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Walking Food Tour of Odaiba
"The tour starts at the meet up point in front of the Starbucks at Yurikamome. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Tokyo River as you take the monorail and head towards Odaiba Station. Upon arrival you will walk through some of the most breathtaking scenery in Tokyo then head to Aqua City for a local Japanese lunch. The meals are very healthy and delicious. After this you will walk around the small Ramen museum where ramen from different parts of Japan with different kinds of broths and noodles are displayed.You will then proceed to the beautiful Diver City Tokyo Plaza a diverse buzz-creating new landmark of Tokyo in one of Japan’s most popular sightseeing spots. This is also home to some new and trendy dessert and snack places that are very popular even among locals such as the Hello Kitty Cafe the Gundam Cafe
From $90.00
Full Day Private Custom Chartered Taxi Tour of Tokyo
"For this private tour your private taxi and guide will take you around Tokyo city limits to the attractions that you want to go to. Having a local driver and a licensed tour guide your travels in the Tokyo area will fun and relaxing.The tour route is flexible and can be arranged to meet your requests.The following are some of the recommended locations to visit:Tsukiji MarketThe outer Tsukiji market consists knives and fresh seafood and produce for sale in smaller (than wholesale) portions. Tokyo TowerGet a spectacular view of Metropolitan Tokyo from the observation deck.Imperial Palace PlazaAdmire the view of Nijubashi Bridge an this is the only one in the capital (The 13th of the Temples on the pilgrimage to all 33 temples). Visit this historic area which includes the Nakamise-dori the street leading to the temple.OdaibaEnjoy a walk through the bay area which is filled with modern buildings and shopping complexes.ShibuyaShibuya is one of Tokyo's most colorful and busy districts packed with shopping
From JPY87,000.00
Tokyo Bay Dinner Cruise
"Make your way to Hinode to board the luxury yacht for your dinner cruise. The staff welcomes you and shows you into the spacious dining room where you'll dine in style around elegant tables. The open floor plan makes it easy to move around the dining room and large picture windows provide panoramic views of Tokyo. You can also step out to the deck for an unobstructed look at the city and bay. Enjoy a selection of Western and international dishes with courses that include appetizers soup seafood a meat dish and dessert served with tea or coffee. Dinner includes one provided glass of wine beer or a nonalcoholic beverage; additional drinks are available for purchase at the bar. While you cruise
From JPY9,000.00

Odaiba Tips (58)

Tokyo Bay Area

22 Tokyo Bay Area

Odaiba is a reclaimed land area where shopping and entertainment and exhibition facilities are developed recently.

The rainbow bridge, Fuji TV Headquarters, Palette Town, Aqua City are some of the highlights of this area. We were amazed by the beach, the statue of Liberty and the beautiful sunset.

Palette Town is a big shopping mall with boutiques, restaurants and you can find a giant ferris wheel.

Fuji TV Headquarter has an interesting building with a globe shaped observatory.

The rainbow bridge is a suspended bridge which connect Odaiba and Shibaura. It is 918 meters long and there is a foot path where you can walk along to enjoy the beautiful view.

imstress's Profile Photo
Aug 12, 2008


About 1/3 of the Aqua City's building is called Mediage. It has 13 multiiplex cinema screens.

They also have restaurants, including Sizzler on the 5th floor and Red Lobster on the 6... There is a great sake brewery Hanashibe on the 3rd floor.

For some of the best coffee in Tokyo sip at Segafredo Zanetti on the 3rd floor or take the king of coffee, Illy, at Caf?EGiGi also on the 3rd floor.

open daily, shops 11am-9pm,
restaurants 11am-11pm ,some close at 5am.

cheesecake17's Profile Photo
Feb 23, 2006

Venus Fort shopping center

The whole of Odaiba area is built on landfill, risen from the foam of the sea waves. I suppose that's why they have decided to use the name Venus Fort and build the insides of the mall to resemble old Italian town to match the name. But, for me, stumbling inside Italy in Tokyo felt rather unexpected and therefore funny, just like walking in the middle of a theatre stage setting. So, unfortunately, I failed to get the point of the decor at this shopping center. Anyway, here you can buy designer clothes, bags, jewelry and such like. Expensive stuff.

Zirpsis's Profile Photo
May 02, 2007

Building that shaped like a full sized ocean liner

The Museum of Maritime Science is shaped like a full sized ocean liner. The tour director mention to us if you like looking at a Japanese historical model boats the museum is the place to visit. He also mentioned the information is in Japanese but there are some basics English descriptions.

We didn’t end up visiting the museum but if you are interested of visiting and would like to find more information or google the Museum of Maritime Science.

fachd's Profile Photo
Jun 10, 2009
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Hotels Near Odaiba

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Visit Odaiba

Built on land reclaimed from Tokyo Bay, Odaiba is the newest, most modern section of Tokyo. It has many attractions including:

Fuji TV Building

There is a studio tour which also allows access into observation deck in 'The Ball.' It is a pretty good value at Y500.

Ferris Wheel

The world's (formerly) largest ferris wheel is here in an area called Palette Town. Each car holds 6 people and takes 16 minutes to go around. Cost is about Y1000 per person. When I went, we didn't have to share a car with any other people so it was a nice, romantic, ride.

Shopping Mall 'Decks'

Decks is an American-style shopping mall. There are many restaurants -- even a microbrewery -- and cafes if you're ready for a meal or a snack. There is also a Sega Joypolis Amusement Center for those that like video and electronic games. Nearby in Aqua City are more restaurants including some American chains (though I'd suggest holding off for something more traditional).

Venus Fort

Upscale shopping can be found at this theme shopping mall which is made to look like an 18th century Italian village. Boutiques, restaurants and cafes a-plenty.
Toyota City

Toyota has a huge, futuristic showroom here with many displays of past, current and future automotive related themes. Definitely worth a peek.


There is even a beach (in front of Decks) although, personally, I wouldn't dare take a dip in Tokyo Bay. Ugh. Still, it's a good place for people watching.

If you want to see all or most of this stuff, expect to do a lot of walking and spend the whole day.

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Sep 12, 2002

Rainbow Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Tokyo Tower

To get to Odaiba, you will have to take their monorail (very fast) along the Yurikamome Line. We didn't spend enough time here, only spent around 1 hour or so to do photo-taking. There are many places to be explored eg. The Palette Town, Hot Spring Theme Park. Do share with me if you had been there!

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Dec 15, 2007

Tokyo's waterfront amusement zone

The trip over is an experience as you cross over the Rainbow Bridge & get a glimpse of the buildings here. There are many entertainment places to see, my short stay here was in the Palette Town area.

Venus Fort is a shopping mall done in a Greco-Roman style, it has an artificial sky that changes colour throughout the day.

The ferris wheel is accessible through the Toyota City Showcase in the Mega Web complex. The 115m wheel offers great views of Tokyo's waterfront.

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Oct 28, 2007

Odaiba man made island off tokyo bay

There is a lot to see and do in Odaiba. Its a man made island out near Tokyo bay. There is lots of shopping themed areas like little Hong Kong and Little Italy. Fuji TV is located there. You can ride a big Ferris wheel also there is an onsen too. You can spend an entire day just walking around here shopping and eating.

The best station to get off at is Tokyo Tele port. From Shinjuku station take the Saikyo Line and then transfer at Osaki station to the Rinkai Line and get off at Tokyo Teleport.
Check the following website for exact train times

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Feb 19, 2007
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"T o k y o"
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"Tragedy in Japan"
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"Tokyo - I love this place ! Old, New, & Happening"
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If you are into cars, sports, and other products of the giant Japanese company TOYOTA, don't miss visiting its unique showroom at Odaiba.

Toyota's popular products, both old and new, plus their concept cars and other useful gadgets/appliances, etc, are all showcased in superbly creative manner at Odaiba. Just follow the signs and you will find it as it is humongous!

Keep your eyes peeled also for racing cars and other modern technological wonders the Japanese are noted fo at the motor sports square just adjacent to the Toyota showroom!

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Apr 04, 2011

Oedo Onsen Monogatari

I arrived there at 9pm and after registering and changing, it was about 10pm and the Foot Spa where i can meet the fish doctor was closed!!! and they will only open at 11am the next morning and i have to pay for the admission again. I beg them to let me get in for 1 minute just to experience the fish doctor, but they rejected me :(

I paid 1987 to get in there (after 6pm), and another 1578 yen to stay one night there. The Hotspring experience is awesome! First time i get to see so many naked women walking around! hehehe... I felt so clean after the bath!

I stayed one night in the resting room - there are about 50 or more reclining sofas there, and you have your own tv. is pretty cool! after 12pm, they will dim down the lights. Free SHampoo, toothbrush, comb, lotions! Great for Backpackers!

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Aug 13, 2007

Statue of Liberty

This statue is in the Odaiba area. It was donated by the city of Paris which is Tokyo's sister city. In the background, you can see the Rainbow Bridge crossing the Tokyo Bay and, still further back in the fog, the silhouette of Tokyo Tower, which is a copy of the Eiffel tower in Paris just a little bit higher.

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Apr 22, 2007

Scenery to the Tokyo Bay

At the Fuji TV-companys's building in Odaiba, there's a free viewing terrace from which you can see the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay. The building itself is as strange looking as all modern Japanese architecture.

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Apr 22, 2007

Things to Do Near Odaiba

Things to Do

Hamarikyu Garden

Hama-rikyu Gardens is a great park in central Tokyo, along the bay. It is very conveniently located, walking distance from Tsukiji Fish Market, Ginza, Hibiya Park, and Shimbashi station. This large...
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Tokyo Tower

Here's the view from the top of the Tokyo tower. This Effiel tower knockoff offers views over Shiba from the 250meter high observation deck. the tower extend to 333 meters. I got this free as part...
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At first I don't have the money to shop here. This is the luxury shopping district in Tokyo. We do not have a shopping district like this in Belgium, this is enormously place. This is a place for...
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Daienji Temple

Tendai-sect temple built in early 17th century by Taikai Houin, also revered ascetic trained in Haguro Mountains known as the sacred place in Yamagata, was notoriously recognized as the start of great...
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Roppongi Hills

Brand new sprawling complex with more than 200 stores. It also includes a Hyatt hotel, a private club, residences in the tower, a arena, a Virgin Cinema, an art center and even a TV studio. Walk...
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On a warm day, my daughter-in-law and I decided to try the Golden Spoon, a chain with several stores in Tokyo. We enjoyed our little cups of frozen yogurt. It was obvious from looking at the add-ins...
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Getting to Odaiba


Daiba, Minato-ku


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