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Tokyo Asakusa Rickshaw Tour
"Meet your informative guide at Kaminarimon or the nearby Asakusa Station to board the traditional rickshaw a two-passenger wagon pulled by your guide. Tokyo can be overwhelming with a many great interesting sites spread throughout the city. A rickshaw ride with a local guide is the best way to see many essential spots quickly and learn about them without having your face buried in a guidebook. Tour is customizable so discuss possible routes with your guide. Here are four options for Tokyo rickshaw routes.Click on “View Additional Info” for the rickshaw meeting location.""""Climb aboard a traditional Japanese rickshaw for an unforgettable view of the Asakusa district in Tokyo. Your knowledgeable guide will steer you to some of Tokyo’s many iconic sites
From JPY4,500.00
Full Day Asakusa Tour with Ninja Experience and Tokyo Skytree
"A ""Ninja"" in feudal Japan was Japanese covert agent with special missions such as espionage and infiltration. On this tour an instructor will help you to practice three basic parts of being a ninja: Sword-handling Concealment methods and Shuriken blade throwing.Then you will walk around souvenir shops along the ""Nakamise"" Street and visit the Sensoji temple and other places of amusement nearby. After roaming the Asakusa area you will head to the Tokyo Skytree which at 634 meters is the world's highest self-standing tower used for broadcasting. There you will get a chance to see the view all around Metropolitan Tokyo. On a clear day
From JPY14,000.00
Private Kimono Experience in Asakusa with Tsukiji Fish Market Walking Tour and Water Bus Ride
"Have you ever tried on a kimono? With the rustle of the kimono you can experience this traditional Japanese atmosphere in Asakusa while paying a visit to the Sensoji Temple the oldest temple in Tokyo which was established in the 7th century. Afterwards you will have the chance to go to the Hamarikyu Japanese Garden and experience cruising on the Sumida river. This garden has served many purposes over the course of its history such as the feudal lord's residence and duck-hunting grounds. Here you can have free time to have Japanese tea at the tea house in the garden as an option.Finally you will visit world famous Tsukiji Fish Market that has 400 stores and eateries with hundreds of different types of seafood.Itinerary 1. You will be picked up around 9am from your centrally located Tokyo hotel. 2. Then you and your guide you will stroll around the Asakusa area and visit Sensoji temple
From JPY9,500.00

Asakusa Tips (82)

Asakusa SAMBA festival - August each year

Our visit there coincided with the Asakusa Samba festival which takes place in August each year. The roads were closed for the parade. It was a wonderful sight - men, women and children, in costumes paraded to lively music. Imagine, a SAMBA festival in Japan!

Wild_Orchid's Profile Photo
May 19, 2005

Tokyo's Most Beautiful Temple

The temple of Asakusa (pronounce 'Asaxa') are regarded as the most beautiful and important temple, especially for tourists. It is located n the north-east of the city at the Sumida river. Most striking is the massive lampion of the Kaminari-mon which marks the entrance to the temple complex. After moving through it you will find yourself in the Nakamise-alleyway, a alley full of souvenir shops. After the second gate you will see the Kannon-dô temple andthe pagoda that hosts part of Buddha's bone on its top floor.
The are and especially the Nakamise-alley is packed all year, maybe due to the immense variety of Tokyo souvenirs.

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Apr 10, 2005

Japanese Jinrikisha pull by rickshaw drivers

Not far from Kaminarimon the outer gate of the Sensoji Temple are rickshaw drivers on the look out for tourists who want a ride. They will call out to you the tourists for attention.

If you got plenty of spare cash go for a ride around the block with Japanese Jinrikisha pull by rickshaw drivers. We didn’t go because it was expensive for us, I think it was 500yen.

Asakusa is the only place in Japan where you can get a rickshaw ride.

fachd's Profile Photo
Jun 08, 2009

Tokyo: Asakusa's Dembo-in

The Dembo-in garden is not generally open to the public and is said to be one of Tokyo's best. It is tucked behind the Chingo-do shrine and the impressive 5 levels pagoda of the Senso-ji. Its smallish, but with no people tramping through it it's spacious for a big city gardens. There one finds a beautiful pond, the home to a colony of turtles. A winding pathway takes one around the pond through a small wood and back to the main terrace area. There are actually a couple of traditional tea houses, open only for special occassions I would guess. To access this peaceful little spot one must gain permission from the Senso-ji administration office. It's free entry, but requires a good reason to enter, often it will be "sorry it's closed to the public".

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Jun 19, 2004
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1-3-4 Hanakawado, 111-0033
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1-2-1 Asakusa, 111-0032
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2-19-14, Kaminarimon, 111-0034
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2-20-4 Kaminarimon, 111-0034
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2-33-7 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo Prefecture, 111-0032, Japan
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Say a little prayer

Continuing our temple/shrine theme from Kyoto, we visited Tokyo famed Sensoji Temple in Asakusa. I was here many years ago and amazingly, it has not changed much.

Best time to visit the temple is before the sun sets so that you can take a look around its surroundings and go inside the temple. When it gets dark, the lights come up and the whole complex looks quite different.

This is the place to shop for little souvenirs (tiny key chains, charms for mobile phones etc.) and snacks as well as dine at one of the manu restaurants nearby.

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Jan 04, 2006


For a 100 yen coin you can know what your future will be. After paying, you must take out a stick with a japanese sign from a bottle. Then look for the very same sign on the board in front of you to know your fortune. My sister found it very easy, but to me was very difficult, all the signs look the same!!

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Dec 04, 2007

cruisin sumida river

tired of walking? wanna see the city via a different route? taking the sumida river cruise will relax you and show you lots of things to see. from asakusa to hinode pier, the trip lasts for about 40 minutes.

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Sep 13, 2006

Tokyo Neighborhoods

Part of Tokyo's downtown center during the Edo period, Asakusa once flourished as an entertainment district. It retains some of that feeling as a haven for merchants, artists and craftspeople -- take a stroll down its narrow, crowded streets and you'll be as close as you can get to the atmosphere of old Tokyo.

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Apr 30, 2003
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"T o k y o"
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"Tragedy in Japan"
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"Tokyo - I love this place ! Old, New, & Happening"
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the interesting asahi beer tower

It seems like a study in abstract. From the Sumida River, this gold tower with a worm-like monument in front of it will surely catch your attention. It's the Asahi Beer Tower and Asahi Super Dry Hall with its characteristic Flamme d'Or. Built in 1989, it serves as the headquarters of Asahi Breweries. Looking for a place to grab a bite? There are several restaurants there.

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Sep 13, 2006


SENSOJI TEMPLE is Tokyo's oldest and most popular temple, with a history dating back to 628. That was when, according to popular lore, two brothers fishing in the nearby Sumida River netted the catch of their lives-a tiny golden statue of Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of mercy and happiness, who is empowered with the ability to release humans from all suffering. Sensoji Temple (also popularly known as Asakusa Kannon) was erected in her honor, and although the statue is housed here, it's never shown to the public. Still, through the centuries worshippers have flocked here, seeking favors of Kannon, and when Sensoji Temple burned down during a 1945 bombing raid, the present structure was rebuilt with donations by the Japanese people.
Colorful NAKAMISE DORI, a pedestrian lane leading to the shrine, is lined with traditional shops and souvenir stands, while nearby DEMBOIN GARDEN remains an insider's favorite as a peaceful oasis away from the bustling crowds

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Sep 28, 2002

Asakusa - Kaminarimon

The Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) is the symbol of Asakusa. It leads to the Sensoji Temple. This gate sports a huge ornate lantern and statues of Raijin (God of thunder and lightning) and Fujin (God of Wind) are displyed at the gate.

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Dec 24, 2008

The old town

Asakusa is considered the old part of Tokyo, there are many little shops once you cross Kaminarimon, "thunder gate", until you get the temple. This is a good place to buy souvenirs or little gifts, you can find many options at a reasonable rate, specially if you've got many friends and you MUST buy something. :P


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Dec 18, 2002

Things to Do Near Asakusa

Things to Do

Sumida River

Near the Tokyo Sky Tree, the Sumida River (Asakusa subway stop). Asakusa is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Tokyo, but along the Sumida River, the modern architecture made its entry. We staying in...
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Things to Do

Kokugikan (National Sumo Stadium)

No guarantees of course that a tournament will be going while you are in town, but if there is a tournament in progress, it is well worth catching the sumo. There are 6 tournaments a year, 3 of which...
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Things to Do

Edo-Tokyo Museum

Here is a kabuki display from the museum. The Edo museum is one of Tokyo's finest museum detailing the history of the capital city it's early beginnings up to modern times. The museum is designed to...
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Tokyo National Museum

Where would you go if you want to see the National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties of Japan? Start from Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park. Particularly Main Building specializing Japanese...
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Ueno Park and Zoo

Another view of this unique temple in Ueno Park with its large octagonal temple hall. the temple is set on a island in shinabazu pond in the southern part of the park. Admission is free to this...
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We were in the plane flying into Tokyo and I watched a short travel video on the personal console --- one video showed a girl going to the basement of a red building in Akihabara (which I later found...
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