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  • Grassy Park Area
    Grassy Park Area
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  • Things to Do
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  • Most of the pines in the forest park are red ones.
    Most of the pines in the forest park are...
    by taigaa001

Hamakita Things to Do

  • Shizuoka Prefectural Forest Park

    Other names: Hamakita Forest ParkTo describe this park in one word: It's really huge. I walked this park about three hours and can't get everywhere in the park. So huge that you can easily get lost. You may never go back to the place where you started. It has the area of 215 ha just a bit smaller than London's Hyde Park(241ha) and two third of...

  • Manyo-no-Mori Park: Overview

    Manyo-no-Mori Park is in short, botanical garden with plants and flowers ancient Japanese about 1,300 years ago loved so much as to pick for the theme of Waka Poems in 8th century. The most interesting feature of the park is meandering stream garden just as what you may find at the Heijokyo Ruins in Nara. The best time to visit here is during Manyo...

  • Fudoji Temple

    Fudoji temple is a nice drop-by before visiting Manyo-no-Mori Park. Fancy red gate, Ryugumon, which was built recently is the entrance to the stairs to the main hall. There is odaki and medaki falls. Rock gardens around medaki fall is very eye-catching. The temple has a cute statue of Hotei(Budai) one of the seven lucky gods and nice wooden...

  • Sun Street Hamakita

    Sun Street Hamakita is a shopping complex with a day-trip spa, brand shops, a game arcade, cinama complex, and a huge supermarket that caters to visitors' wide variety of needs.

  • Aratamano Yu, Day-trip Spa

    Opened in April 2007, this day-trp spa is now one of the most popular attractions in Hamakita-ku area. It also has a small souvenir shop and a restaurant. Open HoursWeekdays: 9 a.m to 9 p.m.Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Spa Fee: 600 yen for adult 300 yen for elementary school students or under, 70 year-olds or over....

  • Gansuiji Temple: Overview

    Gansuiji temple, founded in 725 by Gyoki, is one of the most popular temples in Greater Hamamatsu. The temple used to possess much larger area enough to emcompass present Gansuiji station. But after having suffered a number of fires the temple premises have reduced to the area beyond the present entrance gate. (photo #1). The temple complex...

  • Let's Take A Walk In Forest Park 10

    After a few minutes walk from a twisty bridge, you will reach the Nishinotaniokuike Pond. As you can see, this pond is a reservoir pond but now thanks to the excellent park designing, the pond and creek area I just passed forms a landscape just like a stroll Japanese garden. No doubt this area is the highlight of the park.To explore more about...

  • Let's Take A Walk In Forest Park 9

    Now I was heading for the Nishinotaniokuike Pond, originally a reservoir pond. After passing the observation terrace, I came across a check-dam, and a semi-arc bridge and twisty bridge. When I visited the park last September these wooden bridges had become old and rickety. Now these bridges are renovated and now being repainted. Twisty bridge has...

  • Let's Take A Walk In Forest Park 8

    After walking the lefthand trail for a while you will find a observation space to watch the water garden of the valley. After that you will enjoy walking the trail viewing down the creek.

  • Let's Take A Walk In Forest Park 7

    From part 7, the tips will be based on March 26 trip, the second visit to the forest park. From the triangular plaza near Birdpia Hamakita this time I will head for the grassy area of the park through the valley. The trail to the valley area is the same as last time in last September but it's late March and the the trail looks a bit different from...

  • Let's Take A Walk In Forest Park 6

    As you walk along the trail passing through marshy area you will see the wooden bridge seeming a bit twisted. Now the bridge is closed because of repainting. And you will see the small check-dam probably for preventing bedsoil of the water garden from being washed away by heavy rainfall. A liitle more walk leads to the pond and nearby the pond...

  • Let's Take A Walk In Forest Park 5

    Pond area of the park is one of the most popular areas of the park which leads to huge grassy area with day-camp facility. Let's start the walk down to the pond area from the plaza. From the plaza you have to find the entrance to the trail runnng left side of the Birdpia Hamakita. The trail go down a lot until you reach the marshy area with wooden...

  • Let's Take A Walk In Forest Park 4

    When you find the sign go uphill to get to the Mori No Ie(photo #1), multi-purpose facility with a restraurant. You can tour around the place about one hour but if you would like to get to the pond area of the park go back to the plaza where you started walking. To get back don't miss the smaller signboard(photo #2) for suspension bridge. After...

  • Let's Take A Walk In Forest Park 3

    When you meet the road go straight to go along another stretch of mountain trail(photo #1) after a few minutes you will find the wide road. To get to the bridge go left.(photo #2) Then you will see the suspension bridge. (photo #3) The view from the suspension bridge is really great(photo #4). After crossing the bridge there are two ways. Narrower...

  • Let's Take A Walk In Forest Park 2

    Starting from Birdpia Hamakita, first go down the parking space and you will find a plaza(photo#1) which serves as a hub to various destinations. To get to the Suspension Bridge, there are a number of ways. I recommend the trail though Bokenno Mori(photo #2, #3 and #4). To get to bokennomori area turn leftward and go along with wooden playsets....


Hamakita Restaurants

  • Black Rice Curry

    Kibe-no-Chaya is a Japanese tea cafe styled shop and light meal restraurant at the parking space of Manyo-no-Mori. They serve some buckwheat noodles and udon noodles but what I caught my eyes is Kuromai Karee or "Black rice curry". Black rice curry is a curry served on black rice. It is believed that ancient Nara era people during 8th century ate...

  • A Restaurant In Aratamano Yu

    When you are walking around Hamakita Forest Park, finding a restaurant is very hard thing to do. This restaurant in Aratamano Yu may be one of the few options. If you like Japanese teishoku styled menus maybe you can settle for it. If not bring your own lunch.

  • Hamakita Hotels

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Hamakita Transportation

  • From Sun Street Hamakita to Manyo No...

    It is hard to believe only walking distance from Sun Street Hamakita, huge shopping complex with full of parked cars, there's a nice temple and a garden park. If you walk past the northernmost part of the complex you will find a small hill. Walk toward the hill following the direction board for Manyo-no-Mori Park. Climb the stone stairs of Fudoji...

  • From Hamamatsu To Forest Park

    From Hamamatsu, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto and western part of Japan, to Hamakita Forest Park, get off Hamamatsu station and change trains there to Enshu Tetsudo Line. To get to Birdpia Hamakita, headquarter facility of the forest park, get off at Gansuiji station. It takes about twenty minutes on foot to Gansuiji temple. After visiting Gansuiji...

  • From Kakegawa to Hamakita Forest Park

    To get to Hamakita Forest Park from Shizuoka, Tokyo, first get off Shinkansen Kodama express at Kakegawa and change trains there to Tenryu-Hamanako Line. Tenryu Hamanako Line entrance is at #1 platform of JR Tokaido Line. It takes about one hour to reach Gansuiji station. When you get off the train remember to hand your ticket to the train...


Hamakita Warnings and Dangers

  • Wild Animals

    In the forest park, wild animals such as monkeys, boars, and Japanese serows are spotted. Usually these animals do not attack humans unless they are incited. To prevent unfortunate incidents, park rangers of forest park ask the visitors the following.1. NEVER FEED THE ANIMALS. And don't let the animals have your foods while you are away from your...

  • Earthquake Damage

    So far, Hamamatsu area has not been affected neither 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Tohoku and north Kanto area nor March 15 earthquake measuring 6.4 in magnitude that hit eastern Shizuoka area. But be alerted. Don't enter the trails that are not allowed to enter. Check the info on Birdpia Hamakita should there be damaged area or impassable trails....

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Hamakita Tourist Traps

  • taigaa001's Profile Photo

    Do's and Don'ts of Hamakita Forest Park

    by taigaa001 Updated Mar 26, 2011

    Feed fish, birds and animals
    Ride a bike in forest park walking trails. (OK in paved road or the roads the cars can pass)
    Fish and catch insects, living things, animals and pick plants and

    Jogging is OK unless you interfere with park visitors or into the trails no wider than 2 meters.
    Playing in grassy park is OK.
    Take care of pet's droppings and keep the dogs leashed.

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Hamakita Off The Beaten Path

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    Hamakita Plant Center

    by taigaa001 Updated May 1, 2014

    Other names: Ryokkaboku Center, Horticultural Park
    If you live near Hamamatsu and love gardening and would like to find the pot plants you love, Hamakita Ryokkaboku Center run by Japan Agricultural Cooperatives may be the right place. If you are not particularly a garden lover, it may be the nice place to visit. It also has a Japanese Garden, Hyakkeien, a bit like a dry landscape garden.

    Hyakkei-en, Japanese Garden Olive Trees Lemon Trees God of Horticulture?
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Hamakita Sports & Outdoors

  • Let's Take A Walk In Forest Park 16

    After enjoying the views from the birdwatching tower (photo #1-2), I took the path leading to the pond area. Most of the pine trees found in the forest park are AKAMATSU, or Japanese Red Pine (Pinus Densiflora) often seen in the suburbs of Hamamatsu. Unlike another prevalent pines in Japan, Kuromatsu(Japanese Black Pine, Pinus Thunbergii), the bark...

  • Let's Take A Walk In Forest Park 15

    After walking from the entrance of the park about 15 minutes, I found a sign that leads to HANAKI NO OKA(photo #1). I tried to find out what that is by climbing up the trail. After a short climb I encountered the wide road but lost track of the way to Hanaki No Oka. So I walked along the agri-road like trail and after a short walk I found a narrow...

  • Let's Take A Walk In Forest Park 14

    After crossing the wooden path near the protected area, the trail in the woods goes on and on about 15 minutes until you reach the crossroad. Alongside the trail you can find Japanese ferns. This trail was also introduced in the Brazilian youtube videos. This section could be well-suited for family hikes.


Hamakita General

  • Farfugium Japonicum

    Farfunium Japonicum (TSUWABUKI in Japanese) is a leapard plant variety that grows under the trees. In Japan it is often used as a garden plant. It blooms in October and November. The photo is taken in Manyo-no-Mori Park in early November.

  • Hamamatsu Tourist Information Center

    Hamakita-ku is a part of Hamamatsu city so the guidebooks and maps on Shizuoka Prefectural Forest Park are avalable at information center at JR Hamamatsu Station. There are four useful English language guidebooks on Hamamatsu destinations. PORTABLE GUIDEBOOK: general guidebooks on entire Hamamtsu tourist destinations. IKU-NAVI: A transportation...

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