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Full Day Private Custom Chartered Taxi Tour of Tokyo
"For this private tour your private taxi and guide will take you around Tokyo city limits to the attractions that you want to go to. Having a local driver and a licensed tour guide your travels in the Tokyo area will fun and relaxing.The tour route is flexible and can be arranged to meet your requests.The following are some of the recommended locations to visit:Tsukiji MarketThe outer Tsukiji market consists knives and fresh seafood and produce for sale in smaller (than wholesale) portions. Tokyo TowerGet a spectacular view of Metropolitan Tokyo from the observation deck.Imperial Palace PlazaAdmire the view of Nijubashi Bridge an this is the only one in the capital (The 13th of the Temples on the pilgrimage to all 33 temples). Visit this historic area which includes the Nakamise-dori the street leading to the temple.OdaibaEnjoy a walk through the bay area which is filled with modern buildings and shopping complexes.ShibuyaShibuya is one of Tokyo's most colorful and busy districts packed with shopping
From JPY87,000.00
Half Day Private Custom Chartered Taxi Tour of Tokyo
"For this private tour your private taxi and guide will take you around Tokyo city limits to the attractions that you want to go to. Having a local driver and a licensed tour guide your travels in the Tokyo area will fun and relaxing.The tour route is flexible and can be arranged to meet your requests.The following are some of the recommended locations to visit:Tokyo TowerGet a spectacular view of Metropolit this is the only one in the capital (The 13th of the Temples on the pilgrimage to all 33 temples). Visit this historic area which includes the Nakamise-dori the street leading to the temple.""""This is a private tour with a taxi and guide. With your local driver and your licensed tour guide
From JPY47,000.00
"Tokyo Skytree
"Tokyo Skytree Asakusa and Central Tokyo Sightseeing Tour""After being picked up from your Tokyo hotel enjoy a scenic guided tour of central Tokyo’s ancient and modern attractions. Your guided tour by air-conditioned coach takes in the Imperial Palace Plaza with its palace and landscaped grounds the art-deco National Diet Building and the palatial State Guest House. You’ll also see the shops and neon-lit towers of the Ginza and Akihabara districts before arriving in the temple quarter of Asakusa.The highlight of your visit to Asakusa is Senso-ji Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple. In addition to admiring the temple’s five-story pagoda
From JPY6,600.00

Yoshinoya Tips (14)

Yoshinoya: Cheap meal

Yoshinoya has many outlets in Tokyo, usually small and simple places where you get your food (freshly made) sitting at a bar. Mostly it is Ramen (noodle soup) and a few other dishes as Gyoza (the filling consists usually of ground pork, nira chives, green onion, cabbage, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and sesame oil).

Favorite Dish Pork and bacon on rice, 390 Yen

lotharscheer's Profile Photo
Jul 20, 2016

Yoshinoya - Everywhere

Yoshinoya is Japan's most famous and popular beef bowl, or gyu-don, fast food restaurant. It is also cheap and quick, with pretty decent food. This restaurant was established in 1899 in Tokyo and was moved to Tsukiji fish market in 1923. Even in its earliest days, Yoshinoya was famous for the beef bowl. Starting in the 1950s, the restaurant expanded throughout Japan, and the world, today having 1,400 locations in Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, United States and the Philippines.

We stopped at a Yoshinoya restaurant in the outskirts of Tokyo, and had good, cheap meals of chicken and rice & beef and rice along with a few cheap beers. The food was ready in just minutes, and it was tasty, but not fantastic.

Certainly better than McDonalds, but nothing spectacular.

Ewingjr98's Profile Photo
Feb 22, 2013

Yoshinoya, Meguro-Ekimae Shop: Kabayaki(Broiled Eels) at Yoshinoya

Kabayaki or Broiled Eel is one of the most popular summer dishes in Japan. At Yoshinoya chain you can have it at 650 yen about two third or half the price of ordinary restaurant. How does it taste? Not bad and not good either. Just cheap.

taigaa001's Profile Photo
Aug 14, 2012

yoshinoya: 24 hr cheap food

It's a typical fast food in japan,every body loves yoshinoya..the place is usualy not so wide..and it's located almost anywhere in the cities of japan so it's easy to find one.They offer rice bowls with free grean tea and soup.

Favorite Dish I my favorite is their Gyudon with grilled salmon with salad and soup.I always eat this everytime i go to nearest yoshinoya in my place.I also love their kare rice in a bowl.Well it's not the best kare I've tasted but quietly good than average.

yeen16's Profile Photo
Feb 13, 2012
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Yoshinoya: Eating on a cheap

When I say "cheap" I mean it! US$3-4 for a meal. Free water and / or Japanese green tea is included. The restaurants are all over Tokyo. Just look for their characteristic orange logo, including the word "Yoshinoya" in English. Bon appetit!

witness_wannabe's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Yoshinoya: A Japanese Donburi Icon!

well one must eat the original! i have been at yoshinoya in the philippines and hong kong and singapore and now in the land of it's birthplace, it also has the most expensive beef bowl of all the four off course. a large gyudon beef bowl costs 350 yen in hongkong, 370 yen in singapore, 250 yen in the philippines and 530 yen here in Japan! but nothing beats the original!

Established in 1899 in Japan, Yoshinoya is the largest chain among beef bowl (or gyûdon) restaurants (their rivals are Matsuya and Sushiya) and one of the leading fast food chains in Japan. It is often shortened to "yoshi gyû" (meaning Yoshinoya's beef) among its enthusiasts. Its motto is "cheap, quick and yummy".Yoshinoya’s gyudon is made from a traditional 100-year old recipe. Gyu means “cow” or “beef,” and don is short for donburi, the Japanese word for “bowl.” It is commonly served with beni shoga (pickled ginger), shicimi and a side dish of appetizing miso soup that has always been its best match. A typical order of gyudon includes flavorful slices of premium USDA beef simmered with fresh onions in a sauce of special herbs and spices, loaded in one large serving of steaming rice. (in the States, It is only found in the los angeles area and in las vegas and one branch in times square but never in the Bay Area of San Francisco Huhuhu!)

Favorite Dish what else, the gyudon beef bowl!

Here in Yoshonoya, A typical order might include omori (large size) beef bowl, raw egg (mixed with soy sauce and poured on top), a scoop of shoga (ginger) and a dash of spice. Little known to foreigners visiting Yoshinoya in Japan are the no charge special requests such as "tsuyudaku" (extra sauce) and the more rare "negidaku" (extra onions). again it cost 530 yen and you can order other donburi meals like butadon (pork donburi) at 480 yen and oyakudon (chicken donburi) at 480 yen.

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Oct 26, 2009

Yoshinoya: Great Gyudon!!!

Yoshinoya is a large restaurant chain specialising in gyudon dishes (rice and beef). Prices are really cheap, the food is great and service is ultra fast!! Places are clean and staff are friendly. Many are open 24 hours too!!
Price also includes green tea.

Favorite Dish Beef and rice - gyudon

chizz's Profile Photo
Feb 01, 2009

Yoshinoya: Cheep and Cheerful

Great place to get a bite to eat - it's cheap and tasty. Also this is a regular stop for Japanese people, so you know it's OK. Service is usually very prompt, and don't worry about not being able to read Japanese menu's, just point to a the picture menu! Most of the time though the attendant will be able to understand you from jestures/body language - honest! All served with a glass of free water (but the beer is cheap too)

Katsu-don; for pork and rice.
Gyuu-don; for Beef and rice.

Not really a place for the veggie though.

It's open 24hours and they are pretty much everywhere in Tokyo, especially close to stations or busy shopping areas.

Other good places to get a quick bite are - Mos Burger, Freshness Burger, any 'Conbini" store like Lawsons, 7-11, QQ (99yen shop) etc...

Favorite Dish Gyuu-don - it's what the chain is famous for!

Sep 21, 2007
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"T o k y o"
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"Tragedy in Japan"
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"Tokyo - I love this place ! Old, New, & Happening"
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Yoshinoya: Cheap and Delicious for All

Oishii!!! There are no doubt about the food at all, just hop into the shop and enjoy the food being served in just 5 mins. A delightful place to enjoy the food with all the things provided. Easy to find anywhere and cheap food as well.

Favorite Dish I like the teriyaki chicken set meal, it smells nice and the sauce that comes with the chicken is simply tasty.

willy55's Profile Photo
Oct 01, 2006

Yoshinoya: Japanese Styled fast food restaurant

The price range are within 280yen to 480 yen. Before ordering, you have to buy coupon at the vending machine inside the store. IF you're travel on tigh budget, this is the restaurant for you. It locates everywhere in Tokyo.

Favorite Dish Mostly i had soya flavoured pork rice. It costs around 380 yen with additional miso soup.

wkm's Profile Photo
Jun 19, 2006

Yoshinoya Beef Rice Stalls: Cheap eats-the Japanese way!

Fast food-the Japanese way. Dispel your original ideas that eating out in Tokyo is expensive. Visit the Yoshinoya chain for the best breakfast, lunch or dinner deals around.
They have the famous beef rice, chicken with rice and Japanese beef curry & rice.

Note to Malaysians & Singaporeans-the chain here is not like the one that is found in Malaysia and Singapore. The menu is all in Japanese and the curries are not at all what we are used to. It looks like thick brown sauce and is slightly sweetish, but still rather delicious. Can't speak Japanese? No worries, just point to the one you like and pay!

Favorite Dish Delicious Grilled Beef Rice-so satisfying.

Cost: 400 - 500 Yen for a bowl of gyudon
(don=rice with gyu=beef)

Wild_Orchid's Profile Photo
Jun 30, 2005

Yoshinoya: Faster impossible!!!

The biggest chain of "Gyudon" in Japan is Yoshinoya. In accordance to the region, a similar restaurant would be there. This is fast-food with the grace of Asia and by any means healthier.
What's is Gyudon. Gyu stands for cow, don is a short for donburi (no grammar rules apply here). And donburi is a bowl. Make yor arithmetic and you will find a cow inside a bowl. Wrong!!! Donburi is a bowl with rice. And gyudon is a bowl full of rice with cow meat on the top. If someone offers you an X-don, he/she is inviting you to eat a bowl of rice with X on the top. Tendon= Tempura-don and so on, so forth.

Favorite Dish For the low price any of the gyudon is ok. You decide how much rice you want: Oomori (a bit more), futsu(regular but for a western too much).
REmember that for the Japanese the important thing to eat is the rice...the rest is mana from heaven.

The breakfast is just excellent for 250 yenes: grilled fish, rice, miso"soup" and pickles.

BTW, it is open 24 hours a day....

manuelEB's Profile Photo
Oct 10, 2003

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