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Ginza Tips (52)

Wander Around the Ginza

I'm not big on shopping, and even if I were it's likely that the Ginza would be out of my price range, but it's worth wandering around the area on a hopping Saturday afternoon to get a feel for the action. Even during the economic downturn of 2009, the streets were still buzzing with stylish shoppers going in and out of stores. The people watching is excellent -- especially on the weekends when some of the streets are pedestrian only. The stores are easily recognizable with familiar brandnames, and everyone (except for me) is dressed to the nines. Oh, I did buy something: a coffee and pastry at Cafe La Tour.
....THe Japanese must be the most brand-concious consumers in the world -- especially the young women. If you're into big designer names, though, this is the place to be. You can check out the newest, cutting-edge products in the Sony showroom (I saw my first HDTV here in 1991) or you can feel poor walking through the Dior, Chanel or Hermes buildings -- in Ginza, it's not enough to have a store, you must have a whole building!!

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Nov 19, 2009

Catering for the Rich

Tokyo's Ginza area is the shopping area mainly aimed at a wealthier audience, although it seems like every second Japanese woman walks around with a Louis Vuitton bag anyway. Because of its elegant boutiques and department stores the Ginza has become the internationally most known part of Tokyo.
You should go her to see the old Kabuki-za theater and the big branch of Mitsukoshi with all its luxury good from chocolate to clothes on Harumi-dôri. On Chûô-dôri you will find further department stores and boutiques as well as the Toyko Central Musueum of Art and the main store of the cosmetic manufacturer Shiseidô ( Shiseidô, the Ginza ).

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Apr 10, 2005

Glitzy world

The must-see, must-experience place in Tokyo. It's interesting to see that most departments stores have uniformed receptionists in colourful outfits, hats and thick makeup.

Well heeled ladies in kimonos, office workers in business suits, high school girls with their mini skirts - a mix of Tokyoites in all forms.

Bright neon lights in the evenings, glitzy shopping arcades, towering office buildings - a hodgepodge of activities.

What more can I say?

akikonomu's Profile Photo
Dec 27, 2003

Ginza District, Central Tokyo

Ginza is a high-end shopping and fashion district, known as one of the most luxurious shopping areas in the world. Some of the big stores here include Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, the Sony showroom. It is also home to Tokyo's most famous live theater, the Kabuki-za theater, which is closed, but expected to reopen in 2013.

While Ginza's main streets are lined with tall, modern stores and shops, the back alleys are much more interesting. Almost every alley is lined with small Japanese restaurants, with their traditional paper lanterns, and you can also discover some small gardens and shrines.

Historically, Ginza was a silver manufacturing district, surrounded by moats to defend the nearby Edo Castle. The grid pattern of the neighborhood was originally laid out nearly 400 years ago.

Ginza was also the setting for parts of the original Godzilla movie. In the film, Godzilla got pissed that the clock bell on the Wako Department Store in Ginza rang, so he destroyed both the clock and the store. Once he finished in Ginza, he crossed the railroad tracks, getting shocked on his way to Hibiya. Today a small Godzilla statue stands in Hibiya Chante Square, behind the Toho Building, which houses the company that owns the rights to Godzilla.

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Jun 05, 2014
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Try an Oxygen Bar

I decided I wanted to try and Oxygen Bar.
So my guide and I went to one in Tokyo.
It was heaps of fun, you get to choose from different smells
and sit there for an allocated time and breath them in.
They then measure the amount of oxygen in your blood.
It is a unique experience and I reccomend trying this if you are in Japan.

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Apr 04, 2011

Heart of Ginza

Ginza used to be the symbol for the modernization & westernization of Japan. Here, you find a mixture of old tradition and modern Tokyo. It is a shopping heaven for those who love to shop and enjoy life as there are thousands of shops, restaurants, night clubs and business offices.

Must see: Tokyo Kyukyodo, traditional Japanese craft shop, located on Ginza-dori Ave (a few shops west of Harumi-dori St intersection).

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Oct 11, 2006

Go to a Toy Store

For some fun shopping, I suggest stopping at Kiddie Land in Omotesando or Hakuhinkan Toy Park in Ginza. Both are large multi-story toy stores with the latest and greatest selection of toys. Everything from baby toys to video games are there, not to mention the ubiquitous character goods. I like looking for the fun, unique toys that I can buy for myself or give away as gifts. For example, a windup baby godzilla egg (the egg pops open and a mini godzilla walks out) made for a cute souvenir. I also found a "pai-pai sawari" -- a baby's first toy made in the shape of a woman's breast! You'd never find anything like this outside of an adult toy store in the U.S. and it made for a fun gag gift to my brother.

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Sep 12, 2002

World Class Luxurious Commercial Area

If you are much of a shopper, the Ginza is the place for you to go. Well, it is one of the many. The district is filled with department stores, and little shops, and restaurants. At night, the lights are dazzling, not quite as neon as Vegas, but every bit as amazing. As much as I could tell, the Ginza is always bustling, night and day.

One of the most striking differences between walking around Tokyo and most large cities in America was that you willI never once felt unsafe. You willI never worried about walking around without knowing where you were headed, or that you might take a turn that would put you somewhere dangerous.

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Aug 16, 2004
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"T o k y o"
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"Tragedy in Japan"
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"Tokyo - I love this place ! Old, New, & Happening"
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Enter at your wallet's peril - Ginza!

When I look at Ginza, I think of Rodeo Drive in LA, Orchard Road in Singapore, KLCC in Kuala Lumpur and Knightsbridge in London.

It's all about shopping and having deep pockets. So for those of us who are not well-heeled, it's still fun to window shop and dream. On weekends, the streets are turned into pedestrial walkway so grab a chair, sit in the middle of the street and gawk at the super luxury brands available here!

My favourite shop here is really the Apple Centre. You won't miss it as it's next to the Mikimoto store. With 5 storeys to satisfy even the most hard core Apple fan, you'll definitely not be bored here.

If you're in Ginza with your boyfriend or husband, send them to the Apple Centre and get them out of your hair so that you can shop in peace :-)

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Jan 04, 2006


The meeting venue for our VT Meet was at Ginza, Nissan Showroom. Ginza is the business and shopping district. Famous departmental stores and shops are all setup in this area.

At night, you will find buildings in Ginza are well lighted with neon signboards. There are many landmarks along Ginza, the famous ones are Wako store with a clock tower. Near Higashi-Ginza subway station is the rebuilt Kabuki-za Theater. Tsukiji Fish Market and Sumida River are also within short walking distances.

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Aug 12, 2008


The "Montenapoleone" or "Fifth Avenue" of Tokyo, this upscale business/shopping district offers the best opportunities to see the well-dressed wealthy Japanese, the most exclusive restaurant and expensive department stores (such as Wako and Matsuya).

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Jan 14, 2007

High end shopping to the MAX !!!!

This is the 1 of 2 "it" places in Tokyo (the other being Harajuku)... Ginza is just jammed packed with every type of high end shops you can imagine... Spent a great afternoon window shopping ... if you want to spend your money then this is the place !!!! On Sunday they close down the main street and make it into a pedestrian street, so it's very popular place to spend a day

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Jun 16, 2010

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Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo


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