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Private Tokyo Custom Half-Day Tour by Chartered Vehicle
"This is a private tour by a chartered vehicle. Using this service you can charter your vehicle Limousine Van or Bus which is most suitable for your group and visit many attractive sightseeing spots. You don't have to hurry for any other tourist. This tour is only for your group!Tour route is flexible and can be arranged upon your request.Recomme Empress Shoken.- The Imperial PalaceThe Imperial Palace has been the home of Japan's Imperial Family since 1888. It is built on the same location Edo Castle.- AsakusaWhen approaching the temple visitors first enter through the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) the outer gate of the Sensoji and one of the most popular sights of traditional Tokyo."
From JPY45,454.00
Private Tokyo Custom Full-Day Tour by Chartered Vehicle
"The ultimate tour of Tokyo! You can see all of the interesting places in Tokyo area. The capital Tokyo has the beautiful contrast between metropolitan skyscrapers and traditional culturre!Tour route can be arranged upon your request.R visitors first enter through the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) the outer gate of the Sensoji and one of the most popular sights of traditional Tokyo.Option: (We will be able to arrange an custom-made itinerary for you. Please inform us at least 2 weeks in advance. )- Edo Tokyo MuseumPreserves the historical heritage of Edo-Tokyo displaying the original town with their lifestyle and culture of all eras. (Closed on every Mondays)- Tokyo Sky TreeThe tallest tower in the world (634m) has just opened on May 22 2012. The landscape from the top is outstanding.- Odaiba areaRainbow Bridge
From JPY89,286.00
1-Day Tokyo Bus Tour
"During your 8.5-hour tour in an air-conditioned coach you will have the chance to experience a great number of must-see landmarks in Tokyo such as the Imperial Palace Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa Tsukiji Fish Market and a Tokyo Bay Cruise. A fluent English-speaking tour assistant will escort you and the coach also has an audio guide in English Spanish
From JPY8,000.00

Night Out in Roppongi Tips (46)

Night Out in Roppongi: For Beatles lovers ; expensive still fun: Roppongi

this bar, the funniest name " John Lemon", is just a few mins walk from the big intersection in Roppongi.
looks old, the owner said he owns more than 18years.
the owner is former professional guitarist.
all staff, except the owner, are pretty girls, and they are also musicians.
it costs 15,000JPY for each person so kinda expensive.
this charge includes Music charge, karaoke, drinks(mainly whisky),chatting with girls, but no time charge.
so if you really like there, you can stay at most 6hrs, until it closes 2am.
they have more than 100 beatles songs or other famous songs to play with.
although cost a lot, here is very enjoyable, if you like to sing with live band or play some instruments.

Jul 31, 2016

Night Out in Roppongi: Roppongi

Roppongi is an area of Tokyo that really comes alive at night. Catering to a lot of Westerners it seems, since there were tons more concentrated in this area of Tokyo more then any other district that I saw.

With that comes the throngs of promoters from the strip clubs and seedy spots that will hound you to enter their establishments. The district also is near the Tokyo Tower. This is a great place to just kick back and watch people. There is a high venue of restaurants in the area as well, like Wolfgang Puck's restaurant and the Hard Rock Cafe. If you feel that hankering for some western food, this is the place to snag it! This is a lively area, but just be aware to keep on your guard as well.

HispanicYob's Profile Photo
Nov 21, 2014

Ant N Bee Pub - Roppongi

Ant N Bee Pub is my favorite place in Roppongi. This tiny pub specializes in craft beer and fresh homemade food. You will only find about 8 bar seats here and a few tables, but they have innovative tables and stools that fold into the wall for additional customers.

During our visit the beer menu had about 22 microbrews from 10 or more Japanese microbreweries such as Minoh, Yoho, and Coedo. I started with the Coedo Hoppy Wind Session Ale and a Baeren Weizen.

Coedo Hoppy Wind Session Ale a special summer 2013 brew from Kawagoe's Coedo Brewery. The color is a pale yellow, the scent very hoppy. It is a light, sweet, citrusy ale with a strong hoppy flavor and a surprising lack of bitterness. Unique and drinkable, but not fantastic.

The Baeren Weizen is a good Hefeweizen from the Baeren Brewery in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. This is a tasty hefeweizen, but perhaps lacking some of the robust flavor of the German original.

Beers were 1200 Yen for a large Imperial Pint and 900 Yen for a smaller US Pint.

Ewingjr98's Profile Photo
Jul 02, 2013

Roppongi: Tokyo Pub Crawl

Tokyo is an huge city with a lot of fun nightlife choices, but knowing where anything is and finding a fun and safe group of people to go with can be a little scary to travelers and residents alike.

An organized group call Tokyo Pub Crawl (bar hopping) can take care of all the planning and guess work for you. Whether you’re looking to have a night out with you friends or meet new people, all you have to do is show up and have fun!

Hosted by two friendly individuals and supporting staff. Each bar you go to you get a free mild shot. Drinks are discounted off the normal Roppongi Prices. Good pacing from bar to bar, you don't stay in one location too long, and changing bars gives you an opportunity meet and interact with people you missed in the previous bar.

As the night goes on the each bar gets less bar-like and more club-like. Which is good pacing, because by the third bar you feel more loose and comfortable and shake it a bit because of the new friends and alcohol. The final fourth bar is just crazy and feels like your dancing with 50 of your closest friends.

Dress Code Casual, no flips flops because of the tight spaces.

AndrewNguyenD's Profile Photo
Sep 19, 2012
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Shamrock Irish Pub, Roppongi

Shamrock is a relatively new Irish Pub, owned by a small pub chain in Tokyo called Abbot's Choice. They have about six or eight draft beers including Guinness, Kilkenny, Hoegaarden, and a few others for about 870 Yen for a pint or 500 Yen for a half pint. They also have 10 or 15 bottles including a few local beers like Kirin Ichiban. I had a draft Kilkenny, which poured fresh, cold, and delicious. The food menu was in Japanese, but their dishes seemed like fish and chips, pizza, and pasta.

I arrived in mid afternoon, and the bar was pretty quiet, except for one small table of Japanese guests. During the 45 minutes or so that I spent in the bar a number of additional Japanese customers strolled in and had food and beverages.

The bar is reasonably authentic, with soccer on the TVs, a wood bar, and the right beer on tap, but a few thing do throw you, such as the Japanese bartender and the music generated from a laptop. Definitely a good, comfortable spot to grab a tasty beer in Roppongi.

Ewingjr98's Profile Photo
Aug 28, 2012

Night Out in Roppongi: Heaven for People who want to enjoy..

Roppongi...What do I say about roppongi.Past 2 months I have been here and enjoyed each and every moment I spent at this place.Not a very big place to search for what you are there.

I would start with some decent places : HardRock Cafe like any other Hardrock Cafe in the world.Live music on special weekends and reasonable drinks/food for a nice friday evening.

Other places are there like Tully's , Starbucks and Mcdonalds....

Now I come to places Where you would enjoy the most.

JUMANJI , Greenland(Jumanji's Co-Company) are 2 good places.Entry fee 1000- Yen for Men(1 drink coupon free)....Awsome places. Go before 11 PM and enjoy drinks at 100 Yen(Beer-Heineken etc) and 500(cocktails).Very good music ,nice aroma and girls of all origin.

Vibration/Black Horse : Very good clubs with free entrance and amazing music. Just pay and drink and enjoy..

All the 4 above are very crowded and small.

Feria/Wall Street : Multifloor Dance clubs with music of different taste.Take your drinks and shake your feets. Not very crowded and nice drinks and music.

There are some Strip clubs as well.I would not name them..They all are the same.
But please be very careful while going to them as they run by all Nigerians.You normally pay 3000 Yen for 90 minutes or just pay 1000 yen for 1 drink and take your seat there.
Amazing Romaninan/Japanese/Ukranian/Thai/philipines Girls doing striptease and would come to your seat.They would ask you to provide drinks which cost from 1500 yen to 80000 Yen.
Please be carefull as if these Nigerians get a feel that now you are in flow , You could be drugged with some drinks which could end you paying 400,000 Yen as these girls could drink like unlimited...and you are billed for drinks which even they did not drink and moreover 40% entertainment tax...Go to stripclubs if you want but but ...
Please dont be out and be robbed.

So Guys,,,,This is Roppongi for you.Go and just Enjoy..Dance Clubs are the best places to go.Japanese Girsl Crazy for White people and drinks,...Just Buy drinks for them and then See the real flavour of Roppongi...

Every Place has Good and Bad Points...Roppongi is not an exception....Just Play Safe...

Dress Code Anything..

Dec 11, 2011

Wall Street House: Night Out in Roppongi Wall Street House

Every time I come to Japan I visit a place called Wall Street House in Roppongi.
Roppongi is full of clubs and bars but Wall Street House is different.
Very classy with 3 floors all designed for entertainment the first good point is that entrance is free, the music selection is nice, the staff is very friendly and when you go there you feel like at home drinking good cocktails or cold beers with all those regular customers and the new ones that gives a mix of ages and styles and a great party!!
I think the best is to go and check by yourself next time you visit Tokyo, you will not regret it trust me!
THE spot you really have to visit!
See you there (^-^)/

Dress Code Casual.

JulienRoppongi's Profile Photo
Sep 26, 2011

Roppongi, Bauhouse, Agave: Tequila, Touts and Tabs

Roppongi is an interesting place - in the daylight it looks like a large drab intersection and that of course, is because it is. But at night however, particularly on a Friday or Saturday night, it comes alive and takes on the ambience of a street from the film bladerunner. Hip and with it Japanese youths dressed in the latest fashions gather round the pink Almond cafe and chat amongst themseleves in high pitched and exciteable voices. Touts continually harrass you and offer an eye-watering range of naughty entertainment and slender girls offer you rather dubious massages. Ignore it all and head for the bars.

If you like tequila then you should head for the agave bar which houses approximately 600 varietys of tequila from the cheap to the expensive. On my first visit here I asked the barman for a "nice" tequila and was poured something that whilst tasting fantastic, set me back £10 a shot. Which brings us to the Japanese tab system under which most bars operate - generally you will be expected tp pay your bar bill at the end of the night, rather than on a drink by drink basis, so be aware of what you spend and make sure it tallies with the amount that you have in your wallet!

Another great hang-out is the bauhouse, a stones throw from the chicago rock cafe. It features some rather impressive live music from the very talented houseband - these guys can really play and they can seemingly squirt out a faultless jimmy hendrix guitar solo without breaking into a sweat. It'll set you back about £15 to get in, but it's worth it for a night out,although I wouldn't bother turning up until about 10pm or perhaps even slightly later.

Dress Code Casual

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Apr 04, 2011
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"T o k y o"
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"Tragedy in Japan"
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"Tokyo - I love this place ! Old, New, & Happening"
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Roppongi district: Roppongi tips

Roppongi is a popular district for nightlife, particularly with foreigners. If you don't speak Japanese and are feeling a little daunted by menus you can't read then head to Outback Steakhouse in Roppongi for dinner (see my Tokyo restaurant tips for more details).

We didn't get hassled by anyone during our time in Japan but there are some big burly looking men who stand outside bars and clubs in Roppongi, passing out flyers and trying to get you into their bars. I think I read somewhere as a rule that if you can't see inside the bar from the street then don't go in as you'll probably get ripped off.

Another thing we did while in Roppongi was go into a pet shop. There were loads of puppies and kittens all in glass cages and they were BEYOND CUTE! I've never seen a pet shop that sells cats and dogs before (my local in the UK only has rodents, rabbits, fish etc). I couldn't tell if it was cruel or cute but the animals all looked healthy. It was cuteness overload while I was in the shop but when I walked out I felt a bit guilty... (type 'japanese pet shop' into google images and you will see what I mean).

Dress Code We only walked about and went to the restaurant and pet shop in Roppongi so I don't know about dress codes.

clueless83's Profile Photo
Aug 31, 2009

Night Out in Roppongi: Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills

The Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills is a great place to spend an early evening. Catch the sunset view of Tokyo from the rooftop overlook, then dine in one of the many flavorful restaurants. Or you can take in the latest exhibition at the contemporary art museum on the 51st floor -- usually highlighting the work of an emerging Asian artist like China's Ai Wei Wei, designer of the Bird's Nest Olympic stadium and modern sculptor. Then you might decide to relax with a drink overlooking Tokyo at CityView. We chose to do all three, finishing off with a memorable Teppanyaki dinner at Hildalgo's on the 5th floor. I had shabu shabu but Janet had an unforgetable pancake concoction called okonomiyaki that she still raves about. It's a tasty melange of meat, cabbage, and onions in a thick batter that is fried right in front of you. Topped with tuna shavings and a tangy sauce -- it's yummy!

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Aug 09, 2009

Night Out in Roppongi: Stay Away!!

This is one area of Tokyo to avoid. I was there in the early evening and ended up cornered by men I had never met about a tab at a bar I was never in. I seen the police approach and thought "Finally, I can get away from this." Not so much, I ended up arrested and after 9 hours in jail had to pay 150,000 Yen, cash, to get out. I have spent quite a bit of time in other areas of Japan and have usually had a good time. Unfortunatly this experince soured Tokyo for me. If you are going to go be sure to be in a large group and be extra careful if you are white.

Jul 05, 2009

Night Out in Roppongi: Sushi and Sake on a Cold Night

We went to a really nice sushi bar in Roppongi. Only 3 tables and a few seats alone the bar it was an interesting experience. The food was fantastic and we did have to use the picture menu! The chefs in the background of the picture are rushing along making the dinner!

leanne_pearc's Profile Photo
Jul 06, 2008

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