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  • Reservation-only Bus Leads to Shimada Station
    Reservation-only Bus Leads to Shimada...
    by taigaa001
  • Ocha-No-Sato Garden
    Ocha-No-Sato Garden
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  • Ogiya, Old Shop At Sayo-No-Nakayama
    Ogiya, Old Shop At Sayo-No-Nakayama
    by taigaa001

Kanaya Things to Do

  • Sayo-no-Nakayama Trail: Overview

    Sayo-no-Nakayama is noted for one of the three difficult passes of Tokaido Road. The trail starts from the northen edge of kikugawa town. There is a narrow paved road that leads to Sayo-no-Nakayama, hill about 250meters above sea level.(Photo#1) When you start climbing there is a folk. Take the right road to get to the hilltop. After the folk you...

  • Nissaka Overview

    After two and a half hours walk from JR Kanaya station, you will get to Nissaka-shuku, twenty-fifth lodging station of Tokaido road. Nissaka now is a very quiet old town, and some of the old houses are open to public and are free of charge. The biggest draw of this place is Kawasakaya one of the inns for both samurai warriors and ordinary...

  • Kanaya Slope

    Kanaya Slope is 430-meter-long stone pavement reconstructed so that the Tokaido hikers would not get slipped. Despite its claim that it is not slippable it may not be good on rainy days. And it is not easy to get yourself oriented because your feet with oridinary shoes are not used to this unstable climb. Having said that, Suberazu Jizo is nicely...

  • JR Kanaya Station

    JR Kanaya Station of JR Tokaido Line is two stops east of JR Kakegawa station where Shinkansen Super Express(Kodama only) stops. From this station Oigawa Line known for locomotive cars starts. About 75 minutes to Senzu Station. To get to Kanaya Slope, after getting off the train and off at the north gate, get down to the paved road and turn right....

  • Kakegawa At Last!

    From Kotonomama Hachimangu Shrine to Kakegawa downtown(my goal of the hike that day was Otemon Gate of Kakegawa Castle), it takes about two hours. I personally do not recommend this segment unless you are a perfectionist. It is truly boring paved trail and there's no so much eye-catching things to see. Take a bus from Hachimangu bus stop and go...

  • Ocha No Sato: Overview

    Ocha No Sato is one of the most popular tea-related facilities in Shizuoka. It is located at the northeastern edge of Makinohara Plateau with huge area of tea plantation. You can have general idea of what the Japanese tea is by visiting the museum showcasing various types of tea around the world. And you can experience tea ceremony at tea house....

  • Kikugawa Slope

    Kikugawa Slope is stone-paved trail starting from Makinohara Hill area to Kikugawa area, about 700 meters in length. Just like Kanaya Slope this stone-paved path was restored recently. After climbng down the pavement, you will go through Kikugawa town, which used to serve as an in-between stop.

  • Basho Monument at Chokoji Temple

    Basho traveled from Edo( Tokyo) to wetern part of Japan from 1684 to 1685. The poem inscribed in the stone monument at Chokoji, in Kanaya expressed his surprise to find his horse having eaten rose of Sharon along the trail.

  • Makinohara Park: Overview

    Makinohara Park is located at the Northeastern corner of Makinohara Plateau, known by the huge tea plantation. The park is about 200 meters above sea level, and you can see the mountains nearby and even Mt. Fuji on the clear day! This park is particularly popular for night views. In this park there is the statue of a zen priest Eisai who brought...

  • Suwahara Castle Ruins

    Although there is no keep or yagura structures remain, this castle ruins was designated as one of the National Historical Sites in Japan. It was built by Katsuyori Takeda, son of Shingen Takeda one of the prominent feudal lords during late 16th century civil war era Japan. Thanks in part being left in the remote forest area, the Takeda styled...

  • Shin-Kanaya Station

    In fact most tourists start the train ride from this station about 1 kilometer away from JR Kanaya station. It is this station tour buses drop you off. This station has large parking space as well as a number of souvenir shops, and small locomotive museum. It is also not far from Tokaido road and some Tokaido trail walkers may stop for a while for...

  • Suberazu (Non-slip) Jizo

    As I may have said in other tips, jizo or earth-womb Bodhisattva originally meant for deceased souls so that they may not get tormented by the pains during after-life journey. But jizo gradually got the role of salvation for living souls. People nowadays pray for jizo for even the success in academic achievement! Suberazu Jizo at the Kanaya Slope...


Kanaya Transportation

  • From Shizuoka Airport to Kanaya

    Kanaya Station is only 5 kilometers away from Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport. If you come in a group of more than four, getting the taxi to Kanaya station is the surest way to go. If you come there alone and can reserve the demand-taxi seat use the line departing from #4 gate of bus terminal of the airport to the south exit of Shimada Station. (Photo...

  • From Nagoya To Kanaya

    Getting From Nagoya (...and Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe as well) to KanayaTo get to Kanaya from Nagoya, take Shinkansen Kodama Express and change local trains from Kakegawa. Usually the local JR trains bound for eastward directions depart from #2 platform. But beware of occasional changes. Kanaya is two stops from Kakegawa station next to Kikugawa.

  • Kanaya Hotels

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Kanaya Shopping

  • taigaa001's Profile Photo

    Yume Ichiba: A shop in Ocha No Sato

    by taigaa001 Updated Jan 25, 2011

    Ocha No Sato is a facility where you can learn about Tea, and visit nice Japanese garden and a tea house. It also has a shopping store for Japanese green tea, tea related products, and local products.

    Yume Ichiba, the first floor of this building Green Tea Canister, Azuchi, Momoyama, 300 yen Washi Green Tea Canister#1 Unagi Pie, popular Shizuoka souvenir Unagi Pie Description
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Kanaya Warnings and Dangers

  • taigaa001's Profile Photo

    Hamaoka Nuclear Plant

    by taigaa001 Updated Mar 17, 2011

    Kanaya station is about 22 kilometers north of Hamaoka Nuclear Plant in Omaezaki. Tokaido Trails between Kanaya and Kakegawa is barely outside the 20 kilometer radius range. To see the history of major troubles and accidents see the wiki link undersigned. When serious accident should occur the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states alert for particular nuclear power plant.

    Hamaoka Nuclear plant has been free of earthqyuake damage and has been operational right now on March 18.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs webpage

    Official website on Nuclear Power Plants

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Kanaya Tourist Traps

  • taigaa001's Profile Photo

    Can I visit both Ocha-no-Sato and Sayono...

    by taigaa001 Updated Mar 9, 2011

    Yes. On that case, I advise you to get to the Ocha-no-Sato first, then go toward Mt. Hitsurugi and after climbing Mt. Hitsurugi, you head for Sayo-No-Nakayama then go back to Kanaya through Tokaido(Trail A) or go westward to Nissaka(Trail B). I will check if this trail works and the report will be shown on Off-the-beaten-track category. Either way, it will be a lot tougher than Tokaido Trails between Kanaya and Nissaka.

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Kanaya Off The Beaten Path

  • Ochazukushi Trail

    It is the easiest of four hiking trails Kanaya Tourist Office recommends. It starts from Kanaya station, climbs Kanaya slope with cobble-stone pavement. Then the trail turns left going along the paved road passing through the tea plantation. Then you reach Ocha No Sato, the tea museum and garden, then you can have a clear view from Makinohara Park....


    After you get to the top, walk another 10 minutes on the regular road and you will reach the next part of the TOKAIDO PATH..In 2001, the pavement was restored for 611m on the Kikugawa slope by many people inside and outside Kanaya town under the campaign of "the pavement legend of Kikuzaka laborers"

  • Old Tokaido Highway Pavement (Kanaya...

    Tokugawa Government in the 17th Century prohibited the pavement on the muddy mountain path for the purpose of defenseThis slope between Kanaya and Makinohara was paved by many local laborers for travelers.Once you leave the station and walk 5 minutes to the site , it will take you a few more to climb to the top....This is a very HISTORICAL PATH,...


Kanaya General

  • taigaa001's Profile Photo

    Hiking Trail Difficulty in Japan

    by taigaa001 Updated Jan 27, 2011

    Favorite thing: When you see the hiking trail leaflets written in Japanese you may have some terms for the difficulty levels.

    Shoshinsha Muke: For beginners. But this term can be misleading sometimes. Generally the trail under this category may have the characteristics as follows.
    1: Not more than four hour walks but some trails may take more.
    2: Most of the trails are either paved or well-trodden
    3: Well guided by signposts
    4: Guidance of Experienced hikers may help.

    Kazoku Muke: Family Hike. Most of the trails categorized as "beginners" may be also good for family hikes. But generally the mountain trails under this category may be easier than "for beginners" trails considering taking along little children.
    Family hike trails might have above four conditions plus,
    5: Clear views
    6: Have huge playground so that children can play.

    Ippan Muke: Trails for hikers with some experience. Trails on this category may have
    7: Some challenging features such as steep climb, rocky trail which needs the help of ropes.
    8: Some map reading required. Signposts may not be so reliable.
    9: Longer or higher in altitude than beginners or family hike trails.

    Kenkyaku Muke: Trails for experienced hikers. The trails under this category may have
    10: The longer course taking more than 5 hours.
    11: Little guidance, or no guidance at all so you have to read map carefully.

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