerDisposable RazorsDisposable Brush/CombSewing KitDisposable Toothbrush with PasteDisposable Shower CapsHair Dryer In-Room Pants Press (not all hotels)

  • Go Lite

    In winter, why bring lots of winter clothes when you can buy them at Daiso (100Yen Shop) in Japan.Some of the items spotted in Daiso:Thermal WearGloveWool Shoes In-SoleTightsCapsEar MuffsI was at Kinshicho and visited the Daiso at the Acrakit Building. It is big and besides the Daiso, there are other individuals shops selling various kinds of...

  • Toilet Roll

    Bring some with you as all the paper in public toilets, bars and hotels is the cheapest, nastiest stuff you ever saw.

  • Things that were nesscary

    Preferably if you are backpacking all across Japan do no bring a suitcase but rather a back pack that can roll like a suit case. This came in so handy, you can roll it when your backs hurting and pop the handle down instantly and throw on your back when you need to climb stairs. When you do not need them you can get a locker for a few dollars and...

  • all carry-on in check your bags in on...

    I like to travel light, in all my travels i have always just brought carry-ons. A large backpack to hold all my travel essential (not the huge 1 week hiking ones) and a smaller day pack to hold my electronic gear, travel books, map etc(thing that i would carry while i am wandering around the area. Shoulder bags seem to hurt my lower back if i walk...

  • Luggage courier service

    If you bring a big luggage to be transported, the luggage courier service is available all over Japan.For instance you can deliver your luggage from the Airport to the Hotel.

  • Pack Small Bags for the Trains!

    If traveling by train from Nagoya airport to Kyoto, then do not have a big backpack or big suitcase. Pack very light so that you can more easily place your luggage on the train. Instead of a full-sized backpack, I used a smaller student's bookbag from Walmart which held all I needed and took up little space.

  • When visiting a mountain town

    Bring a warm PJ! Thick wool socks to wear at night. And a beaniehat. I wished for a pair of gloves too. It was the beginning of June in Takayama. Days were HOT & SUNNY. The nights absolutely freezing! Keep that in mind! And you won't wake up with a major cold like I did!

  • 1 month in Japan - this is what I...

    1 60litre backpack1 flat moneybag to tie around my waist and that doesnt show beneath clothes, for passport and travellers chegues. Always kept money loose in my pocket 1 pair of cargo trousers1 pair of jeans1 skirt1 pair of sandals1 pair sneakers (were on my feet when I left home)2 tshirts2 singlets1 hoodie1 rain poncho Toothbrush and...

  • Remember these...

    Compared with westerners, who often travel with large suitcases, it's not common for Japanese people to travel with a large suitcase around the country. Consequently, there isn't usually a wide space to store large luggage in trains, and the coin lockers aren't large enough to hold them either. I recommend keeping your luggage small when you travel...

  • Things to consider when going to Japan

    Napisan is very difficult to buy in Japan. Take a small bag with you. We knew that there would be people who would help us at various points in our trip so we took along some small gifts. Along the way there were random acts of kindness also by complete strangers.It was good to be able to thank them in a small way. Gifts we took were nice boxes...

  • Medicine hunt

    Some medicines are hard to find in Japan. Simple calcium carbonate (Tums etc.) or bismuth (Pepto-bismol) are unavailable, though you will find many so-called "tabe-sugi/nomi-sugi" (eat-too-much/drink-too-much) medicines. Since these usually contain a mixture of herbs and caffeine, they may have unwanted side-effects. Bring chewable...

  • Spring but still cold...pack warm

    If you are going to Nagasaki during March/April make sure you take warm clothing. Although it may look nice outside it can still be cold and there is sometimes a cold wind. I didn't take enough warm clothing and ended up buying another two sweatshirts. Be warned!

  • carrying enough currency

    I cannot emphasis this strongly enough. Please bring all your excess currency in the Japanese yen. It's very difficult, near to impossible to find a bank which exchange currency, and at that, a bank which exchange currencies other than US dollars. AND they only exchange 7 other currencies only! You have to produce your passport, fill in a form...

  • Face the stairs with a backpack

    If you plan to use the trains a lot or staying at traditional Japanese inns (ryokans), use a backpack as there are many stairs to negotiate. A trolley bag will be a pain in you know where! Although it was autumn, it was early Oct (14-25) and the weather is still warm. T-shirt and jeans will be sufficient but have a light jacket with you as it...

  • We moved around so much I kept it light

    I just used a backpack and a fanny pack We usually go when it is still cold and rainy so I dressed in layers. I only took two pants, three shirts, long johns, and one good pair of shoes. Most hotels had washer/dryers, but don't expect the dryers to dry heavy cottons. I took synthetics that pack small and are warm, they also dry hanging overnight....

  • Luggage, Flip-Flops, Wet-Wipes and...

    If you can't lift it all while standing on your tip-toes, you've brought too much: Japanese public transportation can be extremely crowded and luggage-rack space is limited. Bring as few luggage pieces as possible. I brought a hiking backpack and found it to be a life-saver. Wrinkle-Free Clothing Saves the Day:Bring wrinkle-free clothing made from...

  • Useful Things not to Forget

    Try to keep luggage as small and light as possible especially if you are planning to travel around a lot as it can get very crowded on the trains. Trying to catch a train to the airport during rush hour in Tokyo with a backpack is not advisable. Shoes that are easy to slip on and off can be handy especially if you are planning to visit lots of...

  • How to read the signs

    Do bring a little hand book/charts of the syllabaries of Katakana and Hiragana. That way you can do a bit of studying, and if you need to, it'll help you read some signs. And a regular travel dictionary is of course always handy. See also my Tokyo page..!In the picture are the names Katakana (top) and Hiragana(under) written in their respective...

  • Check list before you go

    If you are western, chances are high that clothes and shoes for sale in Japan will be on the small side. I am a European 38, but if you are bigger, then don't count on finding a lot of clothes in Japan.Umbrellas are for sale everywhere in Japan, and there are quite reasonably priced. Japan is a country abundant in pharmacies, so if you are in...

  • Bring ALL Medication That You Will...

    Any, but if travelling by JR trains in peak-hour remember to take off your backpack before getting on the train. In summer, a light raincoat.In winter, very warm clothes.(Summer has the rainy season and in winter it snows) Tampons and Condoms - Trust me... bring them!All your medication that you will need. You DO NOT want to have to try and get...

  • Travel light

    There is not much space on the shinkansen trains for big luggage, so it may be better to have a small trolley and a small backpack. Also as there are mostly smaller lockers available and big ones are quite rare. Locker prices start from Yen 300, depending on the size. No need to bring slippers. They are provided everywhere. If staying in youth...

  • If you plan to get laid in Japan....

    I was hesitant for a long time whether to put up this tip or not, but after the horror I`d been through I decided to do it and save you some trouble! If you plan to get laid in Japan, bring your own condoms. I`m really really really serious!!! Not only are the Japanese ones VERY expensive, but also weird and.....small. Trust me on that one and...

  • Bring your own medicine!!!

    I would strongly recommed you bring your own medicine with. Medicine is not so hard to get, but it`s very expensive and it doesn`t always work for foreigners. I believe this is due to different immunity systems...Even if you go to Japan in the summer, bring the medicine you usually take for a cold. Japan is really hot and humid in the summer and...

  • Travel Light

    When it comes to traveling anywhere it is recommend you travel as lightly as you can. I learned this the hard way. If you look over the other tips on packing to Japan they recommend packing light. I wished I did because lugging around a large suitcase through train stations where some had no elevator can be a pain in the ass because you have to lug...

  • Women's Clothing Sizes

    The largest size women's clothing I found was a 10 at several of the stores. I needed an extra pair of pants and went to Uniqlo and bought men's. So if you are larger than a 10 don't expect to find it there.


    The first time I came to Japan I had two HUGE suitcases and another cabin bag. Needless to say I was way over my 30 kg airline allowance! I was coming to Japan to live and I bought practically EVERYTHING I owned! haha. The second time I came to Japan to work I had a 70L Backpack that was full but much more practical. If you are moving to Japan to...

  • Blank book(let)

    Most japanese attractions have stamps. So you can make a nice memory book from your japan trip if you take a small empty book with you. We also used the book to let people we met write something in it, with their adres. This way we didn?t loose any adres...

  • Pack Light!

    The nicest hotel in Japan will be a shoebox compared to what Americans are used to, so don't bring a jumbo suitcase. You'll have a hard time getting it around, too. When I traveled in June, typhoons brought annoying rains almost daily. Bring an umbrella, just in case. Comfortable shoes, especially if going to Hakone to glimpse Mt. Fuji,

  • Think Ahead.

    Think summer and humid if you go in June, July or August. Salt tablets if you're subject to heat stroke. Bring lots of film as this city has a photo at every turn of the head.

  • Almost essential

    If you do not understand Japanese, like me, a phrase book helps. Although a smile and pointing gets you by too!


    When you use a public bathroom, you may find that there is no toilet paper. This is not uncommon in Japan, for reasons I cannot understand. Whenever you go out, you *must* bring tissue with you. Pocket tissue is best. You can buy it at the convenient stores or some bathrooms have a coin operated machine where you can purchase it. At some major...


    If you think that you may be visiting a Japanese home, be sure to bring a thank you gift along with you. When one visits someone else`s home, they always bring a small gift (usually Japanese sweets or dessert). Don`t show up empty-handed. I always try to bring something edible. Different kinds of tea is always appreciated as well. If you are a...


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